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Reader Question – Tara is looking for more “Mariana Zapata-like” book recommendations…

November 9, 2017

I love these reader questions, ’cause they spawn VERY cool reader recommendations lists and “genre favorites” lists. YAY!!! Okay so I know so many of us are HUGE fans of Mariana Zapata (I’m actually reading “Wait for It” by her as we speak. And this style of writing and story flow, and slow burn romance [...]

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What to Read After Drive

November 8, 2017

<— Drive!!!!! This book turned us inside out, and there were teams going on which hero/love interest we loved more. I know my pick, and I still stand by it, but that said, I LOVE how this book turned out from start, to finish. It brought back all my “old-school” indie feels that made me fall [...]

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bev is in a book funk, and she needs our help to choose out of these:

October 14, 2017

Yep. It’s true. Our beloved book-crew member bev, hasn’t read in weeks. She’s in a book-funk. How could this be??? bev: Just in a massive slump. *shrug* We need to try and get everyone together for an epic br before the year ends. Where is Fabi? MichelleS? What’s coming down the line we can all jump [...]

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Reader Favorites – Jan’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

September 23, 2017

Wow!!! Last’s week’s “low-angst” favorites list was so popular, that I’m thrilled to say the theme will go on! ‘Cause Jan just sent us her list too. YAY US!! We have more to choose from! Jan: Oh thank you for sharing this list Melinda and Maryse. Just my style of books I’m not a mass [...]

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Reader Favorites – Melinda’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

September 16, 2017

Some of our crew prefer the lower angst romance books (and are not necessarily rip-your-heart-out/who-knows-how-it-will-end book-adrenaline junkies like a few of us are.  Ahem. *blink blink*) So for those that need a little break from stress, maybe this list will do it for ya! Melinda was inspire by Fabi’s “favorites” list, and so she submitted hers, [...]

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Reader Question – Requesting recommendations for “other side of the tracks” romance books

September 14, 2017

Sarah wants book recommendations, and I can’t help but be excited by a list like this! This is exactly what I love, too! She asks: Sarah: So I just finished Cyanide by Ella Fields and all I can say is WOW!!!! That’s probably because I stayed up all night to finish it :) But it got me thinking, [...]

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Guest Review! Trisha reviews Nineteen Letters by Jodi Perry

August 13, 2017

Nineteen Letters A fellow reader and book lover has just sent me this awesome review, and it warmed my heart so much, that I had to share it. I have a feeling this is exactly what so many of us need right now, and while it isn’t live yet, it will be soon (this month!!) [...]

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Reader Question – What are bev’s latest book recommendations?

July 13, 2017

Parul just might be our fellow crew-member, bev’s, book twin, ’cause she’s loved bev’s recommendations so far. And now, she requests more. So I figured if there are others out there that love the same genre of books that bev do, I’d post this list for all to see. She asked: Hi Maryse, I’ve been [...]

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