Happy 8th Birthday, Blog!!! The Trilogy Conclusion. Let’s Reminisce… Part 3

by Maryse on March 8, 2017 · 54 comments

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Happy 8th birthday, my wonderful book blog!!! :D

If you missed it, check out Part 1 & 2 here:

I’ve turned this fun event into a trilogy of sorts (and today’s post is more of a fun freestyle look-back on ALL of us together here). A few more questions to answer, some of our funniest moments, and the very first comments made by our hilarious crew!

But first… yes, I’ve teased the heck out of our group, when I delayed posting the last part (the trilogy conclusion, if you will) until today. Since today is “Reader Confession” day, this post fits the theme perfectly! ;)

Although, I think I now know how authors feel when they (for whatever reason) delay a release. Oooooh boy do my fellow readers get antsy. ;) *snort* But guuuuuuuyssss! It’s not like I left y’all on a cliffhanger. It was more of a… “But wait. There’s more!” type of thing :P

Grey: Tell me that I’m not the only one who has been checking all day for… part 3 of Birthday Shenanigans. I’m avoiding adulting in a major way today. Breaks. Lunch. This is where I check in first… Hi all!

Fabi: sheesh Maryse, you have made waaaaiiiit for part 3 of your trilogy. Even worse than waiting on your reviews.  ;-)

Ela: Oh Maryse????? How was God-Shaped Hole???? You must be finished by now!

bev: Maryse can’t read. She promised us a trilogy. You know how we get if an author doesn’t finish a promised read.

Ela: MARYSE I JUST LOOKED AT YOUR VERY FIRST POST!!!!!!!! HOW YOU HAVE EVOLVED! http://www.maryse.net/books/ahhhh-vampires.html

Leslie: *sits on edge of seat waiting with bated breath for Maryse to publish part 3*

*taps foot*

*drums nails*

*hums aloud*

Ela: Leslie? Maybe you should hold your breath? THEN Maryse will post it??? Along with her review of GSH because of course she read it :roll:

Leslie: Ela, LOL …you are killing me with teasing of Maryse. Maryse, I love you dearly and all the work you do on this blog brightens my every day, but I think you just might be the worst buddy reader EVER.

Maryse: *giggle* It’s true. I confess. :roll: *shakes head* I’m a baaaaaaaad little buddy reader. BAD! *slaps hands*

R: I’ve said before we might need to stage an intervention for Maryse and her horrible BR skills, but I can’t be involved since I’m the 2nd worst.

Maryse: I decided the third part of the trilogy is going on Wednesday since that’s Reader Confession day …(’cause essentially it’s me confessing stuff). And you guys too, since we’re post first comments.*snort:P

Grey: Maryse, I can’t wait for Wednesday! Thanks for all the work you do for us and for these lists and the extras! It’s awesome!

*whoooooooo* Okay. IT’S TIME!!!!

So there you have it. Confession #1 and #2. I’m a post tease. ;) And I’m a horrible buddy-reader. Depending on my mood, I have a tendency to squirrel when a new book (or older one tantalizes me too hard). *sigh* It’s not MY fault. Right? It’s the book’s fault for being too tempting!!! Right? Come on! neutral Riiiiiiight? No? *hrmphconfused emoticon

Q: bev: What does a perfect day of reading look like for you, Maryse?

A: Maryse: Ahhhhhh something like this: no responsibilities (everything is done, or put away, or cooking all by itself – thank goodness for a crockpot!!), and I’m snuggled up on the couch in my pajamas with my dogs, feet propped up, the Cooking Channel playing softly in the background, a glass of wine by my side and a book that I just can’t put down. One with a story and characters that consume me the whole day through. One that stimulates me, excites me and makes me feel (whether it be hilarious, emotional, epic or scary). One where, when I finally reach the end, I’m distraught (or delighted) but either way, my heart is overflowing, or my mind is racing and I can’t wait to tell you guys about it, and how CRAZY-intense I feel right now. THAT is my perfect reading day.

Q: Amy: What have been the most surprising results of the blog in terms of your reading habits, the growth of the blog, the relationships (with authors and other bloggers), and the people who have found this place and now call it home?

A: Maryse: The most surprising for me is how HUGE the book world is (in the past, I only had my mom that loved reading like I did), and from it, the wonderful lifelong friendships I’ve made. From readers to authors, all of my book friends (from my very start to now – you guys!!) are my absolute delight, along with the books.

The blog has grown so much since its beginning, and I’m still very close friends with the very first “book-crew” (we called ourselves “The Herd”) that first found me, many years ago. I’ve hung out with them in person on many occasions, and one of them is my real-life “BFF” still to this day.  You know that awesome quote that says something along the lines of, “Find your tribe…”? I’ve found it. Right here.

It gives reading so much more of a close knit, book-club-like feel (even if we don’t read the same book at the same time ’cause *ahem* some of us are bad buddy-readers ;) , and even if we’re not having weekly or monthly in person meetings). To me, this is even better, because while we may not see each other in real life (yet!!) ;) we hang out together, and read together every single day. Even if we don’t love the same books, or sometimes even the same genre, we express ourselves on that perfectly in-sync book-level, anyway. I LOVE IT.  And I love that we can talk about anything and everything and laugh our butts off, doing it. No matter what goes on in my day, you guys are here, and I am home.

Q: Grey: Will you ever host another book event? because… I totally think all of US should go!

A: Maryse: It’s an incredibly BIG (at times scary and stressful and time consuming) project, but one that brings me so much delight, amazement and satisfaction once it finally happens. I’d say both Book Bashs were two of my most memorable, favorite life events ever, for me, so… while I don’t have any news right now, never say never… ;)

Q: Grey: YOUR top 10 books ever!

A: Maryse: Oh boy… this is hard, but I’m giving it a go without getting wordy (I’ll just link directly to my review – those are wordy enough). I choose these because I still remember them, and even better, I still remember (and feel) how I felt while reading them (and after). ;)

  1. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer <— yeah I cheated and put 3 in the top spot. So what? :P *snort* Why? ‘Cause they put me in the biggest book-love fogs of my life.
  2. Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens & How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo <— Rock stars and both incredibly angsty and heartbreaky. They match.
  3. Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn <— MY FIRST TRUE “HUMAN” BOOK LOVE right before Travis.
  4. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
  5. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover & Slammed by Colleen Hoover & Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid & After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid <— Emotional journeys and growth.
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James and Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James <— Oops. I did it again. ;)
  7. Rainfall by Melissa Delport <— best twist, and then best unexpected twist that knocked my socks off.
  8. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon & The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons <— What? They’re both epic historical reads so they match, too. LOL!
  9. The Martian by Andy Weir
  10. Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning & Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane & City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane & Dead to the World (Sookie Stackhouse Book 4) <— all of ‘em… tear your heart out angsty love-fog alert (with very brooding, no-nonsense heroes)!!!

Q. Grey: Funniest moment on the blog?

Q: Amy: Hey Maryse, maybe for a “part three” of your blog birthday posts it could be our favorite moments/conversations with memorable outcomes? Such as extreme hilarity or even the discovery of a favorite read which we otherwise would have never tried. 

