Book Releases

Upcoming Romance (and Paranormal) Book Releases

My list with many more upcoming book releases and I’m adding more to it as I write this… last updated May 9th 2015 (23 new books)!! The ones that aren’t already “linked up” are indies (no pre-orders available for indie publications) until the day they are released.

AUTHORS: Please email me your upcoming book release info and expected release dates here

MAY 2015—> Check out all of the MAY 2015 romance book releases up for pre-order on Amazon <— Careful!! eek Er… even though the search is “romance focused” sometimes more than “romance and erotica” show up in Amazon’s list. confused emoticon Let’s say it’s a step more than erotica (of the nsfw variety). I have no idea why…





If I’ve forgotten anyone, click here to let me know and I’ll put it up!