Reading Order Guide:

Kim Holden – Bright Side Series Reading Order

December 8, 2016

<— Considered one of our most beloved tear-jerkers (and SO OFTEN recommended on our favorites lists, like THIS list, THIS list, THIS list, and THIS list), it has now become a series!!!! YAY US!!!!! And here’s my review. Meredith: I take your recommendations VERY seriously  I downloaded “Bright Side” two days ago and CANT. PUT. IT. DOWN. [...]

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Lily White – The Masters Series Reading Order

December 7, 2016

This is as dark as dark gets, my friends. Well… no. I’ve read some depraved horror fiction with some super-psychos that freaked me out, but this is right up there! Here’s my review of book #1. <— In fact, that one there to the left has been banned, apparently, however the series is continuing and [...]

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Lexi Ryan – The Blackhawk Boys Series Reading Order

December 3, 2016

<— FOOTBALL STAR ALERT!!! Each one can be read as a standalone, book #1 (that one over there to the left is super-bargain priced today!!!) and #3 will be coming out in just a few days!! Teri: Just one clicked Spinning Out. It is getting great reviews on Amazon. Super angsty. Jean: Spinning Out was an immediate 1-click [...]

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J. Daniels – Dirty Deeds Series Reading Order

December 2, 2016

<— I’m hearing “what to read after Kristen Ashley” with this new series, and our fellow brooding bad-boy lovers are loving it! SHE YELLED AT HIM OVER THE PHONE and then realized it was the wrong number!! Tee hee!!! Plus!!! Book #2 (a standalone also) is coming out in just a few days!! Lisa: Im reading [...]

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Jen Frederick – Gridiron Series Reading Order

December 1, 2016

<— Sports star romance book lovers!!! Here’s a much loved “football” star series and book #3 was just released today! P.S. This author is one half of the author duo, “Erin Watt” (from one of our favorite angsty-bully books, “Paper Princess“!!!) Lauren: I just read a FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC book by Jen Frederick called Sacked:A Novel (A Gridiron [...]

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Shannon Mayer – The Nevermore Trilogy Series Reading Order

November 30, 2016

This trilogy is complete and the blurb for book #1 had my attention BIG TIME!! It’s a paranormal series… and they’re DESPERATE to have a baby… Oh. Wow. About book #1: My name is Mara and I want desperately to become a mother. All of my dreams were dashed when the world was promised hope [...]

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Shari Slade – The Devil’s Host Motorcycle Club Series Reading Order

November 27, 2016

BIKER BOOK BLURB JOLT!!! She’s alone at the end of her waitressing shift, and he shows up, to collect a debt. Eeeeep! And guess what? Installment #4 just went live early (today) and it completes the series. It’s a “serial series”, but it’s now complete and ready to devour. About book #1: When a big [...]

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Meghan Quinn – The Stroked Series Reading Order

November 12, 2016

OLYMPIC SWIMMER STAR SERIES ALERT! She’s infatuated with him… but he’s her boss’s boyfriend. YIKES! Plus, this one’s from one of our queens of funny (AND steam), and the series is already three books deep! <— Deep. See what I did there. And ummm… a few of our fellow readers are in “deep” with the [...]

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