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  1. Faking It by K. Bromberg – AUDIOBOOK ONLY
  2. Once Upon a Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely
  3. The Proposal by S. E. Lynes <— PSYCH-THRILLER!!
  4. More of You: Confessions of the Heart, Volume 1 by A.L. Jackson
  5. Cross Breed: A Novel of the Breeds, Book 32 by Lora Leigh
  6. Tight End by Devon McCormack <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  7. Trick Play: Fake Boyfriend Series, Book 2 by Eden Finley


BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order)

Melinda: I have just finished a fantastic book. You know the one, can’t go to bed, walking around with book in hand. And the annoying family that make you reread the same page 10 times. Drum roll it’s called “Binding 13” recommended by Jan easy 5 stars. I loved it. It’s a rugby player book. The book is written really well. I think it’s 825 pages. The author is Chloe Walsh.

Jan: It’s GOOD everybody. Well worth the read. And here’s me all liking an NA bully book. What’s going ON???????? …NA and bullies aren’t usually my fav. But there was just something mesmerising about this book. I got drawn right in and I just had to keep on reading.

Jenn: I finished TJR book and it’s amazing what I felt in the 35 minutes it took for me to read it.
  • To the Bone: The Complete Series by Lili Valente <— ENTIRE SERIES BUNDLE ALERT!!Gabe Alexander is the devil. Or an angel. He’s the worst kind of bad news, but every time he touches me, and whispers filthy, beautiful things in my ear, all I want is more. More of his kiss, his touch, and the dangerous, seductive things he makes me feel. I don’t want to break the rules, let alone the law, but the man makes it feel so damned good…”



  1. Hour of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel (Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy Book 2) by Lara Adrian <— LARA ADRIAN’S BREED VAMPIRES!! “…Marina Moretskova is no stranger to dangerous men. As the niece of a Russian organized crime boss, she’s grown up around killers and criminals. But her uncle wants out now, and he’s enlisted Marina’s help in buying his freedom by delivering valuable intel to a secret contact in exchange for protection. Not even Marina’s bodyguards are aware of her mission, so when an attempt on her life is averted by a handsome, steely-eyed vampire, as grateful as she is for Cain’s intervention, the last thing she needs is the shrewd Breed male nosing around for answers...”
  2. Ice: A Qurilixen World Novella: Intergalactic Dating Agency (Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides Book 4) by Michelle M. Pillow
  3. Prince of Firestones (A SciFi Alien Romance) (The Krave of Everton Book 2) by Zoey Draven
  4. Doubling Down (Gemini Project Book 2) by Bianca D’Arc
  5. Spirit of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 3) by Deanna Chase <— SHE’S SWORN OFF MEN...”…Newly divorced and still reeling from her broken dreams, Yvette’s sworn off men. Now she’s determined to lose herself in her magic and her beloved bookstore. There’s only one problem—she has an unexpected new business partner who’s driving her crazy both at work and after hours...”
  6. Guarding His Melody (Enhanced World Book 4) by Victoria Sue
  7. Eye of the Tiger: Paranormal Dating Agency by ML Guida
  8. Desiree After Dark: Paranormal Dating Agency by Tina Donahue
  9. A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas by Terry Spear <— TERRY SPEAR ALERT!! “…Dr. Holly Gray is thrilled to meet the wolf who’s been working so hard to help others. Now, it’s her turn to help him. But while their attraction is sizzling, the packs are at odds, and the danger is increasing. It’s going to take a holiday miracle for Holly and Aidan to get themselves—and their loved ones—out of this alive…”
  10. Phoenix Unbound (The Fallen Empire) by Grace Draven <— GRACE DRAVEN’S LATEST!!!Every year, each village is required to send a young woman to the Empire’s capital–her fate to be burned alive for the entertainment of the masses. For the last five years, one small village’s tithe has been the same woman. Gilene’s sacrifice protects all the other young women of her village, and her secret to staying alive lies with the magic only she possesses. But this year is different…
  11. Consumed by Fire: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Blood and Magic Book 5) by Danielle Annett
  12. The Messenger (The Archangel Trilogy Book 1) by TM Smith <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  13. Vassago: A Dark Soul Series Novel by Randi Cooley Wilson
  14. Hearts of Stone (Paranormal Protection Agency Book 1) by Mina Carter
  15. The Secret She Keeps: Four Paranormal Romance Stories by Shannon K. Butcher, Kathy Lyons, Terri L. Austin, Anna Argent
  16. Cross Breed (A Novel of the Breeds) by Lora Leigh <— LORA LEIGH’S LATEST SHIFTER BOOK! “…She is fiercely protected by her community…but no one manages to stop her when she slips away one day to offer her body in exchange for her sister’s safety. The man she succumbs to surprises her by unleashing her inner animal in ways she never dreamed possible—and provokes her deep, furious rage. To Cassie’s shock, he is the mate she has long awaited. She may never be able to forgive his deception…”
  17. More than a Phoenix (Phoenix Brothers) by Ashlyn Chase <— What do you get when you take
    Two phoenix shifter brothers
    Throw in one powerful witch
    And one…monkey shifter?
  18. Trapped in a Castle (A Slightly Strange Romance) by Katie Holland



