SATURDAY BREAKING NEWS UPDATE!!! Oh wow!! I just found out I had an extra credit on my Amazon that was still unused (for the Apple eBooks Antitrust Settlement – has it just been added into my account??) Eeeeep!!!  eek Who cares!! YAY ME!! :D !!! Check yours ➔

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! MY LATEST BOOK REVIEW IS UP ➔ Book Review – Drive by Kate Stewart, (this one was just released) and we LOVED like crazy, so I can tell you that, THAT will be my biggest recommendation of the day, weekend, month… maybe even year. ;) IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!

It brought me back to my old-school, new adult love story indie days, that took my heart on a roller coaster ride of emotions, my heart dipping and swirling, and almost crashing, and I have to say it. Drive is one of the BEST reads of the year, and it is another that will be forever on my favorites list. And now, Unloved, a love story is up next for me!! YAY ME!!!! :D

But in the meantime:


  • Bountiful (True North Book 4) by Sarina Bowen <— LIVE!! SARINA BOWEN HOCKEY STAR ALERT!!! “...Hockey star Dave Beringer has never forgotten the intense month he spent with prickly Zara. Their nights together were the first true intimacy he’d ever experienced. But the discovery of his child is the shock of a lifetime, and his ugly past puts relationships and family out of reach...”
  • Unintended: A Sin Series Standalone Novel (The Sin Trilogy Book 5) by Georgia Cates <— LATEST BY GEORGIA CATES IS LIVE!!! HE’S A MOBSTER & NEEDS TO TAKE A WIFE……a new duty calls. I must take a wife. A wife I don’t know. A wife born into a position at the top of The Fellowship hierarchy. A wife who will forge a strong alliance between her brotherhood and mine. A wife I don’t want. I knew next to nothing about Westlyn Breckenridge when I abducted her…
  • Thrill of Love: Ty Braden (Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor Book 6) by Melissa Foster <— LIVE!!! MELISSA FOSTER’S LATEST (and it has tons of great reviews!!) “...After spending five magical days and four sweet, soulful nights falling in love, Aiyla couldn’t imagine a day without Ty. But when he asked her to go with him on his next assignment, his reputation for having women at his beck and call stopped her from upending the life she’d worked so hard to create. Months later fate steps in when a chance encounter brings Ty and Aiyla together for a five-day wilderness event held in the Colorado Mountains...”
  • Me Before You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes <— ONE OF OUR FAVORITE BOOKS EVERRRRRRR!!!! SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT!!! OMG!!! In case you haven’t read it yet, get it now!!!! P.S. My review.
  • Hollywood Love: Book 7: A sexy celebrity romance (Hollywood Billionaires) by Jillian Dodd <— LIVE!!! Another installment in her serial series!
  • An Untamed State by Roxane Gay <— TRIGGER WARNINGS!!! bev found us this one!

bev: An Untamed State is on sale. Not an easy read but a strong heroine. Could make you cry and want to throw something across the room. But very good. It is not YA and mostly her pov. Trigger warnings. Amy you might like it.

Amy: “…It is not YA and mostly her pov. Trigger warnings. Amy you might like it.” YEAH!!!!!! *shoots arms in the air*

  • Dirty Rich One Night Stand: a sexy standalone novel by Lisa Renee Jones <— LIVE!!! THE LATEST BY LISA RENEE JONES is super-bargain priced!! He doesn’t know who she is but she’s been watching him… “He’s a stranger. And yet, he’s not. She knows him even though he doesn’t know her. He’s the powerful attorney, now world-renowned after coming off the trial of a century which was publicized across the country. And I’m one of the reporters that sat in his courtroom. I watched him, studied him, got to know him from afar..”
  • Out by Cara Dee <— LIVE!! M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!I had two things on my list when I arrived in Los Angeles. One, track down Henry Bennington, the uncle and guardian of my little brother’s best friend, and tell him to get his ass back to Washington. He needed to do something about his nephew, who was turning into a douchebag. And two, figure out just how non-straight I was…
  • Familiar Angel by Amy Lane <— LIVE!!! M/M ROMANCE ALERT!! “...Now Harry and his brothers use their sorcery to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking—but Harry’s not doing so well. Pining for Suriel the angel has driven him to take more and more risks until his family desperately asks Suriel for an intervention...”
  • Halloween with the Hunk: A Lumberjack Romance (Holiday Studs Book 1) by Jewel Killian <— LIVE!!! HALLOWEEN HUNK ALERT!!What do you do when the lumberjack next door knocks on your door? You let him the hell in!”
  • The Trouble with Lexie: A Novel by Jessica Anya Blau <— MADE AMY FACEPALM A FEW TIMES!! Tasha found us this one on sale!

