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by Maryse on January 12, 2015 · 2 comments

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<— ON SALE right now!! (Plus there’s going to be a book #2 “Love“). :D

Now… to be fair, I don’t think this series has an “official title” yet. ;) I’m going with the name of book #1 (YOU), but it could very well be “The Creepy-Stalker-Guy” series. LOL!!

Joe. Joe Joe Joe…. you are the stuff of nightmares. THE creepy (yet quirky “cool-ish”) one that our mothers… NO, our FATHERS warned us about. The one that stalks the girl of his dreams just like in the creepy movies, thinks the super-creepy things, and STILL manages to try and turn his obsession into a love story. ;) <— Eeeeeeeep! Seriously. EEEEEP! This is sorta like out beloved “dark” reads but… ummm… almost creepier. Hard to explain.

Ya just gotta read it. No seriously. You like psychological thrillers? Read this! Here’s my review). In fact, right now, I kind of feel like I should raise my star rating. Because I still remember EVERY SINGLE detail about this book and I like it even more, now. And it’s on sale right now!! Even Stephen King loved it! Very cool.

But to tell you the truth… I don’t even know for sure if this is going to be a “series”, per se. In fact, I was surprised today when my fellow creepy/taboo/angsty book lover friend, Sadie told me there was a book #2!!

Sadie: Remember when we read YOU? There is a sequel!

Maryse: OMG that psycho is still going strong!! LOL!!! You KNOW I gotta read it!!!

Sadie: Haha! Wasn’t he psycho?

Maryse: YES!!!! Poooor *spoiler*!!!! I feel like screaming to her… RUN!!!!! RUN!!!!!! And if he catches her… PRETEND YOU LOVE HIM AS CRAZY AS HE LOVES YOU…. and when he’s not looking… RUN!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!

Sadie: Hahaha love it. Crazy joe. Yikes.

Jessica: I just finished the audible today, talk about creeptastic. i loved it I don’t know what’s crazier Joe or the fact that I liked him

Maryse: OMG I KNOW!!!! he made me laugh and cringe…

Jessica: I know! Some of those rants were hilarious and then I immediately regretted it when he something uber weird

LOL!!! Yet so fun. IN BOOKS! Onnnnlyyyyy in books!!! But I knew I had to post this ASAP! P.S. Book #1 ends “complete” so I was surprised to hear there would be more, but all I can say is YAY US!! I’m SO in for more!

About book #1:

When a beautiful, aspiring writer strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe Goldberg works, he does what anyone would do: he Googles the name on her credit card.

There is only one Guinevere Beck in New York City. She has a public Facebook account and Tweets incessantly, telling Joe everything he needs to know: she is simply Beck to her friends, she went to Brown University, she lives on Bank Street, and she’ll be at a bar in Brooklyn tonight—the perfect place for a “chance” meeting.

As Joe invisibly and obsessively takes control of Beck’s life, he orchestrates a series of events to ensure Beck finds herself in his waiting arms. Moving from stalker to boyfriend, Joe transforms himself into Beck’s perfect man, all while quietly removing the obstacles that stand in their way—even if it means murder.

  • You: A Novel #1
  • Love #2 <— expected release date September 8th 2015 (*gasp* So far away… DO NOT read the blurb if you haven’t read book #1 yet). I’m especially excited now…
  • Book #3??? – I dunno, but I may as well start wishing for one. ;)

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Michelle January 12, 2015 at 5:38 PM

I read this one a while back and commented. I loved it and found the perspective of a stalker fascinating. It was scary how Joe justified his actions and how some were relatable albeit twisted to serve his purposes. That comment by King is so cool – I would freak out as an author if that happened to me. Excited to read the next one!

Maryse January 12, 2015 at 6:07 PM

Me too!!! It’s going to be crazy!

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