A. Maryse: Okay… this is going to be hard, backtrack wise to get the conversations and proper context, but let’s give it a go! P.S. All our crew is witty as heck, and as a group, we’re just the funniest, if I do say so myself. But bev is a whole other level of hilarity. Sometimes I don’t even think she realizes it. LOL!! So you’ll see a lot of “bev” as the main subject (or instigator) in our funniest moments. P.S. You can get to know “our” bev a little more here bev’s Top Fourteen Reads for 2015 and 10 Questions based on our TBR lists – Bev’s List

Amy: One of my personal favorites was the whole fake Bev/real bev incident which happened on Goodreads but came to light on here. I was literally laughing out loud from the reactions…”Wait, it’s not you I’ve been talking to on GR, bev? Then who is the Bev I’ve been talking to??” LOL!!!!!

The one about THE CASE OF THE “FAKE BEV” (Sherlock, we needed you!!!) P.S. This reached 892 comments!!! HOLY. MOLY.

R: Bev… I think we messaged about this one. It’s not for you.

bev: Messaged???

R: Bev, on GR? We were talking about Emma Scott books. And speaking of…why doesn’t Amy have a GR? Or does she and she’s hiding it from me?

bev: Amy does. I dont, lol. Wasn’t me. :)

R: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. There are 2 Bevs?? OMG all this time. I bet I must make absolutely no sense to you. OMG now I’m wondering if I talked to the other Bev about Sherlock. LMAO. oops…

bev: Lol. Not that I’ve noticed. Possible it’s more confusing for her. *shrugs* That poor lady. Are you all friends with her? Is she the one that is friends with Fabi? Nope, no GR account.

R: HAHAHAHAHAAAA oh no… It’s because we’re always virtually drunk on here isn’t it?

DG: WAIT, wait one minute here….TWO BEVs!?!?!? And “our” Bev is not on GR?!?!? Ela…we are friends on GR, right? *asking hesitantly*. Or do I have another set of fake friends with the same names?!?!?

Ela: Bev? If that’s not YOU then who was I talking smut with!??? Omg bev!!! I chastised your other self on GR for recommending The Others but not reading it herself!

DG: Sounds like a case for….wait for it…Sherlock Holmes!!!!!

Amy: OMG!!! You’ve been talking smut with someone you don’t even know on GR?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *laughs and wheezes* You chastised “Bev” on GR over The Others??? *falls over cackling and choking* IT JUST GETS BETTER!

R: apparently we all have! I’m going to re-read my DM’s now!! Yes Amy!! Come play with us and the fake Bev!! It’s fun! I am laughing so hard right now I can’t breathe… Unless our Bev is drinking too much of the Kool-Aid herself… I was the one arguing with her!! Yes, bev! We talked, remember??? LOL

Ela: OMG I so did Amy! She even said I shouldn’t tell Fabi! I was sure it was our bev (lower case b)

Fabi: Me???!!! If you’re talking about the Bev I’m friends with on GR, shes in the UK. Definitely not this Bev. Did ya’ll friend her through my account. i’m dying laughing. I actually made the same mistake the first time I talked to her but realized quickly it was two different people. It doesn’t help that she reads the same books we do. Hahaha

Amy: OMG!!!! I am DYING here!!! “She even said I shouldn’t tell Fabi” <—— I have tears ’cause I am laughing so hard!!!

Fabi: Who shouldn’t tell Fabi what? You have to tell me now.

R: uh oh!! Fake Bev is starting sh!&

Amy: “Fake Bev is starting sh!&”  You guys are killing me!!!

Ela: GR Bev said not to tell Fabi she didn’t read The Others and I was like huh? Wtf? Here’s Bev recommending this series but hasn’t read it herself??

bev: So this whole time Ela thought I hadn’t read WiR just had an unnatural fascination with it. My shameful secret.

Ela: That’s what I said Bev! I was like what in the heck?

DG: Ela! Hilarious! Bev recommending this series but hasn’t read it herself!!!!!!

bev: She must think Fabi has the nicest friends. Odd but nice.

R: OMG. Dying!!! Fake Bev’s like “Man! That Fabi is one cool chick! Her friends really dig me!”

Fabi: You’re gonna make me pee my pants !!! Ladies! I can’t take y’all anywhere! baahahhahahaha

Amy: *snickers and slides a Poise pad over to Fabi*

Ela: ITS ALL FABI’S FAULT damn jungle thorns

bev: What kind of smut do I like?

Ela: Bev you want to read all of Opal Carew’s books, it’s your ‘to go’ smut author!

bev: Huh, good to know.

R: We’ve been hoodwinked! If I remember correctly, I think when I friend requested her I said something like “it’s R. Renee from the blog.” She was probably like “well good for you!”

Fabi: That’s what y’all get for raping my friends list. Bahahabahaha. Now I’ll admit I originally friended her thinking it was our Bev. But then she turned out to be so much fun with similar tastes in books. I know I’ve read several of her recs. She is super nice – and funny. Love her attitude.

Ela: OMG! That’s why I was always like why isn’t bev sleeping?? It’s 7 or 6 hours difference! Lmao

R: “Why isn’t bev sleeping?” LOL!!

MichelleS: STOP THE PRESSES…. trying to get caught up here. Someone please update me. GR Bev is not our Bev? Shut the front door already! OMG. I friended her on GR thinking she was. She must think we are all freaks. Just so you know, Michelle on GR is the real MichelleS. Oh Lordy. I should have guessed. Our Bev always gives me good recs.

Lisa: What?!!! GR Bev is NOT our ‘Sherlock’ Bev?? How did I end up with her as a friend on GR then?? Ive only got about 6 GR friends and they’re all from here! ! I tend not to accept ‘randoms’. Oh goodness I’ve probably made some inappropriate comment to her about Sherlock or crows/courtyards or Jellicoe Rd or Sweet Gum Tree or peanuts….. I did wonder about the Union Jack profile pic….its making sense.

R: Join the club Lisa…

Ela: Amy? Why do you have Poise pads???

Amy: Ela…for Fabi’s pee-pee pants problem. NOT because I need them myself. *snort* Riiiiiiiight… *crosses legs tightly* OMG!!! “the most whacked who the hell are they friends” LOL!!!!!!! That whole comment! And then R…”Her friends really dig me!” Gah, my side hurts from laughing!!! Can you guys just imagine Maryse’s face when she pops in again and sees the number of comments?!? *snorrrrrrrrrrrt!*

Fabi: Amy, hurry go get another Poise. Between the pee and the tears and now the snot, this has turned into a messy evening. You guys MADE MY NIGHT. I can’t remember laughing this hard.

R: We’re gonna see fake Bev in the hall at school tomorrow and be like… “so…how’s it goin’?”

Grey: OMFG! chatty b*tches up in here tonight. Fake Bev in the hall tomorrow… omg, I’m dying. You guys are too much!

Fabi: OMG, UK Bev is probably having as much fun with you guys as I am. We gotta tell her to come see this crazy convo.

Ela: We need to ease her with kiddy gloves into the crazy or as I’d like to say ‘refined tastes and manners’ group

Tessa: I can already see this poor woman, looking at the blog, and realizing her name will have to be “fake Bev” just so we know who’s who.

Cheryl: OMG I missed you guys so much. I laughed till I peed my pants *grabs poise pad from Amy* … Two Bev’s…LMAO

Leslie: *clutches stomach in pain laughing* Fake Bev?? Fake Bev…. seriously, my stomach actually hurts. That is hysterical. Ok… EVERYONE JUST HOLD ON A MINUTE… There is a fake Leslie too!!! Ela is cheating on me with a fake Leslie!!! *goes to corner to pout*

MichelleS: I hope Maryse posts our biggest peanut throwing, crazy, “read this book NOW” rants. Mine was probably Fae Chronicles, Wild Side or Tairen Soul! LOL.