Tasha: The Trouble with Lexie by Jessica Anya Blau is on sale… Amy, didn’t you read this one, not too long ago?

Amy: Tasha…yep, I read The Trouble With Lexie and REALLY liked it! I would definitely rec it, even if some of her decisions will make you cringe and do a face palm.

  • Ripple Effect: A Novel by Keri Lake <— DARK ROMANCE HITMAN ALERT!!! Nancy found us this one on super-sale!!! She says: “RIPPLE EFFECT is a full-length, standalone dark hitman romance. Comes with a link and password to steamy bonus scene.”
  • Taken by the SEAL: A Virgin and Navy SEAL Romance by Callie Harper <— LIVE!!! THEY’RE IN A REMOTE CABIN TOGETHER… “...Taking Olivia hadn’t been my plan. I’d been prepping my cabin in the woods for my own getaway. 
    I’m an ex-SEAL, but my instincts are still strong. One glimpse of her innocent, terrified eyes and I know I need to save her…
  • Jaws by Peter Benchley <— JAWS!!!! ENOUGH SAID. ;) Remember that decapitated head? I do.  I was little when I saw that the first time, and that scene is burned into my brain. *shudders* P.S. Renee found it for us on super-sale! “Omg Jaws is on sale”
  • The Consequences Series Box Set by Aleatha Romig <— DARK READ ALERT!!! In case anyone missed it the first time around, when I heard a NEW book is coming out in the series this month Ripples: A Consequences Standalone Novel, I knew I had to post this!!!

Adele: YAY!!! One-clicked that baby. The Consequences series still makes me shiver when I think back on it. Crazy insane books, but in the very best way!

Sherry: LOVE ALL her books!


Bianca: YOU HAVE TO READ Dr Stanton! I think I’m in love! I’ve fallen in love with a fictional character!! And not just one either, no no the whole lot of them in the book! I really really regret having not read the other parts of the seriesfirst! I would’ve had a more well rounded journey as I read this book and I just know I would’ve loved them too!!Now to figure out what to read next …aaagghh!!!

  • The Billionaire’s Toy by Penny Wylder <— LIVE!!! EVERY WOMAN HE HIRES QUITS WITHOUT WARNING... It’s a short one but sounds like it could be fun. “Andrew Xellum is one of the richest men around and sexy as hell in a suit. But the rumor is that every woman he hires quits without warning. If I wasn’t desperate for money I’d avoid him at all costs…”



For those going on a road trip soon, or maybe you’ve got some projects that require both hands this weekend but still allows you to “listen”… check out the free audible trial + 2 free audiobooks deal —>

  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!
  1. The Company by J.A. Huss <— Rochelle LOVES these (5 stars!) but warns: “I am a JA Huss fan and bought The Company. It is on Audible. To my disappointment this is her 3 books together, Come, come Back, and Coming for You. This is an excellent read and the audible is fantastic. It is just sad it wasn’t stated as her other books renamed. So beware. BTW it is a 5 star read.”
Kooloo: I’m reading The Company by J.A. Huss and I’m sooooo into this one it’s like it was written just for me!!! I FLOVE this author and not just cause she has a Masters degree in Forensic Toxicology (she’s a big nerd like me)!

