June 2010

Currently Reading…Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton

June 8, 2010

Bullet I’m only a quarter of the way through…maybe a bit more, so I’m gonna give it a chance, but…I dunno about this one. Anita feels a little different to me, or maybe I’ve changed? As I mentionned to my friend Lily in our book discussion today: I’m reading Bullet right now…not sure how I [...]

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Book Review – Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

June 6, 2010

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) Okayyyyy…looking around, everything looks in order. Looks like Lily took good care of my place while I was gone. Smells a bit different, though? Paint? That “new paint” smell, ya know? Wait, is that…a new couch? Wow, a slew of guest comments while I was gone…Lily sure does love [...]

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Lily’s Book Review of Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton

June 5, 2010

Burnt Offerings Hey there again. Just kick stuff out of the way to get in here. Ignore the giant 4 toed foot in the Kitchen. Someone has a crappy sense of humor and an obsession with LOST. Don’t look in the backyard either, Stonehenge is back there. I have no idea what I am going [...]

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Lily’s Book Review of Undead and Unemployed by MaryJanice Davidson

June 2, 2010

Undead and Unemployed Ugh. I’m awake! QUIT POKING ME! Geez, I’m up, I’m up. What happened? Why is the house more of mess than it was when you left last time?! Oh, never mind. I remember now. The BDB came over and we may have played some drinking games. Ugh, my head is killing me. [...]

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Mary Stanton – Beaufort & Company Mysteries Reading Order

June 1, 2010

As per the author’s website: Bree learns the uncomfortable truth: she is the temporal defender of those dead souls who want to appeal their sentences to the circles of heaven and hell. If Bree thought her family was meddlesome, heaven help her. As founder of the highly unusual Beaufort & Company, this plucky but reluctant [...]

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