Tessa: That post is so cute. And honest. I think we all feel that way about our books. lol OMG, there are some major things that we all throw peanuts for. I bet mine was for Fallen Crest. I don’t think we were doing peanuts yet for Tristan and Danika. I know I totally enjoyed you all going nuts over the first two books while I sat on pins and needles waiting for three. Bev was Written in Red.

That time when we had a peanut-throwing party (or fight?) to “bully” the others (*ahem* ME) into reading their suggestions! LOL!!! Well ONE of the times… we do this a lot. ;)

Amy: *throws peanut at Maryse* Yep, Fallen Crest High! *looks around and whistles innocently*

Maryse: *boinked off nose* OUCH!!! Ammmmyyyyyyy! *hrmph* ‘kayyyyyy I get the hint. Tijan rocks… I already know this! *cracks peanut and eats it* *opens mouth like a baby bird for more:P

bev: *Sits up straight* * Raises hand* … “Maryse, MUST read…….*sigh*, eh give up.”

*Sticks hands in pockets* *Kicks peanut shells* *walks off* ;-)

Maryse: *picks up peanuts that bev missed and eats ‘em*

Tessa: Bev, come on, there’s more peanuts. She’s hungry…

Maryse: I am. *opens baby bird mouth again*

Amy: Hungry, are we? Okay then… *grabs peanuts* *throws peanut* Accidentally on Purpose… *throws peanut*

…and Eleanor & Park… *throws peanut*

…and The Holy Trinity series… *throws peanut*

…and My Life Next Door… Are we full yet?? :P

Tessa: Finish the Up in the Air series. *throws a peanut to her mouth*

bev: Ooooookay Done pouting. *tucks bottom lip back in* Eleanor & Park * throws peanut* Written in Red *throws 5 peanut butter m&ms*

Tessa: M&Ms. Sneaky! Niki: You guys are funny:) I’ll throw some peanut M&Ms toward Maryse for Written In Red: A Novel of the Others too Bev!!

Fabi: *makes headlong dive to snatch M&Ms out of the air* *runs for cover with loot*

Tessa: Fabi! That’s our briba… Hrm… Does this mean Fallen Crest High wins?

Amy: Ha! Good save Fabi…Bev is trying to cheat! :P

Maryse: OH YAY!!! The peanuts have been upgraded to chocolate covered. YESSSS!!!!! Keep pelting me with your book-nuts… you book-nuts! *snort* :P Wait for ittttttt…… *sideeyes Amy*

Tessa: Book nuts? What are you reading, Maryse. Wait, this is a romance blog, never mind… Chocolate covered huh? But how about candy coated?

Amy: *lifts head* Did someone say nuts? Book nuts? As in nuts in our books? As in book man nu… *slumps down* Oh, you’re talking about food nuts. Although you could make the former kind chocolate covered too… :P Now see what you started!!

Maryse: Candy coated!!! YUMMY.

Fabi: Chocolate covered nuts? As in Goobers? Yum! ;-)

Cheryl: *standing behind Maryse* I haven’t read any of those books you’re pelting Maryse with peanuts about!! Good thing I like peanuts and M&M’s!! :)

Jean: Your comments are cracking me up! Chocolate covered nuts, candy-coated nuts!!!! Omg! Too funny! Love you guys! Make me laugh everyday!

MichelleS: Oh nuts! I missed all the nut talk. I like the salted ones best (HA!).

Fabi: The funniest moment on the blog has got to be when Amy was throwing “peanuts” at Maryse.

Maryse: OMG LOL YES FABI!!!!!!! That was hilarious and you can’t make that stuff up.

That time when one member of our “peanut gallery” and the autocorrect that suddenly started throwing… *ahem* other things.

Amy: Awwwww, I just saw a baby bird chasing it’s mama around with it’s mouth open trying to get fed (it’s still VERY light outside here at this time!), and all I could think about was Maryse and her baby bird mouth waiting for us to toss penises at her. *giggle*

Amy: OMG!!!!!!!! PEANUTS!!!!!!! Freaking mother-effing stupid autocorrect!!! WTH!!!! I’m gonna die from embarrassment. O. M. G. I’m just gonna go wait outside for the next UPS truck to go by so I can toss myself in front of it…

bev: HOLY HELL, AMY!! LMAO. Losing it here. Oh, Amy. Literally tears running down my face, hunched over laughing at that visual. So…I’m..hey, how many times a day are you texting about penises? Heh, see mine wants to change penises to ponies. I think you have a much more exciting life.;-)

Maryse: 8-O  8-O *thud* Maryse just fainted upon reading Amy’s comment. Maryse is so distraught and laughing her lungs up, that she is now referring to herself in the third person. Maryse likes PEANUTS. :P

Amy: *covers face with hands* I’m about fifty shades of red right now.

Maryse: hahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!

Anne: AMY!!! HAHAHAHA! I just can’t! Lol! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while! LMAO!!

Fabi: laughing so hard *legs crossed tightly* gonna pee my pants BEST worst autocorrect of the year goes to…drumroll…

Tessa: hahahahaha Amy. Best typo ever!

Melinda: Amy, you are soo funny. I think I would throw myself under a bus too.

Cheryl: OMG Amy I spit-laughed my water all over the place. Auto-correct is such a wonderful thing!! Now I’m thinking about the locker scene in The Deal; so many shapes and sizes!!! hahahahaha  ;)

Amy: OMG!! The locker room scene!!!

Fabi: The locker room scene = best scene this year.

Anne: Ooohh the locker scene!! Oh yes the locker scene! Yes! Yes! Yes! Lol!

Tessa: Rofl Too much you guys. Locker scene is awesome.

Amy: Award for most, er, cringe-worthy description of a…ya know…goes to Tarryn Fisher in Marrow: “….a shriveled mushroom of a thing.”

Amy: *peeks through fingers at Maryse* I promise never to throw THOSE at you. Oh lord…that visual… *snorrrrrrrt* I still can’t believe that just happened… Although I love you guys for laughing at me over it… ;)

bev: With you, Amy. With you. Seriously you just gave me a belly laugh on a random Wednesday night. Thanks. I just wish you’d kept going and listed all the types of peanuts we were throwing.

Amy: No…YOU guys list the types of pea— I’m having a hard time trusting my autocorrect right now and can’t even bring myself to type the word. :P

bev: Amy, eww. Lets see, we threw salted peanuts, chocolate peanuts, and candy peanuts….

bev: Whoa. My last comment says waiting for moderation. Amy, look what you did with your “peanut” talk. ;-)

Amy: Ooooooh, I got us some mass punishment ’round here!! :P

And another peanut fight: 

Amy: *grabs peanut and bounces it in hand* <—– yes, I said PEANUT :P What was that one book full of jerks and drama and heartache and was really good…oh yeah, THERAPY!!! *throws peanut at Maryse* Although I can’t really talk ’cause (*whispering*) I haven’t read After Hours yet. ;)

bev: I swear I turn into a giggling 12 year old when I see peanuts on here. Girl scout honor, last time I’ll throw peanuts or wave it in Maryse’s face. I’ll pinky swear, cause can’t break a pinky swear. Eleanor * throws peanut* & *throws peanut* Park *throws peanut* Just think you’d love it.:-D Ok. *holds out pinky*

Tessa: Nope. You and peanuts are too fun. Not gonna let you swear. Amy, she almost read The Original Crowd. Push for that so she can finally read Fallen Crest High and meet my Book Husband!

Maryse: haha bev!! I was gonna mention that one… ;) And Tessa’s book husband. I KNEW those would be two peanuts to my head. Peanuts. Tee hee!!!

