Jay Crownover’s Introduction to The Girls of The Point!

by Maryse on February 4, 2015 · 3 comments

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To celebrate Jay Crownover’s latest book release Better When He’s Bold: A Welcome to the Point Novel, Jay Crownover is having a one day “Tour of the Point” to introduce us to this gritty, dangerous, enticing world.

Three stops today and each will highlight one aspect of the novels—the men, the women, and the world.

And Jay has sent over a cool intro to the girls in the series! Get to know each one of them below, PLUS you can get to know the “World of The Point” AND “The Men of The Point“, too! <— *waggles eyebrows* biggrin

Ready to meet the girls?

Jay Crownover’s Introduction to The Girls of The Point!

Brysen: On the outside, Brysen Carter has what every girl in her twenties wants. She’s pretty. She’s popular. She’s fun. She is about to graduate from college and the world should be bright and shiny in front of her, but instead, all she can see is her family and home life imploding around her. Brysen puts on a good front but nothing about her life is typical or easy. She moved home to help take care of her teenaged sister because her mom is a mess and her dad is a ghost. Instead of being out partying, it is Brysen who is raising a teenager and trying to keep her crumbling family together. She has dipped a toe in the Point, courtesy of her friend and co-worker Dovie Pryce, but she has enough things trying to drag her down without looking for the kind of trouble she knows lurks across the tracks. Too bad trouble has had its eye on Brysen for a long time and is ready to make a place in her life, whether she has room for it or not.

Dovie: Dovie Pryce has never been handed anything easy in her life. She was unwanted and unloved from the very beginning but despite all the hardship that constantly seemed to follow her, she refused to let it poison her. Quiet and unassuming, Dovie made her way on the mean streets by blending in, by being invisible, by whispering quietly to those she came into contact with that there was still hope, that if you looked hard enough there was still good in the Point…it was just really hard to find. Dovie is the kind of girl that is often over looked, but once you see her, really see the strength and kindness that shines out of her like a beacon in such a dreary place, there is no looking away. When bad men run up against all that goodness, it’s surprising to see how quickly they bend and break in order to keep that softness in her safe.

Reeve: Reeve Black is a bad girl. She’s made bad choices, loved bad men, has bad ideas and apologizes for none of it. The Point has never scared Reeve, but the person she has to be and the choices she had to make in order to survive there does. She betrayed a friend and as a result a lot of people got hurt. No one is really innocent in the Point, but Reeve’s actions set in motion a tidal wave of revenge and destruction that is threatening to pull the city under. She was offered a chance to get out but only if she could pretend to be a different person and only if she could love a man that was even worse than she was. Well good never sat easy on Reeve, so being someone else was never an option, and neither was loving a bad man when the best man in all the Point had already claimed her heart.

Honor/Keelyn: Keelyn Foster is sex on legs. Men love her. Woman love to hate her. She’s brash. She’s bold. She’s outrageous. She undeniably gorgeous and has spent a lot of money over the years to make sure she looks that way. She’s a big part of the reason Spanky’s is the place to be when you venture into the District. Sex and power go hand in hand and Key has always been able to manipulate both to suit her needs. She’s more than just a pretty face, taking her clothes of on stage. She’s a smart woman that has made the ways of the Point work for her instead of becoming just another victim. There’s another reason Key has always stuck to the Point, always been unable to stay away but that reason is too dark, too tempting, too uncontrollable for her to entertain the idea of putting herself fully in his hands. That reason would break her and she refuses to be another broken person in the Point.

Karsen: Karsen Carter is a young lady who is decidedly wise beyond her years. She watched her family crumble, was yanked out of the security of a supposedly stable, suburban home life right into the heart of a budding crime family. She now calls the Point home and as she grows, adapts, learns about the real world from the men and woman making that world run, she finds that the darkness and grittiness of the Point is much more suited to her than uniforms and private schools ever were. She’s wide eyed and curious, protected by not only her sister but by a legion of very dangerous men that think of her as one of their own. If the Point had a reigning princess that would be Karsen. Unfortunately, one of the things everyone in her life is trying to protect her from is her own tender and foolish heart.

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Kelly @ Belle of the Literati February 5, 2015 at 1:11 AM

LOVE this post!!! I love all of Jay Crownover’s books and The Point is brokenly beautiful. The ladies are just as badass as the men in their own unique way. And I’ve got a mad girl crush on Karsen. Can’t wait to (hopefully) read more of her!

Lynne February 7, 2015 at 11:38 AM

Reading “Bold” right now. Even though Bax is my favorite, Race is pretty Hot too! I Love this series & this author, I’ll read anything she writes.

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