PREORDERS (Just a few of next week’s!!! :D )

  1. Move the Stars (Something in the Way Book 3) by Jessica Hawkins – October 23rd 2017
  2. Hard Wood by Lauren Blakely – October 23rd 2017
  3. Forever Right Now by Emma Scott – October 24th 2017
  4. Hallow Be the Haunt: A Krewe of Hunters Novella by Heather Graham – October 24th 2017
  5. A Little Too Late by Staci Hart – October 24th 2017
  6. Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill - October 24th 2017
  7. Leopard’s Blood (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan - October 24th 2017
  8. Forever Right Now by Emma Scott – October 24th 2017
  9. Tainted Butterfly (Tainted Knights Book 2) by Terri Anne Browning – October 24th 2017
  10. Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds - October 24th 2017
  11. Go to Hail (The Hail Raisers Book 2) by Lani Lynn Vale – October 27th 2017
  12. Ripples: A Consequences Standalone Novel by Aleatha Romig <— October 31st 2017!!!



WOW. Okay first. 5 STARS PLUS. FIVE. STARS. PLUS. I already gave another book that score a few weeks ago (and I still stand by that), but how could I NOT give it to this one? It had EVERYTHING I LOVE in a love story. This book was highly addictive, incredibly agonizing (but in the best of ways) and angsty as all get-out. This is the real deal when it comes to our HUGE love of realistic love stories that may… or may not… end well. ;) Depends on who your heart’s with.

And once the recommendations started coming my way…

Heather: OMG Maryse. You NEED to read this book. I can’t even formulate words. The entire premise is genius. The book is freaking magic. There is NOTHING else out there like it. I’m a huge fan of hers and this one is just. . . my God. EVERYTHANG!

Maryse: eek Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

Lisa: All I can say is WOW!! I did not come up for air until 1 A.M. The best book I’ve read in a long long time!! Thank you so very much for the recommendation…..geeze what a perfect lil’ gem!

Donna: Drive by Kate Stewart was AMAZING one of my all time top reads EVER!!

…I KNEW I could NOT go one more day without jumping in, and living IT.

Maryse: I’m reading this one as we speak, and I. AM. HOOKED!!!!!! Oh it’s gonna hurt!!! eek Who’s reading it with me?

Angie: Squeeeeeeeee! Omg! I was just wondering how you were liking it.

Maryse: I already feel the “feel”… and this is TOTALLY awesome old-school angsty, heartache, tumultuous romance. YAY US!!!!! ….Every thought I’ve ever had, chastising myself over crushes and heartache and mistakes… here. I’m already HER. The writing is excellent.

Angie: The writing was absolutely beautiful. I could not get over how strong her writing was. And yes, all the feels were so on point. She just nailed this book.

Cheryl: Started Drive and I agree it has the feels like Room 212. It starts present day so you have an idea of where things are headed, but not exact details. Not sure who I want the h to end up with yet; however, I know it’s going to hurt.

Nay: Ok, Maryse–all I had to do was read, “old-school angsty, heartache, tumultuous romance” and that was enough, but when I see that a book makes you identify so much with the character, I’m all in! I’m starting Drive right now!

Amy: Holy moly…just the prologue alone last night had my heart aching. And her relationship with music and memories is SO relatable for me. Maybe that’s why I’m already aching for her even though I don’t know the whole story yet. This, from the prologue:

“The lyrics sometimes set the tone for my day, and as a slave, I followed. But some songs were like a sharp fingernail poking into open-wounded thoughts. Because music is the heart’s greatest librarian. A few notes had the ability to transport me back in time, and to the most painful of places.”

GAH!! A sharp fingernail and open-wounded thoughts is RIGHT! That is totally me when I turn on one of my iPhone playlists and instantly I’m right back in an emotional time period…or (more often) one of one of our beloved books. ;)

Leslie M: *side eyes everyone who was reading Drive and didn’t tell me it was a love triangle* I just found out this is love triangle and gave Nay a tongue lashing on GR.  I assumed this was depressing/Marmy/anti-Leslie read with the way you all have been talking. Love triangle angst is definitely my thing!!!