Amy: *throws E&P peanut from Bev’s stash at Maryse* Ooh!! Fallen Crest High! *throws another peanut* Um Ihaven’treadOriginalCrowdeither… :?

Laura: Oooo to many!!! I loved Written In Red btw everyone then read the second one was going to start bison in silver but the price scared me off so I am just starting First Grave on the Right by darynda Jones anyone read it? *eats peanut from maryse’s shoulder*

bev: Laura, Happy Dance!!♡♡

Laura: Bev, step ball change annnnnd spirit fingers!!!!

Maryse: *snort* :P

bev: Laura, full on jazz hands. Poor Maryse. Lol. That could be one of your lists, your most rec’d.

Amy: Laura! Read Pierced by J.C. Mells… *throws peanut at Laura*

Laura: Amy read after hours *throws peanut at amy*

MichelleS: WAIT a minute….. Amy hasn’t read After Hours???? **** handful of peanuts ***** take that *** and that **** and that **** OMG. That’s a total no brainer. Do you or do you not have a vagina? Okay – then read AH and let the clenching begin,,,,,

Jean: Haha MichelleS! I agree After Hours was great! And she still has to read Surviving Raine ….just sayin’.…..

Amy: “Do you or do you not have a vagina” <—— OMG MichelleS, you went there!!! Clenching?!? LOL!!!!! *ducks in kitchen from flying peanuts* Y’all aren’t getting any of these hot pink cougar martinis if you don’t knock it off!!! Don’t make me come out there! Oooh, Jean! SR, really? Okay…you asked for it… *nails Jean with peanut* The Sweet Gum Tree! Sound familiar? Huh???

Maryse: LOL I just saw MichelleS TOTALLY “went there”. She said clenching!!!!! *snort:P Ouch… wait!!! I read it. I don’t need a peanut for that one. :D

Jean: Ouch Amy!! You guys are cracking me up!

Maryse: OMG YOU GUYS. I am SO making the “peanut” list. YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME BIG TIME. :D *waggles eyebrows* And I’m not the only peanut receiver that’s gonna be on it.  Y’all… yep. You’re on it. Just sayin’ :P Start throwin’ peanuts, girls. I mean… 8-O yah. No. I had it right the first time. *smirks at Amy*

Amy: *smirks right back at Maryse* Yeah, okay…so says the PEANUT RECEIVER… *cackling* You said it first!! :P

bev: Dirty.

Lee: OMG!!!! Maryse!!! I am SOoooooo throwing peanuts at you if Love *throws peanut at Maryse* In *throws peanut at Maryse* Rewind *throws peanut at Maryse* is not on your Must Read ASAP TBR!!!  OMG .. she is coming for me ** TAKE COVER** nanny nanny foo foo.. you missed me.. ** eeeeeeeek** :P But seriously,  I have been begging you to read it since Fo-evahhhh!! If I’m not wrong I recommended it as a must read the moment I finished the book and that was May LAST year!! ** grabs more peanuts **  and there are 80′s songs in the book.. who doesn’t love the 80′s?? Push it by Salt’n Peppa come onn.. Push it reaal good… LOL

Amy: *throws peanut at Bev* You need to read Pierced as well, Bev…shifters, magic, random vamps… ;)

Maryse: Did you guys see bev’s one simple but so poignant comment?!! :P “dirty.” *snort*

Amy: Yeah, I saw Bev’s “dirty” comment up there…which is why she got a Pierced peanut!! And I just said Pierced peanut… *covers face*

Laura: *dodges peanut* pierced shifters magic stuff? Wait that sentence looks bad without the apostrophes :D *points at amy* she did it *runs…….*

Maryse: I’m adding The Mason List THAT BOOK ROCKS!!!!!!! Throws peanut at everyone that hasn’t read it yet!!!!!!

Lee: ouchhh.. who would have known?? Peanuts hurt!! damn it .. all that fire because I havent read the Mason List…?? …PS. Amy .. I got my eyes on youuuu…. teehhee :P

Maryse: I’m used to getting peanuts thrown at me with this crew. ;) You’ll get a hard head soon enough, Lee. OMG. :-|

Amy: I’ll buddy read Love In Rewind with ya Maryse, just let me know when…oh crap, here comes another peanut from Lee for LIR! *pulls Maryse out of the way* You said hard head… :P

Lee: hahahah Amy.. pierced *snort* PEAAAAAAANUTSSSSSSS!!  I wanna buddy read too ** pouting **.. ** whispers with creepy voice** mostly to throw peanuts at you two if you start claiming ma man!!

Amy: *slowly and carefully hands martini to Lee* H-h-how about a drink, Lee? We won’t be stealing your man…we share our book guys around here. *waggles eyebrows* Ah, okay…got it and understand, Tessa. And we were talking about buddy reading Love In Rewind:D

Tessa: Wait, we get to throw peanuts about EVERY book we’ve told you to read. *goes and grabs a HUGE bag* *throws peanut* Fallen Crest High! *throws another* The rest of the Up in the Air series! *And yet another* Gus! Dude, read it already! *And another* The whole Indebted series to date. *and… ducks* Ouch MichelleS! What After Hours?

Fabi: *walks around with mouth open catching random peanuts* Gotta love Fridays around here.

Amy: Fabi, you didn’t know what you were walking into, did ya? ;) *writes Therapy on peanut* Hey Maryse, I got a peanut for your friend Sherry to throw at you! :P

bev: Whoa. Stop. Stop. Stop. Back this crazy train up. WRITTEN. IN. RED.

Michelle: *screams and runs for cover* *throws a really big peanut at Maryse from hidey hole and shouts Written in Red*

Niki: All of you are hilarious!!! Ill throw some peanuts at Maryse for Written in Red!!! It’s so good!!!

Sadie: Is E&P eleanor and park? If so, I’d like to join in. Also, I have been telling maryse to read “The Kind Worth Killing” forever so I’ll throw some peanuts for them. Reading Love in Rewind now so jury is out on that one. Lol you guys are hilarious.

Maryse: LOL!!! I’ve got the most peanut pelts!!!!! Er… or should that be welts? *snort* OMG I said pelts!!!!!!! :P GAH!!! I love peanut night!

bev: It’s the accent. Um yeah “peanut” pelts is right there with “clenching”

Maryse: LOL!!!! Yes. The “accent” ;)

Amy: *snorts cougar martini through nose* <—— freaking waste of a good drink

Maryse: Peanut butter martinis!!!!! *shudders* Maybe if we puts lots of martini juice in ‘em.. and some chocolate syrup. ;)

bev: Ok have another. * picks up peanut* Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale. * throws peanut* Tessa, commence singing.

Tessa: Yes! *throws a peanut at Maryse* That’s for making Bev say no to FCH. Sadie, we can read Eleanor and Park but NOT at the sacrifice of Mason Kade! Or Logan. Cause everyone needs to adore Logan as well. Oooh, I can sing. What am I singing? I know! Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey! *throws a pirate peanut*

Maryse: Okay one thing I do want y’all to try since it’s peanut night… and please trust me on this. TRUST ME.  Hot dogs… bun and all… but instead of mustard, ketchup etc… ONLY peanut butter. TRUST ME. FREAKING DELCISIOUS> Autocorrect and I can’t even spell decliosuc right now that’s how declsiousus it is! Here’s an example. And here’s another example. I know it’s upsetting… I know. I don’t bother with bacon on this. Just good old hot dogs and buns made the way you love ‘em… but with peanut butter as the condiment. YUM!!!!

