Reader Confession – If you were to write a “book-boyfriend personals ad” what would it say?

May 24, 2017

Tonight’s reader confession comes to us… by bev. Well, actually. No. She STARTED it, and then guessed so many of our “personal ads” and was pretty darn spot on. And then we all jumped in too. AND I KNOW YOU GUYS wanna write an ad, with us, so let’s get our BOOK-BOYFRIEND PERSONALS STARTED!!! Come [...]

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Reader Confession – Fabi’s “Book Catnip”… (blurb subjects that will stop her in her tracks!)

May 17, 2017

Fabi has multiple “book/blurb catnips” (as we all do) and I can definitely relate to her on these (well especially on the jerk-face, moody heroes, but I certainly have been taken away by a time travel or two. Outlander, anyone? Fabi: Oh my goodness, I love reading about those broody, standoffish Hs, especially if they [...]

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Reader Confession – Lauren rants about the more “implausible” tropes…

May 10, 2017

This rant… I mean… confession, cracked me up. It’s HILARIOUS! Mind you, I AM a sucker for some of these tropes, even though I DO agree with Lauren that in real life? Nope. Most of it wouldn’t happen (and I have to go with the whole “just go with it” philosophy) but I must admit, she [...]

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Reader Confession – Keeping up with the super-readers…

May 3, 2017

Lisa is struggling and feeling some reading envy. And you know what? I GET IT! It seems I fall asleep so much earlier now, and reading just gives me that perfect cozy-sleepy feel that sends me off into dream land (often dreaming about said book!) before I’m even ready. I remember when I could stay [...]

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Reader Confession – Judging a book by its cover…

April 26, 2017

This reader confession is brought to you by Ela. LOL!!! It’s not really her own reader confession per se, but she said one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read, and I was just SO inspired to create this post because of her comment. Maryse: Funniest comment of the day (and maybe week, month and [...]

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Reader Confessions – Lisa one-clicks books that she’s too afraid to read…

April 19, 2017

Tee hee!!! Lisa’s confession makes me laugh, ’cause I’m kind of the same way (although my book-hoarding kicks in hard, just like Lisa’s but mine is for fantasy books – I’ll explain later). But for some of you that might not know the terms she’s referring to, they’re made-up terms by our crew here to [...]

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Reader Confession – Carly deleted her baby photos, for more books.. ;)

April 12, 2017

You guys… Carly needs a serious group hug. Here’s her reader confession, and it’s a little bit scandalous. And yet I feel like SO many will relate. Carly: I don’t really have any bad habits. I don’t think… …except I cried when I had to give the majority of my paperbacks away, and when I lost [...]

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Reader Confession – Alisa confesses her own book-hoarding ways… (and it’s happening to me, too!!)

April 5, 2017

Another book-hoarder after our own book-hoarding hearts, and I SO GET THIS, because I am ALSO having to re-collect some of my books. I explain my issue after her confession. Alisa has her own confession for us. How well can you relate? She says: “I’ve been following your blog for several years, but have never [...]

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