  1. Best Served Cold by Emma Hart <— SHE WANTS REVENGE & TO PUT HER EX OUT OF BUSINESS… “…The only reason I decided to renovate my family’s ice-cream store was to serve up a sundae full of revenge for my a-hole ex who opened an ice-cream store right next to mine. It was supposed to be simple. Renovate. Reopen. Put his peachy butt out of business. Until he decided to get under my skin—and broke my toe.  Now, I’m stuck with Chase in my store every day, helping me renovate...”
  2. Small-Town Sweetheart (The Spring Grove Series Book 2) by Toni Aleo
  3. Rush: The Riptide Series Book #1 by Brooke Page
  4. Montana Dreams (The Wildes of Birch Bay Book 4) by Kim Law
  5. Esmeralda’s Happy-Time Cabin for Lost Hikers by Suzanne Jenkins
  6. Alluring Aiden (Team Loco Book 2) by Amy Sparling
  7. The Evolution of Man by Skye Warren <— SKYE WARREN’S LATEST!! IT’S THE DUET CONCLUSION!! THE EVOLUTION OF MAN is the second novel in the USA Today bestselling duet, which begins with Survival of the Richest.
  8. Beefcake (Hotties Of Haven Book 2) by Jenna Jacob
  9. Cyclone: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone by Janie Crouch
  10. Because the Earl Loved Me (Happily Ever After Book 6) by Ellie St. Clair
  11. Buck Wild (Bennett Boys Ranch Book 1) by Lauren Landish
  12. Love You S’more (The Campfire Series Book 3) by Beth Merlin
  13. Love for Two Lifetimes by Martina Boone
  14. Last Night With the Earl: Includes a bonus novella (The Devils of Dover) by Kelly Bowen
  15. Strong: A Stage Dive Novella by Kylie Scott <— KYLIE SCOTT’S LATEST! When the girl of your dreams is kind of a nightmare. <— :P LOL!!! “…Martha’s had her sights on the seriously built bodyguard for years. Quiet and conservative, he’s not even remotely her type. So why the hell can’t she get him out of her mind? There’s more to her than the Louboutin wearing party-girl of previous years, however. Maybe it’s time to let him in on that fact and deal with this thing between them.
  16. Trouble by Cheryl Ann Smith
  17. Hot Winter Nights: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel by Jill Shalvis <— JILL SHALVIS!!Most people wouldn’t think of a bad Santa case as the perfect Christmas gift. Then again, Molly Malone, office manager at Hunt Investigations, isn’t most people, and she could really use a distraction from the fantasies she’s been having since spending the night with her very secret crush, Lucas Knight. Nothing happened, not that Lucas knows that—but Molly just wants to enjoy being a little naughty for once . . .”
  18. The Coordinates of Loss by Amanda Prowse <— HER SON IS MISSING & HER MARRIAGE IS FALLING APART… “…Rachel feels that the life they once shared is over. Convinced that their happy marriage is now a sham, and unable to remain in the place where she lost her son, she goes home to Bristol alone. Only when she starts receiving letters from Cee-Cee, her housekeeper in Bermuda, does light begin to return to Rachel’s soul. She and James both want to learn to live again...”
  19. Hidden (A Requisition Force Novel) by Rebecca Zanetti <— REBECCA ZANETTI’S LATEST! SHE’S IN HIDING & HER NEIGHBOR IS AN UNDERCOVER COP…Hide. That’s all Pippa can do to escape the terror chasing her. But now that she’s off the grid in a safe house, she finds plenty of interesting things to watch through the window. Like her new neighbor, with his startling green eyes, killer smile, and sexy bad-boy tattoo . . . Run. Malcolm West is fleeing the hell he unleashed in his last assignment as an undercover cop. A backwoods bungalow sounds like the perfect place to start over. Until he discovers he’s been set up . . .”
  20. Dancer in Lingerie by Penelope Skye
  21. Irresistibly Found (Brothers-in-Revenge Book 2) by Victoria Pinder
  22. Because You’re the Love of My Life by Sarah Kleck
  23. Immaterial Defense (Once and Forever Book 4) by Lauren Stewart <— LAUREN STEWART’S LATEST!! ROCK STAR IS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REAL… “…Every wanna-be rocker dreams of the day when crazed fans will pack their shows. But the more people worship me as some kind of musical god, the more I realize why singers are called “performers.” I’m just a pretender. A fake. I need something real. Something to break through the revolting glamour that’s bled into every part of my life. And for one perfect night, I found that in Sara. Then she ran...”
  24. Angel’s Halo: Avenged (Angel’s Halo MC Book 7) by Terri Anne Browning <— TERRI ANNE BROWNING ALERT!! I think these must be read in order…
  25. The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan
  26. My Kind of Christmas (The Christmas Tree Ranch) by Janet Dailey
  27. Sin by Deborah Bladon <— DEBORAH BLADON ALERT!! A VEGAS ONE-NIGHT STAND… “I didn’t give him my real name. We never exchanged numbers. West didn’t need any of that to find me. All he had to do was look across a conference table in Manhattan two months later. Out of all the advertising agencies in the city, Jeremy Weston chooses the one my father owns to work on the campaign for the launch of his company’s latest product. I try to pretend I’m not the woman he spent a night with in Las Vegas, but my body betrays me. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays there…”
  28. The Triangle by J.A. Huss & Johnathan McClain <— J.A. HUSS ALERT!! JUST THE THREE OF THEM… “…when he called, I went. It’s just that simple. Until it wasn’t. Until all those memories come rushing back with all the things we left behind. I only know three things. There is no her without him. No me without them. No we without us. We are Alec, Christine, and Danny. And this is the shape of our love.
  29. A Truly Perfect Gentleman (The True Gentlemen Book 6) by Grace Burrows <— HISTORICAL ROMANCE!! HE NEEDS TO MARRY… “…He needs to wed an agreeable heiress looking for a title, a lady content to marry a man more renowned for his manners than his fortune. Beatitude, Countess of Canmore, wants a friendly, temporary liaison with a charming fellow who won’t infringe on a widow’s freedoms. She’s not wealthy, but she has earned her independence and intends to guard it well...”
  30. Montana Guardian: A Guardian Security Novella (The Kings of Guardian)
  31. The Snow Man by Diana Palmer
  32. Sail Away with Me (Blue Moon Harbor) by Susan Fox
  33. Santa’s on His Way by Lisa Jackson, Maisey Yates, Stacy Finz, Nicole Helm
  34. Taking It Easy (Boys of the Big Easy) by Erin Nicholas <— WHOOPS!!! NOW THEY’RE STUCK TOGETHER ;) “...even an uber-organized single mom isn’t fully immune to sexy, persistent southern charm. So yeah, she finally gives in to Logan’s naughty flirtations after—ironically—nine months. And now, these opposites are stuck with each other forever. Or at least for the next eighteen years, eight months, and one week…”
  35. Fractured Honor (Crimson Point Series Book 1) by Kaylea Cross
  36. Hunting Danger (Redemption Harbor Series Book 5) by Katie Reus
  37. Lost in Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado Book 4) by Lexi Blake <— LEXI BLAKE ALERT!!
  38. Wild On My Mind (Where the Wild Hearts Are) by Laurel Kerr
  39. The Christmas Wishing Tree: An Eternity Springs Novel by Emily March
  40. Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas (Rocky Mountain Cowboys) by Katie Ruggle <— SINGLE DAD FIREFIGHTER ALERT!! “When firefighter and single dad Steve Springfield moved his four kids to a Colorado Christmas tree ranch, he intended for it to be a safe haven. But he never expected danger to follow them to his childhood home… Or that he would come face-to-face with the one girl he could never forget…”
  41. Christmas Love Year Round (Kindred Lake Series Book 1) by Elaine Stock
  42. Fighting for Love (Willow Valley Book 7) by Christine Kingsley
  43. Mistletoe in Texas (Texas Rodeo) by Kari Lynn Dell
  44. Big Fat Bitch by Ginger Voight  <— GINGER VOIGHT’S LATEST!! “…She could blow your life apart if you crossed her, and quite often did. Very few braved her beastly exterior. She liked it that way. Then one day, a handsome hospice nurse named Fletcher Sullivan popped up on her doorstep with one goal in mind: reunite Sofie with her estranged mother before it was too late…”
  45. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier <— T.M. FRAZIER’S LATEST GRITTY READ!! “...I’m the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood. She’s a con artist working for my greatest enemy. I use her. She manipulates me. We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war…”
  46. The Man You Meet in Heaven: An absolutely feel good romantic comedy by Debbie Viggiano
  47. Not Another Family Wedding (Chin-Williams Book 1) by Jackie Lau
  48. The Secrets We Carried (A Butternut Lake Novel) by Mary McNear
  49. One in a Million by Lindsey Kelk <— SHE HAS TO MAKE A RANDOM STRANGER INSTAGRAM-FAMOUS… “…Annie accepts their crazy challenge – to make a random stranger Instagram-famous in just thirty days. And even when they choose Dr Samuel Page PhD, historian and hater of social media, as her target, Annie’s determined to win the bet – whether Sam likes it or not...”
  50. Craving Forbidden (Craving Series Book 8) <— ANTHOLOGY OF FORBIDDEN LOVE STORIES!!Forbidden—Banned. Prohibited. Not allowed. Off limits. There’s one word which means something completely different, yet it always seems to go hand in hand with the forbidden… Temptation.
  51. Once a Scoundrel (Rogues Redeemed) by Mary Jo Putney <— HISTORICAL ROMANCE ALERT!! “…Having avoided the traps of convention and marriage, Lady Aurora Lawrence is horrified by the prospect of spending her life as a harem slave. Her only hope of escape is a quiet, steely captain who has a history with her captor—and who will do anything to free Rory. Together they undertake a dangerous mission through troubled waters—and encounter another kind of danger as attraction burns hot within the close confines of his ship…”
  52. The Lady Is Daring: A Duke’s Daughters Novel (The Duke’s Daughters) by Megan Frampton
  53. Forgetting Me (Breakneck Book 6) by Crystal Spears <— BLAST FROM THE PAST ALERT!!! The latest by Crystal Spears just went LIVE!!! “She doesn’t even see me anymore.I’ve been discarded and thrown in the trash, right next to the dirty diapers. We have a little downtime, and I can’t even get her to go down. I deal with it though, until my oldest daughter sees my hurt.  I’ve vowed always to protect my children; now Storm better watch out, because I’m coming for her.”