Tessa: Peanut butter and hot dogs? I’d try that. But no mustard! Eeew. My mom and brother both ate peanut butter and mayonaise. Again… Eeew.

Amy: Okay, I’m going to try the PB and hot dog combo. My mind is already fighting it but I’m gonna give it a go!  …what did Maryse say…oh yeah, DELCISIOUS!!

bev: So, when Maryse reads one of my peanut reads I will celebrate with a peanut butter hot dog.

LaurenB: You ladies do make me laugh :) Peanuts galore in here tonight, think I’ll keep quiet about what I’m yet to read *hides behind blanket and hopes no one sees me*

Laura: Hehe so now Your all asleep and I’m just starting my day at 8.00am oh the mischief!! *creeps around with peanuts to a sleeping Amy, puts one in her nostril. Gets to maryse puts a bunch in her hair. Gets to bev and puts peanuts under the pillow. Gets to tessa and MichelleS puts peanuts down back to trousers hehehehe* yeah so morning!!! *runs……*

MichelleS: Laura: why do I get peanuts in my trousers? What have I not read?? Huh? Huh?

Laura: Ummm ummm *runs…..* (I’m so skinny in this chat world with all the running)

Amy: Why am I covered in peanuts?? A truck load, Lee? Really??? I already told ya I’m gonna read Love in Rewind! What the…peanuts in my NOSE?!? Laura!! *grumbles* …gonna be picking shells out of my nose for days now…Wait…all these peanuts are going to come in handy ’cause Jean has the whole FCH series and hasn’t read any of them. That’s just wrong. She’s gonna get a whole handful thrown at her! :P

bev: Oh, Laura left me a midnight snack. Heh~”trousers”.

Maryse: Mmmmm… peanuts IN my hair. I can store ‘em in there all day like a squirrel… Thanks Laura!

Laura: *shouts from hiding spot* your welcome!!!!

Maryse: Okay and what about some of bev’s funniest moments!!! When it gets quiet, she either posts a fun “quiz” for us to do, or starts us on building a list, OR… she just has conversations with herself (that have me in tears, laughing). Like, bev’s weekly wrap-ups for readers that have been missing for a few days. LOL!!! Or  Or bev’s inventing entire conversations. Or the fickle “best-friend” swapping that goes on here. Remember when Fabi and Tessa become new besties. Poor bev.

A few of bev’s weekly comment “wrap-ups” (which are wildly exaggerated and yet strangely… accurate):

bev, on how we all respond, when another has found a book we MUST read now!

bev: Is it mean I’m enjoying this a tad bit ? It’s mean, I know. But still….

Amy, “I found a wonderful book. It’s amazing. Read it.”
Everyone, “ooooh. Let me go look.”
Amy, “Please, I can’t stop thinking about it.”
Everyone, “Oh….it’s YA. Huh.”
Amy, “Yes, but it devastated me.”
Everyone, “So, it has a high school in it? I mean if it had a zombie…”
Amy,”The heroine is amazing. So filled with hurt and rage.”
Everyone, “Mmm. Teenage girls are drama llamas.”


bev’s issues with our buddy-reads (here)…

bev: Lately the buddy reads have been sad. It seems like everyone is doing them at different times and NO ONE COMMENTS.
Lately it’s been…

Maryse, “I’m reading a book.”
Everyone, “I will too! Whoot Whoot.”
Maryse, “Buddy Read!”
Fabi, “Actually I’ll start it Tuesday of next week.”
Amy,”I’ll bring the martinis and Manny. ”
R,”I’ll have two, Amy”
*crickets crickets crickets*
An hour later.
Tess, “Finished. Can’t wait to hear what you all think.”

Then nothing. Nothing for 5 days.

Maryse post review.

Tessa,”I agree.”
Amy,”Yes, me too. Punched me in the ovaries. Jean read it.
bev,”Don’t do it Jean.”
Fabi,” I was so excited to read this but now I see the state of Amy’s ovaries.”
R, “Wait. I won’t read it if one of my 4 didn’t write it. Unless Jean likes it too.”
Cheryl thinking * I just read whatever I want to read whenever I want to read it*

When bev made Jean the heroine of her “story” in the comments here.

Wait, Jean. Wait.

Be one of our heroines. Get all dolled up. Put that red lipstick on.
Look for the meet cute. First man you see accidentally fall into him. Realize he smells like spruce and mint. Know he thinks you smell like lemon merengue pie.
Wow him with your witty one liners.
The chemistry is explosive.
By the third drink your drunk bff is saying really inappropriate things, suggestions of what you and mystery man should do.
No your married.
But it is true love. You know this because of the goosebumps and his green eyes.
Your torn in two.
Yes, your husband is ok and all, but sometimes he seems to think working and sleeping is more important than goosebumps.
And green eyes.
Your so torn so you drink more. And more.
Ok, one more.
No place like work to get plastered and make bad decisions. Your boss will understand.
Oh my god.
Green eyes is your new boss.
Oh, he’s infuriating.
You run to the bathroom. You rail and cry.
Your bff comes in and cheers you up by making jokes about your vagina and candy canes.
Beep beep….it’s your husband on the phone.
Oh, Jean what will you do?

or this weekly wrap-up for Cheryl that was so behind on our comments:

bev: Poor Cheryl.
Yes, read the favorites lists cause they are fun.
I don’t know that much has happened.
Carly from the UK kidnapped Manny.
We all read Wolfsong on Fabi ‘ s rec. *kick myself not sooner*
We are all holding our breath as Maryse tries it…..again.
*whispers* she’d previously tried it but put it down.
Grey, went to Hogwarts.
Amy, is doing squats so she can visit Maryse in Florida.
Jean fell in love with her boss.
And some are already starting their January tbr challenge….or finished them.

or… when bev has a one-sided conversation with us (and answers for us) and then brings it up later when she says we promised!!

bev: Hey, Maryse.

How you been?

Oh, I believe you’ve been busy all those lists.

Yes, you do need a rest.

No no no. *shakes head* Not with Sherlock.

You know what you need?

Well…..yes. That too. But I was thinking about something else.


Yes, visiting Amy would be fun. But I was thinking of something that you could do now.

A book.

A book that is a perfect winters night read.

No…..not because someone dies. But I guess I could see why that would be …..wintery.

*scoots a bit farther away from Maryse*

It’s a book you want to cuddle up with. With Pim and Hobit and blankets.

Yes, that is a beautiful picture of Pim. She does have pretty eyes.

It’s a book that smells like candy canes, Maryse? Doesn’t that smell delicious and wonderful?

It’s an awesome book that Fabi discovered.

Yes, Fabi is an awesome name.

The name of the book?

No no no not Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.


Or this one time, when she told me I forgot about our buddy read (*cough cough*) sure bev. ;)

bev: Remember?
You wanted to read something outside your norm?
I said, hmm.
You said, but maybe gritty
I nodded my head.
You thought, maybe a western
I said, oh, with a doctor?
Hmm, you said. A lady doctor?
Yes, I said.
What are you thinking, bev?
Sawbones, I answered
That’s it! You were excited.
I pumped my fist.
You and your sister high fived.
I like doctors, Jean said.
She raised the roof.
Tessa stuck out her tongue did devil horns.

Or maybe we were all just talking about coconut cake.

LOL!!!!! or… her stance on our frequent snuggling and hugging:

bev. Random group hug.

I’m uneasy.

and this one time, too (she’s kind of a tattle-tale!!) :P LOL!!!!:

bev: Amy, Maryse was giving random group hugs when reading Wolfsong. It made us all suspicious.