Maryse: Leslie M. Drive. DRIVE!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!

Amy: Oooooooh!! I am SO mad at Reid. Who the hell does he think he is?!? *looks at clock* Crap! I’m going to be late for work if I don’t get moving. Stupid real life getting in the way of an addictive book…

Maryse: I LOVE THE STUPID ADDICTIVE BOOK!!!! Still reading it, and I think I’m where you’re at, Amy. ;)

Nay: Amy & Maryse–sounds like we’re at around the same place. I’m at **% now. My guts are all twisty!

Amy: YAY for our stupid addictive books!!

Nay: I’m at **% annnnd I’m bawling my eyes out…again! Stupid, annoying, addictive, angsty book with dumb, irritating. sexy guy(s) in it! …Drive is a wonderful angst-fest!!

Amy: *waves groggily* Morning all you chipper chipmunks. I’m running on four hours of sleep because I stayed up way too late so I could finish Drive and then couldnt fall asleep ’cause I kept thinking about it. Definitely a contender for fave of the year for me.  *yawns and stumbles toward coffeemaker*

Nay: Drive is definitely NOT low angst. Only read it when you’re ready for tummy-twisting, gut wrenching fun! …Once I read a book like this, I don’t want to stop! lol

Maryse: I’m with Nay on this one. IT IS INCREDIBLY INTENSE. But soooooo exciting!!!!

Cristina:Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!!!!! I finished Drive about two days ago, and like most, it is probably one of my top three (could be #1) books of the year!

“Living for a man is the quickest way to get lost.”

“Even in hindsight, with all of your mistakes disappearing in the distance, the things you got right are there alongside them. I’d made the mistake of only looking for the hurt. Because why do we have to be perfect?”

There is SO MUCH about this book that stuck with me, but those are two of my favorite quotes. Of course I love it when our hero finally wakes up, but I LOVE it when our heroine has those self-actualization moments.

Maryse: And yet… there are two heroes in this one. ;) Which one?? *my lips are sealed*

Tessa: I’m already reading one you all recommended, Drive. I want to know stuffs, but I’m far from where I could possibly know stuffs.

Maryse: TESSA!!! DO NOT SPOIL THIS FOR YOURSELF. PROMISE ME. You will want to… even I wanted to, I was so distraught… so confused, so IN LOVE. DO NOT do anything but ride it all out with her. Go on this drive with her. ;) Tee hee! See what I did there?? No, but seriously. Don’t stop, and don’t skip ahead.

Jean:  I want to read Drive…. have a love/hate relationship with love triangles because they make my stomach hurt (but I always end up loving them).

Maryse: JEAN!!!!! Read it. I. PROMISE.

Grey: Drive, huh? I love my triangles… I haven’t read a really good one in a LONG time. Like a long time. Maryse, shoot me straight, on a scale on 0-Arsen, what are we talking here?

Maryse: Grey!! Angst-scale? A good ol’ 8-10… depending on your angst-tolerance. Tee hee!!! This totally DID IT for me.

Kandace: I can’t stop reading.

Donna: Drive is my top read of 2017, so glad you loved it too x

Oooooooooof!!!!! I feel like I lived two whole lifetimes in this book… two whole incredibly romantic, emotionally tumultuous lives. And loves. And the whole thing, entirely through the eyes (and mind and heart) of the heroine, keeping my own heart engaged the entire way through. It was beautiful, and raw, and honest, and INTENSE, and bound for heartbreak, and I loved each life (love), as if it were my own. I’m telling you right now, my friends, if you love an “old-school” indie love triangle, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! And even if you avoid them (but love a good love story), this one will make you feel every single step of the way. And you’ll question your own allegiance in this one.

Cheryl: I just finished it today. I LOVED it- maybe even my favorite of the year. It also had my favorite ending-ending. Usually I’m saying I loved the book but wished for more of an ending, but have to say this one had everything and it even gave me pause and I wanted to throw my kindle, but then I didn’t. ;)

“Tell me that life magically starts to happen.”