PREORDERS (going live soon!!!  :D )

  1. Dirty Rich Betrayal (Dirty Rich Book 4) by Lisa Renee Jones – September 26th 2018
  2. Consumed (Firefighters series Book 1) by J.R. Ward - October 2nd 2018
  3. Indulge With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 10) by Kristen Proby – October 2nd 2018
  4. Talkin’ Trash (The Bear Bottom Guardians MC Book 2) by Lani Lynn Vale – October 2nd 2018
  5. Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor - October 2nd 2018
  6. The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain - October 2nd 2018
  7. A Spark of Light: A Novel by Jodi Picoult - October 2nd 2018
  8. An Easy Death (Gunnie Rose Book 1) by Charlaine Harris - October 2nd 2018
  9. Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice – October 2nd 2018
  10. Kill the Queen (A Crown of Shards Novel) by Jennifer Estep - October 2nd 2018
  11. Bluebird by Ann Penny – October 3rd 2018
  12. Cards of Love: The Moon (New Camelot Book 4) by Sierra Simone – October 5th 2018


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The Simple Wild: A Novel
I LOVED IT!!! But I knew I would. K.A. Tucker has become one of my most favorite authors ever. I connect deeply with each one of her books (and heroines), and I feel like I’m actually living them. I love her “voice”, and her brand of storytelling that is so unique to her, and yet so relatable to me.

This one was exactly what I was hoping for. Funny, heartwarming, and bittersweet. I read it with an almost permanent smile on my face. I was delighted. They had me chuckling so hard…

He reaches up to drag his fingers through his beard. “What’s wrong with this?”

“Nothing, if you’re planning on living alone in the mountains and foraging for food. And now walking quite upright.”

“So you’re saying you don’t like it.” There’s no mistaking the amusement in his voice.

“Definitely not.”

He shrugs. “A lot of women like it.”

“No they don’t.”

“It’s my style.”

“No. Hipster is a style. Rockabilly is a style. Yeti is not a style.”

Tee hee!!! Oh the two of them and their banter… I LOVED it!! And then… the laugh-out-loud snorting too (but I’ll let you experience that chapter for yourself). ;) Oh yes, and there was swooning… and even ugly-crying through quite a few pages.

That is how connected I was with these characters. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I especially loved her amazing step-father. What a fortunate woman to have such secure love surrounding her so deeply.

Kathy P: Just finished The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker. I stayed up late to finish it. Definitely one of my best reads of the year! Visiting Alaska is now at the top of my bucket list!!

Jean: Just about finished The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker and really loved it. For those of you who like the slow burn, and that initial dislike of each other slowly growing into something more, you will love this. And I loved all the aspects of Alaska and the types of people who live there and their way of life!

Maryse: I just wanna say… The Simple Wild <— I am still loving it, and it’s one of those books that you read with a sweet smile on your face. How I love this author, and her way with dialogue and introspection. It’s all so… real. Maybe she’s my new favorite. Okay… back to my book.

Kathy P: Get out the manny and your tissues on this book read. Someone posted on this site that you will feel and the emotions and that is true!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Nay: …The story was powerful, just not at all what I was expecting. Hit a little close to home for me, another thing I wasn’t expecting, but I still enjoyed it 4 stars worth, I especially loved the last few chapters as far as the feelings they stirred in me.

