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Reader Question – Who was the vampire that was winning against Barrons in a “best-alpha” contest?

November 10, 2016

Another new “twist” on a reader question!! Rene saw this vampire mentioned on another blog (a contest and THIS vampire was winning against some of our favorites!!!) and now she’s trying to remember who he is, so she can read it. She asks: I was trying to remember a book it’s vampires and a book [...]

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What To Read After Kristen Ashley…

July 6, 2014

Oh. Em. Gee!! I can’t believe I don’t have this list up yet, considering: She’s one of my absolute favorite authors and I ALWAYS CRAVE reading books that have her “feel”… her guys are MY kind of heroes. These are the guys that make my heart dip, put butterflies in my stomach, make me furious [...]

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Exclusive Summary Reveal of Shay Savage’s “Bastian’s Storm”

May 8, 2014

One of my all-time favooooorite authors sent me a treat to share with y’all. No, not the book cover (that, to the left, is just a “stand-in” graphic, but the cover will be revealed soon enough). She DID, however, send me the book summary. And OMG what. the. heck!!???? I had the ULTIMATE *blurb jolt* [...]

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Book Review – The Will by Kristen Ashley

April 14, 2014

The Will (The Magdalene Series) Awwwwwww!!!! Can this author start and end a book, or what?! From the synopsis, I had a completely different “take” on how this one would go, going into it. It sounded good (cute), but it didn’t quite sound like a “Kristen-Ashley” read, ya know? I don’t know, it’s hard to [...]

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Sandi Lynn – Forever Trilogy Reading Order

February 1, 2014

“CEO-Millionaire-used-to-getting-his-way” alert! Shanda recommended this one to me, and many of our fellow readers loved it, too! Shanda: Just finished Black Forever by Sandi Lynn.  It’s one of those books that very close to the beginning I got a knot in my stomach and it didn’t go away until I was done reading it.  There [...]

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Roxie Rivera – Her Russian Protector Series Reading Order

December 17, 2013

What what whaaaaaat?? Russian alpha tattooed, MMA fighting/mob bosses/billionaires… this series sounds like fun! It has bad boys, bad guys and bad-asses!! YAY! How did I miss these? (*tee hee*) I’m so lucky I have you guys pointing ‘em out!! Nicole: I’ve read Ivan the Russian protector series. It was FAN Freaking TASTIC!! So I bought and read all [...]

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Book Review – Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

December 4, 2013

Beautiful Broken Rules (Broken Series Book 1) Okay so I liked this one! It’s been often recommended (especially lately, probably because of the recent book #2 release), and I was happy to indulge myself. And even happier that the author indulged us, too! Lisa: My favorite book this year is beautiful broken rules! Lindsey: I loved Beautiful [...]

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Book Review – Mine by Katy Evans

November 25, 2013

Mine (The REAL series book #2) *slight spoiler alert* If you have not yet read book #1, skip this review as this is the sequel. If you love MMA fighter super-stars that are uber-alphas and are big with the whole “claiming” thing… if you love lots of angst and drama, this series just might be for [...]

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