Reader Question – The book about the heroine that comes into town and falls in love with the ex of her cousin…

by Maryse on July 19, 2018 · 1 comment

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Gunay has a book question for us! He sounds like a jerk-face AND he’s her cousin’s ex!

She asks:

Hey guys, great suggestions over here.

I came upon this website when i was looking for a particular book, the name of which i have forgotten. Unfortunately i didn’t find it here, however maybe you can still help me find it.

The plot is: “The main heroine comes into town and falls in love with the ex of her cousin, I believe. The ex is still in love with her cousin tho, so when they first meet in a pub (or cafe), he gets mad at the main heroine, due to the reason that she is the cousin of his ex.

And then he is plainly rude to her at the first half of the book. Then he falls in love with her, obviously, and HE.”

There is a similar book by Abbi Glines, “The Vincent Brother” #2. But it is not the book that i am looking for.

So please, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone have a guess?

Maureen: I’m pretty sure the book is T is for… (Grover Beach Team Book 3) by Anna Katmore.

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Maryse July 23, 2018 at 1:34 PM

Maureen just emailed me this:

I’m pretty sure the book is T is For by Anna Katmore.

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