Reading Order Guide:

Mariana Zapata – The Kulti Series

November 18, 2017

THIS IS A FIVE STAR SERIES MY FRIENDS!!! !!!!!!!!! THE. WHOLE. THING! Okay, to be fair, this isn’t actually called “The Kulti” series (in fact, each book can be read as a standalone, but they all tie in together so cleverly – and I’d personally recommend reading them in order), and the author has confirmed [...]

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Kendall Ryan – Forbidden Desires Series Reading Order

November 4, 2017

A new STEAMY Kendall Ryan series, and we’re almost 3 books deep, ’cause book #3 will be out next month!! About book #1: She’s much too innocent for me, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the sweet, young librarian. I’m dominating and possessive, and my control streak runs a mile wide. The way she [...]

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B.B. Easton – 44 Chapters Series Reading Order

October 28, 2017

The answer to a recent reader question, and come to find out, some in our book crew LOVE these books!!! Sarah: soooo good!! Second and third books are out. Britton: it is fabulous About book #1: School psychologists aren’t supposed to write books about sex. Doing so would be considered “unethical” and “a fireable offense.” Lucky for [...]

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Samantha Christy – Mitchell Sisters Series Reading Order

October 14, 2017

Hmm… could it be a psych-thriller??? I keep seeing these in the Amazon “movers and shakers”, there are a ton of great reviews, and the latest book has the best reviews of ‘em all! It appears each one can be read as a standalone as each book is focused on a different sister. About book [...]

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Meghan March – The Anti-Heroes Collection Series Reading Order

October 5, 2017

OH MY!!! Meghan March just announced her new series and THAT fabulous cover reveal, and all three books (it’s a trilogy) are already up for preorder (one coming out per month starting THIS month, so not too long to wait!!), and any series called “Anti-Heroes” has me excited!!!! I LOVE the book bad guys!!! About [...]

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Jojo Moyes – Me Before You Series Reading Order

September 30, 2017

The beautiful book that stole our hearts has become a series because book #3 ➔ (Still Me: A Novel) was just announced!  *squeeeeeee!!* Now, I know I don’t have to introduce this story to you, right? But just in case, here’s my 5-star book review of Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. By now I’m assuming EVERY romance [...]

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Laurelin Paige – Dirty Duet Reading Order

September 15, 2017

<— BOOK BULLY ALERT!!! For those of you that love the alpha-jerks, I think this one’s for you (and quite a few of my books buds went crazy for it)!! And guess what? This “duet” series is NOW COMPLETE so no worries for that cliffhanger, ’cause you can just jump right into #2. Grey:   [...]

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K.A. Linde – Ascension Series Reading Order

September 13, 2017

TODAY’S QUICK HURRICANE IRMA AFTERMATH UPDATE: I’ll post something here if/when I have internet access today. *hug* I miss you guys!!! I can’t wait to hear about your latest book finds! FANTASY ROMANCE LOVERS!! Our beloved K.A. Linde has released a new series in the genre, and book #3 is now up for preorder and coming [...]

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