“One minute past desperation, baby. I promise.” *sigh, my heart*

Nay: Amy–addictive is right. and Reid is SO pissing me off! This book is breaking my heart and I’ve been crying ALLLL morning. Where are you %??? (I’m at 61%). Maryse–have you finished?

Amy: *sags against pillows and closes Drive* That…was perfect.  PERFECT.  The last 30% had me so mixed up, I didn’t know WHAT I wanted for her…and the turmoil was delicious. And things ended exactly as they needed to.

Cait: Drive was amazing!

At a certain point, I was blinking away my tears (<— actually that happened a lot), in an utter panic, literally rocking back and forth in place furiously, while reading. Didn’t even realize it until I started cramping and had to readjust. Yeah. It sucks you in THAT hard. What I love about it, is that she GOES there. It’s ugly at times, and wrong, and yet… so right.

My face was burning, my chest on fire. Get a grip, Stella.

I unbuttoned my tweed coat, suddenly in need of more brisk air. I wanted to be covered in it. I wanted to numb myself, but even in sub-zero temperatures, I knew I would still feel the burn.

So what’s it about?

I’m going to tell you honestly… as fun and clever as that blurb is, the book and actual story is SO MUCH BETTER. Sure the blurb intrigued me, but I didn’t quite get the right “feel” of what I was about to embark upon, when I read it. It was the reader reactions (the old school OMG BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!! LOVE TRIANGLE AT IT’S BEST!!! freak-outs) that had me realizing I WOULD be able to connect to this one, just right.

*ahem* But I digress. This is the “what’s it about section” and I’m gonna give you only a hint. Because the synopsis IS somewhat convoluted, and this is for a reason.

Stella, raised in a wonderful household with a fun and loving family and wonderfully secure childhood is venturing out on her own. Always considered the wild child (emotionally overstimulated at times, or…what her father called “passionate”, and encouraged to be herself), moves in with her older, more stable sister. She’s jumping into adulthood with both feet, her dreams (and confidence) running wild and has it all mapped out. She’s addicted to music, and wants to be a writer… a music journalist. She wants to tour the world, and write articles about bands that she loves, or discovers, or both.

And then she meets her sister’s best friend, Reid. Brooding and jaded, and her sister warns her… DO NOT FALL FOR HIM. But openhearted Stella realizes he needs a friend, a little understanding, and some help, too, and despite their less-than-friendly start, they eventually forge a different kind of secret bond.

“All your secrets are safe with me,” I promised. He slowly nodded as I walked out the door…

Then Stella realizes he’s the drummer in one of her newly discovered indie bands, and she falls head over heels.

“What would I love?”

“He’s going to meet up with his band.”

Goose bumps covered my arms and hair stood up on the back of my neck. “What band? He’s really in a band? I thought he was joking. Why didn’t you tell me?!” Paige looked me over, brows drawn. “Uhhh, because maybe you two don’t like each other?”

I rummaged through my tickets and shoved the cash and credit slips into her hand.

“What’s the band’s name?”

“Dead Sergeants.” My eyes widened.

“He’s the drummer, or will be again when he gets out of that cast. Wait, where are you going? Stella, don’t run after him!”

But I was already out the door.

And so do we.

Trust me… this entire book flows so wonderfully. No step is skipped, no stone unturned, and the author indulges us every step if the way. There’s no rushing in this book. The purest of slow burns, but tantalizing the whole way. Coupled with the funny parts, the laughs and snuggles, so heartwarming, and uplifting.

But you know how it goes when you fall in love with an up-and-coming, young and yet already wearied rock star. Upheaval. Despair. Confusion… and then, possibly moving on.

After all, when we think we’ve found the love of our life, do we ever really move on?

What was it about a woman’s psyche that refuses to let us ignore the old aches, the ancient pains, and the memories of the men we bind ourselves to?

