Laura Thalassa – The Bargainer Series Reading Order

November 4, 2018

There is big love, and I mean BIG LOVE for this series in our crew!!! And book #3 just went live a few days ago!! Robyn: I just finished Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa and loved it! Now I’m on to book 2 A Strange Hymn. All of LT’s books are so good. MichelleS: FLT: “Wings. I have wings.” [...]

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Kelly St. Clare – The Tainted Accords Series Reading Order

August 18, 2018

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my fellow readers, it’s a fantasy series AND it’s complete!! Tessa: Alright, I just finished a series I had to read all the way through; The Tainted Accords by Kelly St. Clare. 4 book fantasy that involves a severely abused “princess” and um, her adventures. Seriously a lot just happens. That’s the [...]

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Sabaa Tahir – An Ember In The Ashes Series Reading Order

March 21, 2018

FANTASY ROMANCE SERIES & Tasha LOVES it! bev: Buy It. Buy It. Buy It. Buy It. Seriously, Buy It. …This was a really good and seriously fun book. Tasha: I bought this one this year at full price, have read halfway through and it’s a 5 star for sure (I skipped to the end cuz [...]

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K.A. Linde – Ascension Series Reading Order

September 13, 2017

TODAY’S QUICK HURRICANE IRMA AFTERMATH UPDATE: I’ll post something here if/when I have internet access today. *hug* I miss you guys!!! I can’t wait to hear about your latest book finds! FANTASY ROMANCE LOVERS!! Our beloved K.A. Linde has released a new series in the genre, and book #3 is now up for preorder and coming [...]

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Reader Question – Looking for “Forbidden Gladiator Romance” book recommendations…

June 1, 2017

Jackie’s ALSO in the mood for a specific genre, having gotten hooked on a TV show, and now wanting to READ more like it. I brought this one to Facebook, and have a few suggestions, but of course, we’re looking for more! She asks: “Hey Maryse, do you have any recommendations for “forbidden Gladiator romance” [...]

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Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Thorns and Roses Series Reading Order

September 26, 2016

HUGELY POPULAR FANTASY SERIES and book #3 is now up for preorder! Steamy, slow-burn, sexy fae and a kick-butt heroine! I’ve one-clicked book #1 and I need to get on it, considering these reader recommendations! Rebecca: A Court of thorns and roses was a favourite of mine last year as well. It’s fantasy, but there’s a [...]

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Sara B. Larson – Defy Series Reading Order

July 6, 2016

Some of our fellow readers right here are finding this fantasy series impossible to put down! Tessa: OMG, loving this book. Prologue alone I got wrapped up into it due to a great story and characters. I’m only on chapter 5 and have already teared up. fabi: Tessa, you’re reading Defy! That book is so good. [...]

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Book Review – The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon

May 12, 2016

The Bird and the Sword You just can’t go wrong with a beautifully written tale, penned by such an eloquent author! Amy Harmon is MUCH-loved in our indie book world, and this book is yet another example of her effortless ability to capture our hearts with her words. An author renowned for her captivating prose [...]

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