Jean, we don’t talk about it but Amy & Fabi have an incontinence ……..issue.

And yet sometimes she’s vulnerable and lonely… and created a weekly wrap-up for Grey (who had been missing)  P.S. “Haiti” was the setting for this intense book she read…

bev: Grey nothing to share cause everyone is MIA. I can only talk of my own pain. Seriously. Everyone left.

I did ask Maryse to go to Haiti.
She said yes.
It was a beautiful moment.
Then R. came along.
“Come be a lark flying.”
in 1970″
Maryse hid behind Amy.
Amy is a boss.
Maryse *whispered*
“Yes, R. I’ll fly with you.”
It was a sad moment.
I may of cried.
But I couldn’t be mad at R.
She is the only one here.
I’d have no one to talk to.
Oh, wait. Jan and Leslie too.
*kicks R’s new Lark book*
*kicks it good*
Now it flies.

her weekly wrap-up for MichelleS when she went missing… (P.S. Russia was the setting of THAT book she was reading)

bev: Omg. MichelleS, I thought the fae had kidnapped you.

We have new people commenting.

They don’t know the Michelles.
Made me sad.
To cheer up Leslie, Jean, Amy, Ela, and I made plans to go to Russia.
Amy ran off with Jean for an Affair instead.
Made me sad.
I’m still in Russia.
R. became Thoughtless and wouldn’t read Dumplin’
Made me sad in Russia.
Fabi said she doesn’t even want to taste a Dumplin’ and went Fishing.
No, really I’m still there. In Russia.
Tessa tried to Fish, but gave up.
That made happy. In Russia.
Maryse was going to come get me.
In Russia.
Amy though introduced her and R. to a Hausfrau ( who does not make Dumplins)
So she went to Sweden instead.
So. Im. Still. In. Russia.
R. turned Manny into an alcoholic.
I understand. I might join him.
In Russia.

That pretend time when bev and MichelleS had “coffee”, chatting about Amy… (I’m not sure MichelleS even knows she was a part of this conversation…) LOL!!

Hey, Amy.
MichelleS told me of this book she thought you’d like. She fell in love with the main character when she read it.

Anyway we were chatting over coffee and she checked in here and chuckled.
I was all, what’s funny?
She said, Amy.
What did she say now, MichelleS?
bev, she said she wants a book cover she can cuddle and stare lovingly at.
She shook her head.
She said, she’s right it is what “book lovers do.”
We sipped our coffee.
Hey, bev.
Yes, MichelleS?
You know who I fell in love with and wish I could cuddle?
Rammel Hawking?
MichelleS paused to think on him.
I gave her time.
*5 minutes later*
bev, it’s someone I think Amy would love and cuddle too.
Oh, really?
Is….is it……? No…really, you think so too?
Yes, yes I really do.
Simon, we say together.
We sip our coffees.

on trying to convince us to read stuff (like Simon). ;)

bev: And then there is Simon. Which yes a part of my brain turns into Ela a does a cha cha in fringe and beads proclaiming, EVERYONE WILL LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. EVERYONE.
Then R is all reasonable and, bev no. Amy and Fabi? It’s not for them.
So, my brain Ela takes it down a notch and puts on her jeans and t shirt and while doing the running man (occasionally throwing in a Roger rabbit) says, Come ON. Let’s just SEE. It will be FUN.

that time she invented Amy, R and I talking behind her back (or we have some finicky best book-friend here I’ll tell ya). ;)

Maryse: Bev wants me to do a br.
Amy: bev isn’t a Marmy.
Maryse:I know. *Makes what can you do face*
Amy:she isn’t even in the club of death with you.
R: And she looks like a monkey too.
Maryse:*sigh* I know.
Amy: Just tell her no.
Maryse: I’m Canadian.
Amy: Hide behind me.
Maryse: *hugs* But you know she will come after you with…..
Together: SHERLOCK. *GAH*
R: Sherlock looks like a monkey too.

That time bev made Tasha her new best friend (and downgraded Jean) ’cause she was reading a book she recommended… (temporary BFF swap!)

Tasha J:  …first, I need to read Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. Starting today. Now to check out more of these awesome new releases..

bev: I have been saying for awhile that the buddy reader standards have become slack. Lol. Jean….I’m sorry but Tasha is now my favorite. *pushes Jean out of favorites place*

Tasha J: Lol, Bev! I’m not far in at all yet, but what I’ve read has me really interested.

Jean: Awww bev, you hurt my feelings…..*sniff*

Amy: Here Jean… *pats seat* You can be my favorite. bev is being uncharacteristically rough today. *snicker*

Grey: Aww, it’s ok, Jean! You’re still my book twin!

bev: Sorry, Jean. I’m very fickle. Tasha is reading Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil. I didn’t think anyone would…..so I’m super happy. After she reads and rates it she will totally drop down again.

Tasha: Hahaha, at least you’re honest Bev!

R:  Yeah Jean. I read Simon and I never even got elevated!

bev: No, you did. Amy used to be ahead of you.

Maryse: OMG you guys have me cackling out loud. The super-fickle, fluffy, frowny puppy that is bev.  I love you guys!!!!!

bev’s exciting adventure “rules” for newcomers to the blog (LOL!!!):

Hey, to all the new comers. Few rules to all that enter here.
1. To come in first you need to enter the courtyard in Written In Red.
2. You must then drive down the Jellicoe Road.
3. Tell Amy to watch Sherlock if the appropriate moment a rises.

MichelleS: I’d like a repost of all our very first comments ever! I can’t remember mine.

Maryse: Okay!! We’ll start with yours, MichelleS. ;)

Our regular peanut gallery/book-crew’s first comments on Maryse’s Book Blog:

MichelleS: Oh Yay! The Fae Chronicles made your list. Couldn’t get enough of that “f***-ing fairy” Fae Prince & his feisty little “witchy witch”. So wicked. You know, sometimes I need a good escape from all the real world billionaires, bikers, professors, rock stars, etc & just need a good Alpha Fae Prince. Totally satisfied… (on this post)

Leslie M: I think this is Suddenly Sexy by Linda Francis Lee. He is a pro golfer but all the other details fit from what I can remember. I hope this is right cause it’s been making me crazy trying to figure this out. (on this post)

Jean: I just fell off my chair!! (on this post)

D.G. (formally known as Donya): Maryse – when looking for my next book, I always stop by to visit and see what you have been reading. Thanks for all the wonderful recommends! Just wanted to throw out there that I found – The Air He Breathes – prior to your recommend. AND I was blown away! It hit all the marks…I laughed, I cried, I pulled for Tristan, I could not put it down!!! (I stayed up to 3 in the morning to finish it). A definite to add to your TBR list. (on this post)

R. (formally known as Renee): I never comment, but I’ve been following this blog for a while. I LOVED Loving Mr. Daniels (so much I want to try other books by her), but I couldn’t get into The Air He Breathes. Maybe it’s the teacher/student thing because I loved Gabriel’s Inferno too (I know I think I’m in the minority here lol). I think I need to go back through the teacher/student list and refresh my TBR. And Cheryl, I’m so glad people are reading Never Stop Falling! I got to read it in beta and became an instant fan! I loved it! Definitely a favorite. (on this post)

Jan: Great list with some well-loved classics. A more recent read that has stuck with me is The Turning Point by Freya North (2015). Wonderful read, about a woman from England who by chance meets a man from BC (Canada) and they find ways to be together in spite of the challenges. Slowly builds and packs a POWERFUL EMOTIONAL PUNCH. After I finished it (a couple of months ago) It kept me awake that night, and I kept thinking about it for days. Randomly found myself thinking about it again last night. A book I won’t easily forget. (on this post)

