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The Ultimate “Cara McKenna Is Awesome!!” book list.

August 3, 2014

Tee hee!! I couldn’t help myself. I am a Cara McKenna addict and I’m so excited for her upcoming book! Lay It Down: A Desert Dogs Novel <— This TUESDAY!!! It just seems that I love everything that I have read by her, so far, and I have just discovered a plethora of her books still [...]

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Book Review – Lead by Kylie Scott

July 31, 2014

Lead: A Stage Dive Novel Great installment to one of my absolute FAVE rock star series. Stage Dive rocks! This was the one I couldn’t wait for, because I was gonna get the true, rude (read: hateful) “bad-boy” of the bunch. Beautiful on the outside… but seemingly *ugly* on the in. You know me. I [...]

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Book Review – Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins

July 27, 2014

Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles Book 1) Seeeee? I’m being good! I’m actually reading from my “to be read” list. Mostly. Of course, I’ve had a few moments of *squirreling*, reading something shiny and new here and there, but so far, mostly sticking to my TBR list has been awesome. Such as this fun one! [...]

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Book Review – Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

July 26, 2014

Puddle Jumping I posted this one on a list, a week or so ago (I think… for the new release list?) and Cynthia recommended it upon it’s release, Cynthia: This week I read a sweet and amazing book: “PuddleJumping” by Amber L. Johnson.  It’s a short and beautiful love story about a very special boy and [...]

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Book Review – Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn

July 24, 2014

Coming Home This one came HIGHLY recommended to me by our fellow readers, and I swear someone was about to bonk me over the head with their Kindle if I kept it on my TBR list any longer. I think it floated through at least three of my “official TBR lists” and believe me, I [...]

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Our Favorite Moody Book Heroes…

July 21, 2014

For so many of us, there’s just nothing better than a moody, brooding, reclusive, detached book “hero”. Okay, yes in real life, I’m thinking that would get old. Fast. But in our book worlds? Pining for that completely uninterested, no-nonsense alpha-male, and then experiencing “being” the one (and pretty much the only one) that finally [...]

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Book Review – Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

July 17, 2014

Forever, Interrupted: A Novel Remember me freaking out BIG time yesterday? 5-star plussing, now-one-of-my-fav-books-ever, entitled: “After I Do“. <— Here. This review link should help refresh your memory. Well, I LOVED this book so much, and this author’s amazing writing style that I immediately jumped right off my TBR list, and one-clicked (and started) her [...]

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Book Review – After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

July 16, 2014

After I Do: A Novel <—- WOW!!!!! What a wonderful book!!!! EASILY one of the best books I’ve read this year. Easily a 5 star read (plus?), in my opinion. And EASILY one of my all-time favorites. I will never forget this one, and what it did to my heart. It put me through the [...]

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