About Me

I am a “thirty-something” mother of none (except for my adorable min-pins), born and raised in Canada.

My number one hobby is reading. Anything from paranormal to contemporary (especially bad-boys and rock stars… and alpha-males. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. :P ). I love books that give me an adrenaline rush, overload my emotions and/or put me in a “love-fog”.

When I first started”power-reading”, I felt the need to talk about the books. You know… go over every little detail, sigh over the latest “hero”… *squee* a little. But my book friends were few & far between & my husband could only humor me for so long (he knows more about vampires & bad-boy heroes than I think he cares to). Plus. He’s not very good at squee’ing.

And so this blog was born. It has helped me connect with so many authors and readers, and I’ve read stuff that I love and will remember forever.

Lily’s friend Ray (who made her “baby Lily” banner on her blog), sent me a cartoon version of baby me!

I’m an admitted “girly-girl” who usually likes anything in the sparkly and/or pink realm that makes me go “oooooh preeettttty”. (*embarrassing admission here*: I’ve been known to trip over my own feet walking past sparkly thingies). :roll: *sigh* As I was saying… I like candles that smell like dessert, stiletto heels, sugary treats and vodka martinis (especially together). Also, I’m a fashion freak.

But I do have another side to me that prefers horror movies (all kinds, but my favorites would be Asian horror) and heavy music (mostly metal) over romance flicks and pop (not always my thing). The dark brooding gritty characters that need to be redeemed to the bubbly or altruistic ones that are already there.  I frequent both sides of the “pink” and “black” realms equally.

Oh. And I also collect a particular 80′s toy sensation – the “Cabbage Patch Kids” (another guilty pleasure that creeps many of my friends out). Yep. Dolls. :?

Hrmmm… reading this back again, I see this could make for a very creepy horror movie on it’s own – Vampires, and dolls. Yup – perhaps I am a little “off”…

And there’s more! I was interviewed by Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books/XOXO After Dark here, part of this Huffington Post piece here, and I was interviewed by fellow book enthusiasts for their podcast channel! I discuss my love of books, my favorites and how this all began. If you’re interested, check out the blog post, and scroll down lower to play the podcast interview.

Oh and…if you ended up here while searching for the WWE Wrestler / Diva “Maryse” who shares my name, I am obviously not her.

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