Ash: I really enjoyed The Simple Wild – offbeat and even though I hate the cold, Alaska worked for me!

Kim: The simple Wild! K.A tucker does it again and better!

And while there’s nothing particularly … dramatic or uber-angsty, or jaw-dropping about this book, that doesn’t mean it won’t grip you. It hooks you right from the start, and it makes you feel (and feel everything…) every single step of the way.

So what’s it about?

Born in Alaska, but raised in a big city in an upper-class household by her mother and stepfather, Calla has pretty much only known the good things in life. Her mother, posh and prim, and her stepfather (a successful and sensible therapist) have made sure that she wants for nothing, and encourage and support her (and love each other, too). Sure, she’s been disappointed by the lack of her biological father (he’s in Alaska), but all in all, she’s a city girl at heart, operating a “Lifestyle blog” with her very best friend and living the good life.

But it’s when she receives a call from her dad’s neighbor in Alaska that her world really opens up. Her father is sick, and it would be time to get to know him, now, before it’s too late.

Arriving in Alaska with all of her luggage and trendy shoes, and meeting a surly Jonah (one of her father’s best pilots) is when her perception of reality comes to a screeching halt.

“Hell. Six other pilots available and I have to be the one to get you,” Jonah mutters to himself.

I close my eyes and lean my face against the window. The ice cold glass helps a bit even with the jarring bumps. “‘Don’t worry Calla.’ ‘It’s no big deal Calla.’ That’s what a decent person would say,” I mumble feebly.

“I’m here to get your high maintenance little ass to Bangor, not soothe your ego.”

He’s not impressed with her princessy fanfare…

I peer at his face – still masked by all the mangy hair and sunglasses and baseball cap, pulled low despite the lack of sun. How long has he been growing that bush for, anyway? Years? There are long, wiry hairs sticking out in every direction. I guarantee it’s never seen a pair of scissors or a comb. Ever.

My disgusted expression stares back at me from the reflection of his lenses and my mother’s words about falling in love with a pilot suddenly hit me.

I burst out laughing. Is Jonah what she would call a “sky cowboy”?

As if I’d ever fall for this guy.

…and she soon realizes life in Alaska is worlds away from what she’s used to.

All this open space around me and I’m trapped.

Priorities change significantly.

Along the way, she learns much about love of all kinds. The true love of family, friends and of course… true love ;) And, she learns about herself.

It’s just fantastic!!! Truly vivid writing, believable characters that come to life and a subtle intensity that will take you by surprise BIG time. I sobbed. But I could not put it down, and the smile on my face from pretty much start-to-finish was well worth that bout of heartache.

4 stars!!!

P.S. So far, every single book I’ve read by this author, I would HIGHLY recommend. Next on my “K.A. Tucker list” is her latest psych-thriller. I’m SO excited about that one!!

P.P.S. Thank you to the publisher for sending me this review copy!!!


Happy Monday everyone!!!! I’ve got a review coming up in just a little bit (today), but in the meantime:

Let’s play “Three Things”

  1. I made chicken and dumplings this weekend (but I didn’t eat any of the “dumplings”) and I put in wayyyy too many peas. I’m not a “pea-girl” (and this weekend it became official). LOL!
  2. I’ve had one of those stupid sleepless nights and have pretty much only slept 2-3 hrs. I am so exhausted I can barely function. My brain is so confused. ;) (I think I’ll blame the full moon today – it’s a harvest moon!).
  3. A book made me ugly-cry this weekend but it was so worth it. :D That’s the review that’s coming.