Grey: I’m a frequent reader of this blog… but had yet to make a comment until I read this one. Brutal, raw, gripping… these are the words I’d use to describe this book. Like many others, I simply could not put it down. I’m going to need some serious smut to get me over this book hangover! Thanks for the recommendation! (on this post)

Amy: I read Flawed recently, and OMG did it break my heart. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that your heart will take a beating at the end. Can’t wait to hear your review of it! (on this post)

Cheryl: Great interview! I was looking for something to read after having read 50 Shades and Bared to You and came across this interview- I’m now sold on reading Beautiful Disaster-can’t wait, sounds perfect!!! (on this post)

Ela: I loved both books as well! Can’t wait for the third installment. (on this post)

Tasha J: I bought Nocte by Courtney Cole and was absolutely captivated from the very first page. Heck even the forward had me wiggling in anticipation. The story was AMAZING! I didn’t want to put it down, I was dying to find out the secrets…oooooh the secrets!! Didn’t see them coming, I guessed and guessed and just when I thought I knew, nope not quite! I felt so connected to the characters and all the emotions.. I don’t want to give anything away because it’s best to go in completely blind. This was the first book I have read in so long that I didn’t skip anything, not even a little…I can’t wait for #2, but I’m also satisfied with the ending. You must read this book! :D (on this post)

bev: Congrats! Love having so many new book suggestions. (this post)

Tessa: Omg. Just finished reading this and you’d love it. Mason is an awesome alpha male, and Logan is freaking nuts. It’s sweet and fun, and beyond insane if Logan laughs.  :-) Sam is ballsy and tough. Now to wait for Dec. to get my next fix. (on this post)

Fabi: I think I set my expectations too high with Styx. I expected (or at least wanted) another Acheron. It lacked the depth of Acheron. Maybe because we didn’t know Styx as well when we finally heard his story? Not sure… (on this post)

Nay: Hey everyone! My name’s Renee, but since there’s already one here, I’m using the nickname my stepdaughter uses. Like Mia, I’ve been following for years, but I have also posted a few times, and now, with the events of life, I find that I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands the next 8-12 months and would love to read and also talk about what I’m reading—maybe throw in a suggestion here and there, because telling my hubby about the new, awesome book I just read really isn’t nearly as fun as sharing it with other like-minded readers! lol I’d also really like to get in on some buddy reading if possible! (on this post)

Lisa: Maryse, I need to vent. I’ve just made a second attempt at reading Emma Chase’s new book Overruled…and again given up because I found Stanton the most repugnant despicable male character ever. He made my skin crawl. And Sophia the ‘friend with benefits’ was just horrible. I feel like Emma Chase has ruined me for contemporary romance because if misogynistic self centred self serving manwhores are the characters being written for us to fall in love with I think Im done!!!! AND female leads who are every other woman’s worse nightmare don’t give me warm and fuzzies either. I just wanted them both to die. Someone please pleeease recommend a book for me so I can re-fall in love with a book boy. Im feel a tinsy bit nauseous. PS: On principle I cant finish this book and I’m pretty sure I’ll give Ms Chase a wide berth in future….she should have stuck with her reformed bad boy Drew. (on this post)

Lisa Aiello: So, I just can’t not say something about this book – and maybe you all already know about this one. I haven’t been around long enough to have gone through EVERYTHING here, but I’m getting close. After catching up on a couple series I’m reading, I’m now waiting for the next installments, so I found Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray. This book is so darn “erotic” and Eli is…I don’t even have words. Dark, silent, secretive and a pantydropping, gotta have this man in my life kinda man . I’ve been sneaking chapters in while I’m at work, and I’m thinking that might not be very conducive to the workplace, for many reasons…holy Hotness Batman!!! (on this post)

Marina: Love your blog!!! Love your reviews and love this book!! Great xmas idea!! (on this post)

Robyn: I just finished Pull, the sequel to Push. The ending seemed pretty final and wrapped up to me. I have to say I was not a happy camper at *spoiler* But I understand that it was the direction the book needed to go. (on this post)

Check out each part of our “8th Birthday Blog Reminiscing + Q& A” trilogy” here:

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MichelleS March 8, 2017 at 6:22 PM

I said clenching? And vagina? OMG. Must have had an Amy cocktail in me.

R. Renee March 8, 2017 at 6:28 PM

That was THE BEST THING EVER!!! I can’t stop crying and I might need one of Fabi’s Poise pads… Amy can you spare one?

DG March 8, 2017 at 6:40 PM

Now that was HILARIOUS!!! Nothing better than sitting at the ballfield, giggling while reading that post!

Jean March 8, 2017 at 6:57 PM

Hysterical! I don’t even remember bev’s story about me….falling for my boss? Ick!! I love looking back on all these great conversations! You guys are the best!

Leslie M March 8, 2017 at 7:02 PM

Fake Bevs, penis throwing and vagina clenching….wow! Its a party!!!

Leslie M March 8, 2017 at 7:07 PM

I completely forgot about Amy and penis throwing. I was already in hysterics re-reading the fake bev incident but the penis typo sent me over the edge. I had tears. Then….re-reading Bevs comments!!! My hubs thinks I’m a weirdo sitting here chortling like a crazy person. He doesnt get us. I’m gonna ask Amy to throw a penis at him.

Fabi March 8, 2017 at 7:31 PM

I have a face full of years from laughing so hard rereading the Bev mix-up. I have to get a tissue (or a towel!) before scrolling back up to keep reading.

Grey March 8, 2017 at 7:50 PM

Who could forget Amy’s penis throwing? It’s the stuff legends are made of.

Thanks for doing this, Maryse! The traipse down Jellicoe Road…errrm, I mean, memory lane, :lol: has been awesome! I have been giggling the entire time I’ve been reading it… This place is the best!!!

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 7:56 PM

I’ve been having SO much fun building this one too. It was the longest one, but the most fun!!! :P

P.S. I’m still not done… but it’s almost there;

Fabi March 8, 2017 at 8:14 PM

I’m so glad I grabbed a towel. Lord I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard since the first time I read these. We are INSANE.

Imagine a non-reader trying to clue in to our conversations. It is wonderful to have friends who understand what we say without too much explanation.

One more time: Happy 8th Blog Anniversary Maryse! Thank you so very much for making this such a wonderful place to make great reading friends.

MichelleS March 8, 2017 at 8:19 PM

That was hilarious! Love all you crazy ladies.

I never knew about the Rammel Hawking Bev & Amy conversation!!! I love Ram. He’s mine Bev…. Or bev… whatever your name is… Back off!!

Two Bevs was the best thing ever.

MichelleS March 8, 2017 at 8:21 PM

Psssst…. Bev…. I’m really short & blonde… LOL… you said somewhere you pictured me as a dark brunette!

Cheryl March 8, 2017 at 8:39 PM

OMG so much fun to re-live the hysterics of the classic Bev moments and Amy’s penis throwing!! We are one crazy a$$ group!! Love it here! ;)

Leslie M March 8, 2017 at 8:46 PM

Group hug!!!

bev March 8, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Oh. My. God.

Where to begin.

1. Jean you’re my favorite again, because “I just fell off my chair!!” Is the best first comment. Made me laugh.
2.Reading those now I’m surprised you can even make sense of what I write.
3. “Clenching” shocked me all over again.
4. I can not believe Amy still hasn’t read Simon or watched Sherlock.

