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by Maryse on July 15, 2012 · 6 comments

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The Unidentified Redhead (The Redhead)
They were right. Who’re “they”? Seemingly… all of my fellow readers who read this book before me…’cause it seems like everyone who read it, simply loved it. Over the last month or so, this book series has made frequent appearances on my Facebook page. Frequently recommended, and enthusiastically chatted about each time the subject came up. So when I mentioned making it next in my reading list, the encouraging response was unanimous (both on my Facebook page, and here on my blog):

Kristina: Excellent, Hot, & freakin Hilarious!! This also came from fanfic I believe. Loved it!

Gitte: Oh Maryse the Redhead Series is a firm favourite of mine..LOVED it!!!

Rachel: These books were great Maryse, you’ll love them, really good fun! :-)

Thessa: These are fantastic! I know you’ll love them :)

Sharon: These were so fantastic!! They are hilarious and sweet!!! I actually laughed out loud at so many parts!!

Maryse’s Book Blog: Ok… you know what? I’m moving these up to “reading this tonight!!” I’ll save the darker reads for later. I’m just way too excited for these.

Tracy: You won’t regret the move Maryse!

Elizabeth: They are PHENOMENAL!! Reading the 2nd one… Great Great Great Choice!!

Jenny: Yay!!! Maryse, at last!!! You will LOVE these. Up there as one of my fave reads this year x Those books saved my sanity!

Sali: Omg LUV THIS !!!! Jen got me on to it & I was laughing my butt off over txt to her the whole way thru !!! Great to read after dark reads to give u a giggle !!!

Samantha: They are definitely a happy read! Get on it!

And on and on the encouragements went…

A great, laugh-out-loud funny, sweet and silly read. Oh and yeah… steamy (although I questioned the restraint at times, but I went with it. Why not?). And sigh-inducingly romantic, although not saccharinely so. When the comedic banter between the two main characters (Jack Hamilton and Grace Sheridan) dies down to let some emotion in, your heart will feel it.

“You will be the death of me, Sheridan. I can already tell,” he sighed, unfolding his long legs to get out of the car.

“Yes, but it will be a good death. I’ll be gentle. You won’t even know I’m coming.”

He turned back and grinned. “That’s what she said.”


These two had  a real feel about them, as they let their teasing words protect their hearts.

All the little details, and silly moments (amongst the whole cast of characters), are there to fill in the story perfectly. Gives it a real feel. Yep. The whole she-bang. But as good as I think it was overall, it didn’t necessarily consume me. I was able to put it down, sleep without obsessing, and pick it back up to finish, this morning. Even though it was thoroughly entertaining, there wasn’t a driving need to devour it in one sitting. This wasn’t *that* kind of story, for me. No overly dramatic, crazy angst, inescapable lies, or horrible truths to discover. Simply a sweet love story between two very relatable people, who first get  to know each other as friends, crush on each other, flirt like mad…

This guy had yet to hug me, hold my hand, even touch me really, and with his eyes alone he had me coming apart at the seams.

… and attempt to give in to the madness.

Except there IS a twist that makes “them” different enough from “us” to make this story exciting. There is a hint of turmoil and a foreshadowing of potential angst to come. Because you see… HE is an up and coming famous actor. The latest “it” boy. Gorgeous, young (24) talented, sweet and a BRIT. Living in LA (yep. With that swoon-worthy accent). He’s got everything going for him and everyone wants a piece of him. Even me, (sort of) … maybe not as much as some of my fellow readers that were claiming him… *cough* Jenny and Christina *cough* (tee hee!!!):

Jenny: … I’m in love with Jack… Sigh…

Christina: … And Jack *swoon* he’s my age, so I think I’m calling him mine. :P

Jenny: Haha! Christina we will have to share Jack… I can’t give him up! He’s too divine!!

… but I got the appeal. Jack may not be my usual alpha “bad-boy” (which I admit, did keep my crush on him subdued somewhat), but he still managed to make me swoon. And in real life? HA! Who am I kidding? To be Grace, I would have had ABSOLUTELY the same reaction! ;)

So you can see how hard this can get for a struggling actress also in LA.

For all the people who moved to L.A. each year, just as many people levee, limping back to their hometowns like pretty little sad sacks, telling their “I lived in California” stories over cocktails with their high school friends.

I became one of those sad sacks – I only lasted in Los Angeles for eighteen months. I limped away, feeling like a failure for the first time in my life. I let the city and the industry beat me.

But now I was back. It took me ten years to make it back and this time… I wasn’t going anywhere.

Coping with her own insecurities as she becomes a part of his very public image, and all of the “famous people” rules they have to navigate together as friends… and potentially more. Oh and plus! She’s thirty three. As if she didn’t have enough to deal with, the paparazzi aren’t always the nicest bunch when referring to the “unidentified redhead” photographed with Jack… and calling her a cougar! UGH!!

Plus… she’s got her own “situation” and life changes going on, so this isn’t all about “Jack”.

I knew that it made no sense at all that we were even engaging in what was not beyond mild flirtation. I knew that the nine-year age difference was huge and that whether I wanted it or not, it would eventually be something that I would have to deal with. I knew that he was already Mr. Hot Sh%t, UK version, and about to blow up into a huge star. I knew that there was little or no chance that we would both make it out of this OK.


The way this one ended. Yep. I sort of… shed two tears. I DID!!! Book #2 is a MUST, and I’m relieved that I have immediate access to it. I have a feeling there is so much more to come. In fact, I suspect that the lack of “angst and heart stopping drama” in this one, is about to change.

So if you’re in between reads, I’d recommend THIS one, absolutely. If you’ve just read something dark, disheartening, or overly angsty and you need some relief. THIS one!!! If you’re on the beach and want that perfect beach read? That’s right! —–> THIS ONE!!!

4 stars!!


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Sheri July 15, 2012 at 5:40 PM

So glad you enjoyed this. Hope you love the next one too!

Madeleine Buzzi July 16, 2012 at 12:12 AM

Hey Maryse,
Not related to the book you just read, but will you let us know when the 3rd book in the “Two tears in a bucket” series comes out?

Evieve July 17, 2012 at 3:10 PM

Just finished this one. I loved it! It is definitely not a book I would normally pick up and read. But it was a fabulous contemporary romance. The dialogue was so snappy and hilarious. I love everyone’s little nicknames. So glad I read your recommendation and took a chance on it.

Maryse July 17, 2012 at 8:52 PM

Wait until you read book #2. I loved it even more, because it totally tugged at my heart. Lump in the throat… the works!!!

Tori July 19, 2012 at 1:06 AM

Arghh! I absolutely devoured these two books in no time! I need more George and Gracie. I know the next book is due out in the spring of 2013 (or an eternity from now), but any word on whether that’s the final book? Hope not. I’d rather wait forever for the next installment than have my relationship with these fun, quirky characters end. Thanks again for the spot on recommendation, Maryse.

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