  1. Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely <— LAUREN BLAKELY ALERT!! HE’S HER ABSOLUTE BEST FRIEND EVER!! “…Nothing will change our easy breezy friendship. Until I have the bright idea to convince him to start a new band with me. Trouble is, our sizzling chemistry in the recording studio is getting harder to ignore, no matter how risky it might be...”
  2. Runaway Girl by Tessa Bailey <— TESSA BAILEY ALERT!! SHE’S ABOUT TO GET MARRIED UNTIL… “…A chance meeting of gazes through the church window pane with someone familiar who radiates intrigue. Independence. It’s the final push Naomi needs to realize…she’s boring. A blonde, cookie cutter, well mannered trophy wife-to-be. How can she expect to lead a fulfilling married life when she’s never lived?”
  3. How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days (Chick Flick Club) by Lila Monroe <— HER HAIRY MANWHORE NEIGHBOR!!! “…Stylist Gemma Jones is competing for a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. All she has to do is take some fashion-backward guy from geek to GQ-worthy. The only problem? The man in question is her hairy manwhore of a next-door neighbor. AKA Bigfoot…”
  4. Rapture (Renegades Book 8) by Skye Jordan
  5. A Nordic King: A Standalone Romance by Karina Halle <— Karina Halle’s & IT’S A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE!!! She’s the Nanny for a King’s two princesses, and she’s falling in love with him! “ matter how I feel about him, we can never be together. You think it’s bad enough being in love with your boss? Try falling in love with a king.
  6. The Wedding Lullaby (One Night to Forever Book 2) by Melissa McClone
  7. Collared by the Badman (Russian Bratva Book 11) by Hayley Faiman
  8. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier <— T.M. FRAZIER’S LATEST GRITTY READ!! “...I’m the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood. She’s a con artist working for my greatest enemy. I use her. She manipulates me. We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war…”
  9. Marred: Kyle and Violet (Cliffside Bay Book 4) by Tess Thompson <— “The fourth installment of The Cliffside Bay Series by bestselling author Tess Thompson follows the interwoven stories of five best friends, the beach community they love, and the women who captivate them. Prepare to get lost in a wave of small town charm, men you would love to take home to your mother, and smart, resilient heroines you wished lived next door.
  10. Dating the Enemy by Nicole Williams <— NICOLE WILLIAMS ALERT!! HER LATEST (ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS!!) Opposing columnists have different views on “love”…  ”…She believes in fate—he in chance. She knows there’s one right person for everyone—he knows there are multiple ones. The two writers couldn’t be more polarized on relationships. They’re professional rivals, and philosophical antagonists. For eight years, their battles have been fought with words and ink. That changes when they apply for the same position at the World Times and find themselves face-to-face for the first time. Brooks isn’t the sour-faced, antiquity of a man Hannah pictured…”
  11. Boy Toy Auction by C.A. Harms
  12. Make Me Fall (Books & Brews Series Book 2) by Sara Rider
  13. Chased into Love (Bachelorette Party Book 4) by Rochelle Paige <— REFORMED PARTY GIRL IN VEGAS!! “…Ariana Valenti had always been a party girl. But after a major wake-up call, she’s a reformed one. Except not everyone in Las Vegas has gotten the message, which sends her running to Chicago…and straight into Mark’s arms…”
  14. Fool Me Forever (The Confidence Game) by Ainslie Paton
  15. The Dragon Next Door: A Sexy Paranormal Romance by Serena Rose
  16. Uncontrollable (Beyond Human) by Nina Croft
  17. Hating Him by M. K. Hale
  18. Vows on Ice (Boys of Winter Book 6) by S.R. Grey
  19. Redemption by T.K. Leigh <— Ooooh I’m already furious! WHAT AN A$$!!! “Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake. At least according to Brooklyn Tanner. Over the course of their long, complicated friendship, she’s given Andrew Brinks more than enough chances. What has she received in return? Heartache. Pain. Agony…”
  20. Her Captive (Her Dark Mafia Heart Duet Book 1) by Talia Ellison
  21. Her Secret (Her Dark Mafia Heart Duet Book 2)  by Talia Ellison
  22. Rule #3: You Can’t Kiss Your Best Friend (The Rules of Love) by Anne-Marie Meyer <— HE’S HER BEST FRIEND… “…I’ve screwed up bad—especially when I ask Ethan the secrets to a good kiss. Big mistake. Feelings have changed and I’m pretty sure our friendship just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Too bad I seem to be the only part in our duo who feels this way...”
  23. Adrenaline Rush (Death Chasers MC Series Book 4) by C.M. Owens <— C.M. OWENS ALERT!! HE’S SCARY & OBSESSED WITH HER... “…Aside from my brother, there’s only one other person from my past who could hold any power over me now. I…just wasn’t expecting him to have gotten so batsh*t crazy. Rush… The boy prospect who grew up into a scary killer with very little morality left inside him. I should be a little more terrified about how obsessed he seems to be with me, but…I’m just warped enough to overlook the crazy. Mostly...”
  24. Our Final Tale (Iron Fury MC Book 6) by Bella Jewel <— BELLA JEWEL ALERT!! SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHO HE IS… “...She owns every single piece of who I am. Nobody else has ever come close. And now I’ve found her. And she’s lookin’ at me like she doesn’t know who I am.  Like I wasn’t her first kiss. Her first boyfriend. Her first love. Her first heartbreak...”
  25. desolate (Grace Trilogy, Book One) by Autumn Grey <— HE WANTS TO BE A PRIEST BUT… “…Little did I know she would become my temptation and vice, and quite possibly, my ruin. Now I’m standing at a crossroads, and my head is a battlefield. How do I choose sides when it means losing a part of who I am?”
  26. Gym Junkie by T.L. SWAN <— T.L. SWAN’S LATEST (and oh my… what IS he doing on that cover? *gasp!!*) She’s into a guy at her gym… “He’s as sexy AF. Dominant as all hell. Built like a machine. And when he turns up at my work My absolute worst nightmare.”




For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!

PREORDERS (going live at midnight!!!  :D )

  1. Strong: A Stage Dive Novella by Kylie Scott – September 25th 2018
  2. Hot Winter Nights: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel by Jill Shalvis - September 25th 2018
  3. Hidden (A Requisition Force Novel) by Rebecca Zanetti - September 25th 2018
  4. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier – September 25th 2018
  5. Hour of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel (Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy Book 2) by Lara Adrian – September 25th 2018
  6. The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan - September 25th 2018
  7. The Triangle by J.A. Huss – September 25th 2018
  8. Faking It by K. Bromberg – AUDIOBOOK ONLY – September 25th 2018
  9. Dirty Rich Betrayal (Dirty Rich Book 4) by Lisa Renee Jones – September 26th 2018
  10. and…
  11. Cards of Love: The Moon (New Camelot Book 4) by Sierra Simone – October 5th 2018
  12. Once Upon A Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely – October 8th 2018
  13. Fall (VIP Book 3) by Kristen Callahan – October 23rd 2018
  14. Secrets (Web of Sin) by Aleatha Romig – October 30th 2018

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T.M. FRAZIER’S LATEST ANTI-HERO ALERT!!!!! This is her latest series, book #1 will be live at midnight, and ALL three books are already up for preorder and waiting for us. ;) Gritty and raw, I just KNOW it!! You know she goes… there.

About book #1:

Love is supposed to be a fairy tale.
Ours is a death wish.

I’m the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood.
She’s a con artist working for my greatest enemy.

I use her.
She manipulates me.

We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war.

My heart and head tell me I have to stay away.
My lust for her doesn’t give a sh*t.

Nothing’s fair in love and gang war.

  1. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1)
  2. Possession (Perversion Trilogy Book 2) - November 6th 2018
  3. Permission (The Perversion Trilogy Book 3)- December 11th 2018



KARINA HALLE ALERT!!! Okay again… I’m inventing things, again. :P This series (made up of standalones) apparently doesn’t have an official name yet, but since each book is about a royal hero, I figured I’d name it the obvious, until further notice. ;)

AND!! Book #3 was just released and it’s forbidden love too! YAY US!!! OH AND AND!!! Just received this fun note from the author herself :

Karina Halle: I hate linking as a series since people think you have to read in order (and the new book doesn’t feature ANY characters from the others) BUT if I were to name them I’d say Nordic Royals (since they’re all hunky Scandinavian men)

Barbara: I’ve read all 3 of them and they are so good. I loved each one! I didn’t want them to end.

Jenn: I’m currently reading A Nordic King and loving it!

About book #1:

I never believed in fairy-tales. Never held out for Prince Charming.

Growing up poor in small-town California as the oldest of six siblings, I knew I would never ride off into the sunset with anyone. That was even more apparent when a senseless tragedy took the lives of my parents, forcing me to become the sole guardian of our dysfunctional household at the mere age of twenty-three.