You Ladies are so funny.

bev March 8, 2017 at 9:01 PM

The Fake Bev and Amy’s peanut are the best. Crazy crazy ladies.

Love the title and shout out to Sherlock, Maryse. Made me laugh.

I hope we don’t scare people off.

Amy March 8, 2017 at 9:13 PM

O. M. F. G.

I am dying here!! Absolutely DYING!!!! I remember those conversations but forgot all the details and THANK YOU SO MUCH MARYSE for reposting them!!!

You know what all this made me realize? My new job has made me too damn serious. I miss lettin’ loose and having that much fun with y’all.

Hey, do you guys remember how in that one conversation up there with the chocolate and candy-covered, um, “peanuts” (I *think* it was that convo) Laura took it to a whole new level when she said something about the peanuts being salty?? BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Lisa Aiello March 8, 2017 at 9:13 PM

You guys are an amazing tribe of friends to have – funny, crazy, smart, sassy and so many other things. I’m so glad I found this place and all of you!!

Fabi March 8, 2017 at 9:14 PM

I personally love how Maryse “cheated” on her top ten list. That was awesome Maryse.

Tessa March 8, 2017 at 9:14 PM

lol … In Russia. That was priceless and also why I’ll probably never read it. Also… clenching and drenching. I really need to read that book.

Amy March 8, 2017 at 9:16 PM

*throws penis at Leslie’s husband’s face* <——- You're welcome. What are friends for? :lol:

bev. Never change. Ever.

Or any of you for that matter.

I love you all truly and deeply.

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 9:37 PM

Ooooh I should add the salty-nuts comments!! I shall backtrack and load ‘em into the right section. :D *snort*

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 9:38 PM

bev, I think this will make people just wanna join us even more. We’re SO FREAKING FUN!!!!!!!

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 9:41 PM

*hug* to all of you. I’m so thrilled we’re us, and we’re our own awesome book club, and we keep gaining new fun members just like us, and I love you guys dearly!!!!

bev March 8, 2017 at 9:42 PM

Tessa, lol. Now we know how to get your book attention.

Amy, I don’t know…..I don’t want to be too “vulnerable and lonely”

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 9:43 PM

Oh and, like I told R (on the Facebook post of this):

“And the worst part is that I could make a part 4 and find just as much funny stuff to make another long “crazy us” post. WE ARE HILARIOUS!!!!!!”

Fabi March 8, 2017 at 9:45 PM

Yes! It is so much fun here.

Bev, I love it when you talk to yourself. ;-)

Leslie M March 8, 2017 at 9:48 PM

Can’t stop laughing. My stomach hurts.

Maryse March 8, 2017 at 9:53 PM

LOL bev. I was being facetious!!! :P Like you. <3

bev March 8, 2017 at 9:57 PM

I just realized that between how I “see” you all and my “conversations” with you all you are really my imaginary friends.

bev March 8, 2017 at 10:19 PM

Hey, I do though sometimes. When it get super quiet for days in a row? I’m like wait, where is everybody. Lol.

Jan March 8, 2017 at 10:32 PM

LMAO…….. I remember the fake and real bev thing. Guilty as charged. I think I’ve liked some of the fake bev’s reads on GR thinking, ooh, how surprising, I didn’t think *bev* would like that one……LOL. Fake and real bevs, we love you both. Oops. That autocorrected to bees instead of bevs. That would be even more confusing.

Maryse, this blog always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for all the laughs along with all the great book recs of course. I’ll try a fancy emoji :kiss:

Jan March 8, 2017 at 10:33 PM

:/ my fancy emoji didn’t work. What about this one? :lol:

Jan March 8, 2017 at 10:34 PM

Oh yeah! It worked! *fist pumps*

Grey March 8, 2017 at 10:39 PM

Well I’m a goof… All I keep thinking is this. And I managed to post it in the other thread…oopsie!



D.G. March 8, 2017 at 11:04 PM

Grey!!! OMG!!! My dirty vision just went there….

Amy March 8, 2017 at 11:04 PM

“The f&#k you did.” LOL Grey!!!

HA bev! This is *me* when it’s quiet around here for days in a row…

Unfriended was on the other night while I was folding laundry, and all I could think was how fun it would be for a bunch of us from here to be chatting online like that. ;)

Sherry D :) March 8, 2017 at 11:17 PM


Ela March 9, 2017 at 9:03 AM

I love this so hard! So funny! Thanks Maryse!

MichelleS March 9, 2017 at 9:23 AM

I was lurking for TWO years?!?!? I feel like I missed out!

MichelleS March 9, 2017 at 9:24 AM

This is kike a reunion tour with all our greatest hits!

Ela March 9, 2017 at 9:28 AM

Robin???? Now I’m confused again!

“R. (formally known as Renee):”

amandalyntweets March 9, 2017 at 9:30 AM

it’s interesting to think about how people you’ve never met can have such an influence over your life. this group has impacted my emotional highs and lows over the last few years. you all have caused me to fall in love…have my heart broken into tiny pieces…or annoyed me to the point that i have to drop my book and walk away….and then run right back…so i can finish reading a story that gives me so much anxiety that yet again…i have to drop my book and walk away.

thank you for being a refuge. though i rarely comment….marsye’s blogs…twitter posts…email notifications…and occasional youtube uploads have been a kind reminder that there are people out in the world that have a similar love for books that matches my own. i am not alone.

thank you all! and congrats marsye!

R. Renee March 9, 2017 at 10:07 AM

Wait what Ela? Now I’m confused!

R. Renee March 9, 2017 at 10:11 AM

ooooh this one’s been updated. I blame last night’s #winetime…

Leslie M March 9, 2017 at 10:23 AM

R, Ela is confused because you have too many darn alias’s. Hee hee

Ela, “R. Renee” is Robin. She just likes to confuse us. Not sure why she changed her handle here a few times. It is also confusing because she is Robin on goodreads. Not to be confused with “Nay” (who’s actual first name is Renee but who goes by “R” on goodreads). Thats clear as mud, right?

Jean March 9, 2017 at 10:26 AM

I love this! And yay, I’m bev’s fav again! I can’t believe that was my first comment ever, but seeing what post it was made things clearer!

Leslie M March 9, 2017 at 10:27 AM

Thanks Amy, a true friend is one who offers to throw penises at their spouse.

R. Renee March 9, 2017 at 10:33 AM

I don’t even remember being just Renee. I probably came across another Renee and wanted to clarify. But for the most part I’ve always been R. Renee on here and Robin Hill on GR/FB/Twitter/IG/etc (although I do have 2 FBs and my personal is Robin Renee Hill LOL).

But then there was that one time I had an identity crisis on here and decided to try out Robin Hill and caused the great name change debacle of 2016 (Sorry Maryse).

Ela March 9, 2017 at 11:02 AM

Ahhh that was fun! The whole name thingie of 2016

Maryse March 9, 2017 at 1:29 PM

The great name debacle should be a “funny things that happened on the blog” for next year’s recap. ;)

R. Renee March 9, 2017 at 2:44 PM

OMG! It was a real *bangs head on desk* *thud* “what have I done?” moment!! LOL!!

Maryse March 10, 2017 at 11:48 AM


Thank you so much, Amandalyntweets!!! :D I’m so glad you’re with us!

marina May 25, 2017 at 6:25 PM

Just seeing this two month’s late… It is amazing that you have kept all of our entries! I love it. I feel like I found your blog earlier but maybe I was too shy to post?! Still LOVE your blog!!!!!!!! You are the best Maryse!!

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