I used to think men were experts at forgetting about the past and moving on, but I was finally old enough to know better. Their memories were just as vivid, just as painful. They were just better at letting go.

*hrmph* *sneaky smirk* I’ll let you work this one out for yourself. ;) And trust me. You will have NO idea where this is going. And you’ll love every single angsty moment of it. This book gave me the warm and fuzziness, and also made my blood run cold.

By the way… my heart is still broken. And yet, totally whole. How can that be?  I never wanted it to end. And yet I couldn’t WAIT for it to end. So I could know. Have that relief. Let myself go, once and for all. And boy did I.

5 stars PLUSSSS!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER forget this one, and will cherish it like I cherish my forever favorites from a few years ago. This one is one of those!!! THIS is what my kind of book love-stories/”romances” look like. No. Read like.

P.S. I just realized I’ve been rocking back and forth again writing this review. Yikes. I’m obviously still overstimulated. This one did a number on me. Well, at least I’m burning calories. ;)

P.P.S. Thank you to the author for sending me this review copy. MORE PLEASE!!!!


Mary needs us today, and I think I know the answer. :D But then again… there have been a few series with this theme, so it could be something else and I’m all ears!!! Or eyes. ;) ‘Cause you know… books. *snort*

She asks:

Hi Maryse,

So I have a(nother) book I need help finding. My biggest problem is I’m not sure if it’s a series and if it is, I might be combining books – I’m a mess.

Anyway, the book is about a family of shifters that own a bar. Humans are allowed to go to it, but it serves as some kind of sanctuary for shifters. One of the shifters (younger sister) is helping someone injured and I think she has feelings for him. That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for your help!!


Mary!! I think it’s Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Dark Hunter” series and the book that is coming to mind is “Wren’s” book Unleash the Night (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 8) (which I LOVED!!). Although the sanctuary is often mentioned and featured in scenes throughout the series.

Anyone else?

Melissa: My very first thought was of Dark Hunters. The bears owned the bar. Sanctuary? I think thats what it was called.

Jessica:  Isn’t that part of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s darkhunter world?

Whitey: Sanctuary.. in most of the Dark Hunter books..

Renee: Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series. If I am not mistaken this is this first werehunter book Night Play (Dark-Hunter Novels Book 5)

Tammie: Definitely Sherrilyn Kenyon’s darkhunter series…..these are all awesome books.

Keri: Yep! I agree with the above ^


Catarina needs our help in finding this one, and it’s got a big spoiler, but she warns us ahead of time. ;)

She asks:

Hey maryse! can u help me find a book that is driving me insane? I’ve been searching it for a quite sometime but i cant seem to find it so here it goes hopefully u guys will help me.

The book is about a highschool sweethearts couple that married young but later got divorced, i got the impression that the H left the h. That separation lasted for 7 years and they reunited again when the H came back to the town to his sister wedding.

The h is still very close to the H’s family and she didnt really understood why the H left her i think..

This book is not standalone.

The H came to the town with a ow.

HUGE SPOILER……………………………
the H has bipolar disorder and i think that was the reason he left the heroine.

thank for the help guys, hopefully we’ll find the book.

Has anyone read it? Any guesses?

Nagehan: Hello, I am pretty sure its ”Complicated Love series” by Neeny Boucher

Kelly: Catarina, was there a bowling alley involved?

Catarina: no there was not. the book is contemporary romance not young adult. The author of the book is a female and she only release two books of the series we’re still waiting for the third


A few days ago, we were *squeeeeeeeing* in delight with this surprise new book announcement (her signature unrequited love is in effect and it sounds angstyyyyyyyy!!!). And now… the cover of The Hookup (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 1) is LIVE and IT. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!

Maryse: KRISTEN ASHLEY SURPRISE!!! She’s got a surprise new book up for pre-order!! UNREQUITED LOVE ALERT!! She’s really into him… but he has her at arm’s length because he’s in love with someone else that broke his heart…

Cait: Omggggg she’s gonna rip our hearts out Maryse!!!