Then a fateful encounter literally brought Prince Charming to my doorstep. At first I thought Viktor was just your average businessman passing through, albeit obscenely handsome, six-foot-five, blue-eyed, and mysteriously rich. But soon I discovered the truth behind Viktor’s façade.

Beneath his quiet, enigmatic gaze and cocky charm, is a man who is running away from who he really is. A role he’d rather not fulfill. He is Viktor of House Nordin, His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Sweden. Yet uncovering Viktor’s secret was only the first step.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with him. I didn’t expect to have my whole life turned upside down.

When you’re from two different worlds, can your hearts meet somewhere in the middle? Or do happily-ever-afters only exist in fairy-tales?

  1. The Swedish Prince
  2. The Wild Heir: A Royal Standalone Romance
  3. A Nordic King: A Standalone Romance


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<— BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!! Karina Halle’s A Nordic King: A Standalone Romance JUST WENT LIVE TOO & IT’S A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE!!! :D !!!

Happy Friday my friends!!! It’s another big “Friday Finds” list (and freaking fantastic if I do say so myself!!) that I will continue adding to, throughout the day, so keep checking back. :D

Oh and!!! I forgot to play “Three Things” last week, so let’s play today, shall we?

  1. I almost just LOST MY MIND seeing a brand new Taylor Jenkins Reid story (Evidence of the Affair) that just went live!!! That was better than coffee as a “pick me up”!!
  2. I just reviewed a book that is not at all my norm, and yet it has everything to do with love.
  3. I’m also reading two books at the same time (“The Simple Wild: A Novel” <— almost done and I’m loving it!! and “No Tomorrow” <— it already made my jaw drop and I’m still in the first quarter – so sweeeeet and SO DIRTY!!), and will likely have TWO more reviews this weekend. :D
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!!!! And one more thing: OMG LOOKIT WHAT’S COMING NEXT BY COLLEEN HOOVER!!! Verity <— PSYCH THRILLERand it sounds AMAZING & it’s up for preorder! :D !!!! He’s hired to help finish an injured best-selling author’s books…

“Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years of Verity’s notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to get her started. What Lowen doesn’t expect to uncover in the chaotic office is an unfinished autobiography Verity never intended for anyone to read.
Page after page of bone-chilling admissions, including Verity’s recollection of what really happened the day her daughter died. …”


  • Stealing Sawyer (The Perfect Game Series) by Samantha Christy <— LIVE!! BASEBALL STAR & HIS FAKE GIRLFRIEND ALERT!! P.S. It can be read as a standalone. :D “...We made the arrangements. We agreed to a contract. It’s iron clad. No sex. No love. No future. What could possibly go wrong?
  • A Nordic King: A Standalone Romance nay Karina Halle <— KARINA HALLE’S LATEST JUST WENT LIVE!!! AND IT’S A FORBIDDEN ROMANCE!!A widowed father of two little girls. The beautiful nanny he’s hired to raise them. A forbidden romance unlike any other. A Nordic King is the newest standalone royal romance from the New York Times Bestselling author of The Pact and The Swedish Prince.”
  • Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid <—- OMG OMG OMG!!! A NEW ONE BY TAYLOR JENKIS REID??????? *thud* “The repercussions of an illicit affair unfold in this short story by bestselling author Taylor Jenkins Reid.” MINE MINE MINE!!!
  • Marriage Material by Alexa Riley <— ALEXA RILEY ALERT!! SINGLE DAD WITH A TWIST!!! ;) *giggle* You’ll see. “…When she meets the new stranger in town who is in desperate need of a nanny, things couldn’t be more perfect. Their two worlds collide and it’s love at first sight. Can they stick together while the outside world tries to break them apart?”
  • Austin by Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette <— ILLEGAL STREET RACER ALERT!! And we are celebrating with a signed book giveaway & an exclusive excerpt!! Just comment on the blog post to enter. :D ” “…I accidentally cause one false start, and now I’m being pulled into a guy’s car—who everyone only knows as Falcon—before an illegal street race. He may not want anyone to truly know who he is, but he’s met his match. Game on, Falcon.”
  • Bunt (Minnesota Moose Book 1) by J.C. Thompson
  • Finding His Mark (Stealth Ops Book 1) by Brittney Sahin
  • Power Games by May Sage
  • Thrown Upon the World: A True Story by George Kolber <— HISTORICAL ROMANCE NOVEL IN WAR TIMES!! Ellen found is this one!
Ellen: I have gotten into a very unlikely romance novel. Based in WWII, and on a true story. 2 Families fleeing the war and finding love in the process against all the tragedy that was WWII. It’s very good. Thrown Upon The World by George Kolber, for the book site. I didn’t think it was going to be as good as it is, well worth it.
  • Wicked Wedding: A Wicked Horse Vegas Novel (Left at the Altar Book 4) by Sawyer Bennett <— LIVE!! SAWYER BENNETT ALERT!!! STRANGERS HITCHED IN VEGAS ;) “…Andrew Collings has seen a lot of things living in Vegas. Hell, he’s done a lot of things. But one thing he’s never witnessed is a beautiful brunette, hitchhiking her way into the city, wearing a wedding dress. Until now, that is. Brynne Adams is running away from a broken heart. She expected a lot of things from her wedding day but finding photos of her fiancé and maid of honor and best man in a compromising position wasn’t one of them. She most certainly never imagined that she’d end up marrying the handsome stranger that rescued her from the side of the road that day…”
  • Rumors: Allison & Zane by Rachael Brownell <— LIVE!!! “…Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to Zane. He’s irritating to the point I want to strangle him. He refuses to apologize for being himself. He’s rude and brash and so damn sexy. The moment I saw him I knew he was trouble. When he laid the challenge on the table, I should have run…”
  • Dane’s Storm by Mia Sheridan <— PLANE CRASH AND THEY ARE STRANDED TOGETHER… I’M DYING TO READ THIS and Linda has feedback!!
Linda: I just finished Dane’s Storm and need to bask in all the feels from such an amazing read!!
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Amy Mateo <— LIVE!! AND OH MY THIS SOUNDS LIKE A LOVE TRIANGLE THAT WILL TEAR OUR HEARTS OUT!! HE LOVES THEM BOTH… “...Micah Leven loves Presley. She’s the girl who’s always been there to help, the one who knows all the ugly things about him and makes him believe he can be a better man, the one who will never leave because she’s promised over and over. But he also loves Mara. Mara is his ideal. She’s the dream he conjured up as a boy and never wavered from. She’s beautiful, ambitious, driven, a fellow newscaster at his Atlanta station, and the perfect asset for the life he’s always wanted…”
  • Every Day I Loved You: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Coming Home Book 1) by Robin Edwards
  • Bonded by Accident: A Kindred Tales Novel (Brides of the Kindred) by Evangeline Anderson <— EVANGELINE ANDERSON ALERT!! My sister is losing her mind over this blurb jolt!
Johanne: OMG OMG OMG !!! I am only at number 9 of the Brides of the Kindred series… but the blurb of the last one got me so tempted !!!!! I’ll need to read the next dozen sooooon !!! ha ha ha
  • Hollywood Redemption: A Hollywood Romance (Fairlane Series Book 1) by Harlow Layne <— SINGLE MOM & THE HOLLYWOOD ACTOR ALERT!! “…Luke was a Hollywood actor on the rise, whose work ruled his life until a chance encounter. He’s nothing like the egotistical, selfish Hollywood type. Now Luke must convince the woman who has his heart to give him a shot. They were from two very different worlds – collided by fate and pushed apart by distance, crazy fans, paparazzi, and exes…”
  • Keeping Him (Bishop Brothers Book 4) by Kennedy Fox
  • Scorchin’ (The Hot Boys Series Book 2) by Olivia Rush <— LIVE!! SINGLE FATHER FIREFIGHTER ALERT!! YEP! That title and cover go together!! ;) Scorchin’ is right!! “…I try to keep it physical, my career allowing no time for romance, but I soon learn there’s more than meets the eye with Stone. He’s not just one of New City’s finest fireman, he’s a loving single father. Now, he’s ready to tear down my professional boundaries, to take what he wants. Soon I’m dangerously close to my story, and only Stone can protect me…”
  • Control: A Dark Mafia Captive Romance (Cherish Series Book 2) by Olivia Ryann <— LIVE!! DARK READ ALERT!! “…The shackles around my wrists mean only one thing. He owns me now. With his dark glares and barked orders, he is dangerous. He is my tormentor, my captor, a threat to my very existence. Not to be toyed with. Even if my frightened mind whispers maybe…”
  • Rise of The Witch: Circus of Shifters Reverse Harem (The Phoenix’s Ashes Book 1) by Rebecca Ethington
  • Crossroads by Brooke Parker <— LIVE!! HER EX’S BROTHER... “…I’m still sitting on the broken promises from a half-drunk teenage boy. When Dylan abruptly leaves my life and our plans behind, I’m left devastated. Born and raised in a small town, I’m the one facing embarrassment as I try to move on while the gossip and judgment linger. Even my best friend struggles to save me from my despair. After a few chance run-ins with Levi, I’m starting to smile again. I shouldn’t be looking at him the way I do, but it’s getting harder to deny what I’m feeling when he’s near. Being the older brother of my ex-boyfriend, Levi is the one person I could never be with…”
  • The Blue Line Duet by Meghan Quinn <— Cheryl loved this one!

