Guest Post! How-to Get Your Book Ready for the Editor by Tamara Beard

July 8, 2017

Hey guys!!! A fellow reader-turned-editor (she went to school for this stuff – she has a B.A. in English!!) wrote us a cool, quick reference guide for those who are writing a book, and need some guidance. I thought it would be perfect to post here, since I know a few in our crew are [...]

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Reader Confession – How Cristina cures her reader’s block…

June 21, 2017

Cristina is not only a sneak reader (see her past confession) but she also has a secret list of our most highly recommended books! And she swears it has never failed her yet. No matter what new book she’s squirreling over, and/or excited to read, if she hits a bump and can’t get out of [...]

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Reader Confession – That time Maryse almost killed Keri Arthur…

June 14, 2017

Er… I mean tripped… TRIPPED. eeeeeeep!!!! Still though… almost just as bad, and OMG I’ve been thinking of it as “killed” (tongue-in-cheek, mind you), since that very day. Did I ever tell you about that time, when I almost tripped/killed the VERY popular author named Keri Arthur at an integral moment in her life? I [...]

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Reader Confession – Grey’s a marathon reader and struggles at “the end”…

June 7, 2017

Okay this is an older confession since there’s been TWO more books since Grey has had a meltdown, BUT the series is officially complete now, and I can TOTALLY relate to her heartbreak over the potential “end of a book-world” that I’ve been involved in. In fact I have a confession that goes along with [...]

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Reader Confession – Cristina the sneak-reader…

May 31, 2017

Oh my!!!! *blink blink* Cristina’s confession is all sorts of forbidden, but not in our usual way. This is one of those that has so many tempted to do and yet…  *gasp* Yep. And yet… I know it’s true, because I’ve heard it time and time again (in fact, I’ve included extras). Cristina: Ok so confession… [...]

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Reader Confession – If you were to write a “book-boyfriend personals ad” what would it say?

May 24, 2017

Tonight’s reader confession comes to us… by bev. Well, actually. No. She STARTED it, and then guessed so many of our “personal ads” and was pretty darn spot on. And then we all jumped in too. AND I KNOW YOU GUYS wanna write an ad, with us, so let’s get our BOOK-BOYFRIEND PERSONALS STARTED!!! Come [...]

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Reader Confession – Fabi’s “Book Catnip”… (blurb subjects that will stop her in her tracks!)

May 17, 2017

Fabi has multiple “book/blurb catnips” (as we all do) and I can definitely relate to her on these (well especially on the jerk-face, moody heroes, but I certainly have been taken away by a time travel or two. Outlander, anyone? Fabi: Oh my goodness, I love reading about those broody, standoffish Hs, especially if they [...]

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Reader Confession – Lauren rants about the more “implausible” tropes…

May 10, 2017

This rant… I mean… confession, cracked me up. It’s HILARIOUS! Mind you, I AM a sucker for some of these tropes, even though I DO agree with Lauren that in real life? Nope. Most of it wouldn’t happen (and I have to go with the whole “just go with it” philosophy) but I must admit, she [...]

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