I have just started the “Bite” anthology…

by Maryse on April 8, 2009 · 0 comments

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In the meantime that I pick up the latest two books in the “Love at Stake” series from Kerrelyn Sparks (one that just came out, and one that will be released in a couple of weeks), I have decided to bide my time with some short stories from some of my favorite authors, in the “Bite” anthology.

So far, I have finished the first two:

  1. The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death by Laurell K. Hamilton
  2. One Word Answer by Charlaine Harris

Both are, apparently the shortest stories in the anthology, however I enjoyed them both.

The one from Laurell K Hamilton was reminiscent of her days before Obsidian Butterfly (sexually charged but not too descriptive), and I liked it, because it consisted of one on one time (mostly emotional) with Jean-Claude (which has become rarer and rarer towards the latest books).

“One Word Answer” surprised me as it was a short story that actually gave us insight into a situation that we would be introduced to in “Definitely Dead” (I kind of wished I had known that when I read the entire series in a row - this one would have fit nicely in place).

to be continued… ;)

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