Cheryl: Leslie I loved the “Upside” duet by Meghan Quinn. It totally surprised me because she’s usually the author I go to if I want an over the top rom com. This one was a well-written angsty book duet with the “feels.”

Leslie M: I’m only at 38% and have already teared up few times. :( I think its going to be super hurty. I have pretzel tummy…not sure why as I don’t even know spoilers.

  • Blade (Archer’s Creek Book 3) by Gemma Weir <— SHE HATES HIM & HE WON’T LET HER LEAVE… “…I walked away from my life to save myself. I’ve moved on, but never forward. I don’t want to look back; all I want is my sister and to get the hell out of Archer’s Creek – but he won’t let me. Always there, he refuses to let my secrets stay hidden. He’s not my type: old, opinionated, and dangerous – I hate him. Except when he touches me; then I don’t hate him at all...”
  • The Untamed Duke (The Taming Series Book 2) by April Moran
  • Kick by Ali Dean <— ROCK STAR ROMANCE JUST WENT LIVE!! I love this cover, and title… …and let me titillate you with a bit of a blurb jolt… ;) “…I think I might be addicted to falling in love. When rising rock star Jack Kingston comes to play on our college campus, I think he’ll be just another fix. Instead, he flips everything around and makes me question who I am, what I want, and why I do what I do. After he leaves, everything changes...”
  • Center of Gravity by K.K. Allen <– SHE’S IN HOLLYWOOD TO BE A DANCER… “…Everything was going according to plan–until I was literally shoved into the arms of the one man who could make or break my career. Come to find out, it wasn’t my career I had to worry about. It was my heart…”
  • Of Sunlight and Stardust by Christina Lee  & Riley Hart <— LIVE!! M/M ROMANCE ALERT!! “…Recently out of prison, Cole Lachlan has little to his name. Homeless, broke, and without many options as a felon, Cole heads to Red Bluff with hopes of a second chance. There he meets Tanner, whose loneliness mirrors his own, and soon Cole is trading room and board for rebuilding the burned-out barn on Tanner’s property that hasn’t been touched in seventy years. Turns out, the barn holds more secrets than either of them could have imagined...”



For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  1. Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter <— Leslie M LOVED IT!!
Leslie M: I just finished an audiobook I really liked!! :) *happy dance* Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter I needed something to perk me up and this was great! Excellent narration, hilarious dialogue, lot’s of sexual tension and an adorable baby goat! 4 **** Also, I think after checking out the author’s Instagram, I might need to be her new BFF.

PREORDERS (…a few of next week’s!!! :D )

  1. Runaway Girl by Tessa Bailey – September 24th 2018
  2. Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely - September 24th 2018
  3. Strong: A Stage Dive Novella by Kylie Scott – September 25th 2018
  4. Hot Winter Nights: A Heartbreaker Bay Novel by Jill Shalvis - September 25th 2018
  5. Hidden (A Requisition Force Novel) by Rebecca Zanetti - September 25th 2018
  6. Perversion (Perversion Trilogy Book 1) by T.M. Frazier – September 25th 2018
  7. Hour of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel (Midnight Breed Hunter Legacy Book 2) by Lara Adrian – September 25th 2018
  8. The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan - September 25th 2018
  9. The Triangle by J.A. Huss – September 25th 2018
  10. Faking It by K. Bromberg – AUDIOBOOK ONLY – September 25th 2018
  11. Dirty Rich Betrayal (Dirty Rich Book 4) by Lisa Renee Jones – September 26th 2018
  12. and…
  13. Cards of Love: The Moon (New Camelot Book 4) by Sierra Simone – October 5th 2018
  14. Once Upon A Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely – October 8th 2018
  15. Fall (VIP Book 3) by Kristen Callahan – October 23rd 2018
  16. Secrets (Web of Sin) by Aleatha Romig – October 30th 2018

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Vanessa is looking for this one! She gives us some AMAZING detail and it sounds like an incredibly heartwarming read (and quite a little shock of a spoiler that makes me want to read it) but I will spoiler-alert for you so you don’t see it if you don’t want to. ;)

She asks:

Hey Maryse!