Maryse: Bring it on!!!! :D !!!!

Jill: Holy crap!

Amanda: Yaaayyyyyy Just pre ordered it can’t wait

Cath: Merry Xmas to us :D

Angie: Just pre-ordered. OMG.

About THE HOOKUP (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series #1):

When the new girl in town, Eliza “Izzy” Forrester decides to hit the local drinking hole, she’s not ready to meet the town’s good, solid guy. She’s definitely not prepared to engage in her very first hookup with him.

Then Izzy wakes up the next morning in Johnny Gamble’s bed and good girl Izzy finds she likes being bad for Johnny.

Even so, Izzy feels Johnny holding her at arm’s length. But Johnny makes it clear he wants more and Izzy already knows she wants as much of hot-in-bed, sweet-out-of-it Johnny Gamble.

Floating on air thinking this is going somewhere, Izzy quickly learns why Johnny holds distant.

He’s in love with someone else. Someone who left him and did it leaving him broken. Whoever was up next would be runner up, second best. Knowing the stakes, Izzy will take what she can get from the gentleman that’s Johnny Gamble. And even knowing his heart might never mend, Johnny can’t seem to stay away from Izzy.

Until out of nowhere, his lost love comes back to town. He’s not going back, but Johnny still knows the right thing to do is let Izzy go.

And Izzy knew the stakes, so she makes it easy and slips though his fingers.

But that’s before Johnny realizes Eliza moved to town to escape danger that’s been swirling around her.

And that’s why Johnny decides to wade in.

That and the fact Eliza Forrester makes breakfast with a canary singing on her shoulder and fills out tight dresses in a way Johnny Gamble cannot get out of his head.

Preorder your copy of THE HOOKUP today!

Author Kristen Ashley

About Kristen Ashley:

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA and nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorize and she hadn’t taken her first breath!). Her mother said they took Kristen away, put her Mom back in her room, her mother looked out the window, and Gary was on fire (Dr. King had been assassinated four days before). Kristen’s Mom remembered thinking it was the end of the world. Quite the dramatic beginning.

Nothing’s changed.

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana and has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus, she’s blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her family was (is) loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. They all lived together on a very small farm in a small farm town in the heartland. She grew up with Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing, it keeps getting better.



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  • Maverick by Karina Halle <— KARINA HALLE’S LATEST IS LIVE!!!! It’s super-bargain priced today AND it can be read as a standalone! :D  ”…When it comes to women, though, Maverick errs on the side of caution. For all his cocky charm, rugged good looks and sexual swagger, he remains as unreachable as the surrounding peaks. Hot, wild sex? He’ll tell you there’s no better way to spend a cold, wintry night. Relationships? He’d rather freeze. That is until he lays his eyes on American Riley Clarke...”
  • Illusions of Evil (Illusions Series Book 1) by Lily White <— LILY WHITE DARK READ ALERT!!! “...I was Eve. His light. His salvation. His bridge to Heaven’s gate. I failed him because my faith was not strong enough. He punished me for not giving in...”

HAPPY NEW RELEASE DAY!!! 80+ on today’s list, and I already have my next two reads all lined up (and we’re buddy-reading). :D !!!  They’re in the reader recommendations section below (Drive and Unloved <— you can’t miss ‘em ’cause they come with incredible reader reactions) but BOTH are very recent releases, and I’m so excited. I just KNOW they’ll be in my top favorites!

But you now how it goes… new shiny books for today certainly gave me blurb jolts ;) . Like that one to the left. Most of All You to devour (Mia. Sheridan. Need I say more?) Ruthless King (Meghan March’s latest and he sounds like a huge jerk-face, and Kooloo is LOVING it as we speak!), In Too Deep (he treats her staff at her restaurant horribly, but then he has an accident and she saves him, and pretends to be his wife to find out how he is… and he believes her!! Tee hee!!), Shiver (Ela Frank’s latest M/M romance, but nooooooo. NOT romance, ’cause he’s a stalker and this. sounds. DARK!!),

P.S. Let me know if I’m missing any or if you loved any (from this list or elsewhere).