I’m trying to find the name of a book for a friend. I know I have it amongst my thousands of books but I haven’t had any luck. Maybe you could help.

The girl was in the hospital because she had heart problems. Her Dr was her uncle, I believe that her mom was in love with but refused to date because he was her Dr.

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

The Guy was basically stuck in the hospital because he lost his girlfriend/wife there and couldn’t figure out how to move on. One of the Dr’s there put a chair outside of the room because he was always there.

He eventually became like an orderly or something in the hospital. Which is how he came across HER eating chocolate pudding in her hospital bed with her finger. He ended up giving her an extra one or something one night and that’s how they started becoming close…

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

But they end up finding out that she got the heart of the person he lost.

Any idea what the name of this book was??

Anyone know it?

Lisa: Is it Within These Walls (The Walls Duet Book 1) by JL Berg? Lailah Buchanan has a congenital heart disease, her heart is too large for her body. Lailah has spent a lifetime in hospitals and longs for a more normal life outside the constricting medical walls. Jude is a CNA, he took the job at the hospital after a tragic accident three years ago in which his fiance was killed. Jude is a shadow of his formal self and lives day to day. Upon being switched to the cardiac wing, Jude meets Lailah and the two become fast friends. Over time, the two begin to develop stronger feelings.

Chris: Yep, I also think it’s Within These Walls.

Vanessa: Yes this is it! Thank you

Maryse: YAY!!!! Another one solved. Thank you so much everyone!! :D

Julie: There is also a second book. Beyond These Walls (The Walls Series Book 2)

Maryse: AND a book 3! Behind Closed Doors (The Walls Series Book 3)


Aubree needs our Rock Star romance book help! Oooooooh boy is this one loaded in drama (and for sure, some seriously infuriating moments). Yeah, Aubree goes all out describing it, and this one goes there!!!!! Unrequited love (she’s JUST his best friend), cheating, falling in love and getting REALLY serious REALLY fast… the works!! HOLY. MOLY.

She asks:

Hi. A couple of ladies have been looking for a rockstar romance for a while now and the girl who posted about it can’t remember the name of the book… I was wondering if you may have any insight:

It starts with the guy getting home from tour and going straight to his best friends house but the problem is his best friend is a girl he can’t stop sleeping with and he’s engaged with someone else. The best friend calls it off as she’s in love with him and doesn’t wanna be second best (she’s also best man at the wedding).

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

Things go off on his stag night I think they went to a fight or something, turns out his fiancé’s a bit of a psycho and on the wedding day he doesn’t get married to the fiancé and realises he’s been in love with the best friend for years!

That’s all I can remember!

Okay so I remembered a bit more! Also I’ve had a lot of suggestions saying it could be love letter to whisky, it’s not that :)

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

After the wedding where he decides to ditch the fiancé and get with the best friend he gets like really obsessed and possessive and wants to move like 100000 mph, she goes on tour with him she remains on the pill he’s not too happy about it but doesn’t tell her as he’s trying to respect. But that doesn’t stop him from hoping and rubbing her belly every time time they sleep together.

In the end she gets pregnant on the pill worried about telling him she does and he’s ecstatic.

Also I remembered something else.

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

Before the wedding the fiancé doesn’t like the friendship and is horrible to the best friend. I think at one point when the best friend goes to the house and he’s not not the fiancé trashes the room in a fit of jealousy that’s, and also I think his band mates start having a go at him at how he’s treating the best friend as no one likes the fiancé as it’s obvs they’re both using each other.

He’s marrying the fiancé because he thinks he needs to settle down and doesn’t want to it with the best friend as he knows how she feels and don’t want to lead her on as he thinks he doesn’t feel the same and even though he doesn’t mind using anyone else like that he can’t do it to her.

Also the night before the wedding he begs her for one last night with him and she agrees and they spend the night together”.

OH. MY!!!!!! Does anyone have a guess?

This sounds like everything we love to devour (and fume with) in our angsty-book love!!

Alyssa: Holy cow! Sound amazingly awful or awfully amazing…. either way, it sounds like something I want to read. What’s the name???

Maryse: RIGHT??!?!! I’m dying to know this one!!!

Kim: Me too!!! This one doesn’t ring a bell and I’m addicted to Rock Star reads

Maryse:  I know Kim!!! You were one of my original rock star romance lovers!!!

Trish: Why is Michelle Valentine popping in my head…

Michele:  I’ve not read This but I think I need too! I hope someone remembers.

Kelly: No idea but sounds good!!!

Sandy: Following

MK: I want to know and I don’t even know why. I’d probably want to shake them both by the shoulders and maybe slap them a few times – lol

Alexandria: I kind of got a Crystal Kaswell vibe while reading that. Her rock star romances are full of angst.

Karen: Following! I want to know what book this is!

Ashley: Omg I’ve read this book and now I can’t remember either.

JulieO: I want to read this rock star book! If anybody finds out please post Maryse.

Christine: Sounds soooo good!

Heather: Following! Curious what book this is!!

Lola: Is it The Rocker Who Holds Me (The Rocker Series Book 1) by Terri Anne Browning? That sounds very similar!

Putri: Hi Maryse! I’ve read Lola’s suggestion – the rocker who holds me, but i think it is not what we are looking for. The h in the rocker who holds me

#spoiler alert…

#spoiler alert…

#spoiler alert…

was pregnant when they had sex for the first time.. and obvs there is no fiancee story in there…..

Sorry to disappointed :( but i am also follow this page because i’m so curious of the title! Hope we can find it asap!