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  • AND! Here’s the fun-tool again! —> Find out which of YOUR Kindle books are available as audiobooks at a BARGAIN-PRICE! <— This thing is so cool (Amazon calls it “Matchmaker“)! It’s an Amazon feature, that scans all of your Kindle books and will list all of the ones you have that are also available as an audiobook at a discounted price (not normal audiobook prices). This way, you can switch back and forth, seamlessly between your ebooks and your audiobooks. VERY COOL!


BARGAINS & READER RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order. Sales listed are for Amazon U.S., however some of the Amazon UK links also reflect the sale!)

  • Drive by Kate Stewart <— EVERYONE’S GOING CRAZY FOR THIS ONE… MAYBE EVEN THE BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR??? eek I’ve heard that a few times actually… and I’M READING THIS NEXT!!! Wanna buddy-read???

Amy: I just saw this post and *GASP!!!!!!* A Kate Stewart book with Room 212 feels?!? eek MINE MINE MIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!

Cheryl: Amy, it’s been a while since a book has consumed my thoughts; and yes the “feels” and angst like room 212. I put it down to go to sleep, but my mind kept thinking about it. At work, I’m thinking what does *this* mean in the prologue, who is it she’s talking about?? I HAVE to finish it tonight, even though I know I’ll be crying at some point. *grabs a glass of wine and Manny and goes into blankie fort*

Amy: Oh man Cheryl, that settles it…I’m starting it tonight! :D

Maryse: BUDDY READ AMY!!!! I’m starting as soon as I finish tomorrow’s big new release list!

  • Unloved, a love story by Katy Regnery <— BACK ON THE LIST ‘CAUSE IT’S THE OTHER BIG HUGE HIT OF THE LAST WEEK OR SO!!!!! This one is ALSO my “next”. LOL! How can I read two at once? I dunno, but I want to SO bad.

Rebecca: It was so damn good. It was kind of a tough intro because of recent events IRL but it doesn’t dwell there and the story is beautiful and amazing. Top 10 of the year for me!

Maryse: I’m either starting Drive tonight, or Unloved. GAH!! I think Unloved. MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT and I haven’t even started yet. ;) THAT TITLE!!!!

Jean: Maryse, I can’t wait for you to start Unloved!! SO AWESOME!!!!!

Kooloo: Ohhhhhh “Unloved” … only 11% in and I’m bawling my eyes out! So good so good so good

Nancy: AFTER WE BREAK is a standalone, second chance romance. It is now on sale… I think this sale might have been over looked will all the well deserved excitement of Katy Regnery’s new release UNLOVED.
  • Mercy by Annabel Joseph <— ANNABEL JOSEPH SUPER-HARDCORE (DARK???) BDSM BOOK ALERT! And Nancy for us this one bargain-priced!

Nancy: Mercy has been in my Wish List it seems like forever

CaroleDee: Just about anything from Annabel Joseph is amazing. She absolutely pushes the limits, but in an amazing way :)

  • One by Jewel E Ann <— Was on last week’s list and Cheryl went in and enjoyed it! “I finished One- it was a sweet, funny, feel good read”.
  • The Three series by Kristen Ashley <— KRISTEN ASHLEY ALERT!! All three books are on sale today!



  1. Master of Magic by Angela Knight <— ANGELA KNIGHT ALERT!!!Olivia Flynn finds herself on the brink of death, unable to call upon her Sidhe magic, when a handsome stranger rescues her. But this male is no ordinary human, and Olivia wants nothing to do with him. The foreign magic boiling around him is far beyond the power of even the Sidhe...”
  2. Wood by Lauren Hawkeye and Cathryn Fox <— TIME TRAVEL ALERT!!
  3. Dawn (Hero Society Book 1) by Jessica Florence <— SUPERHEROES!!! “...Immortality was given to him as a gift, a gift that failed him and turned him into a shell of the man that has nothing left but to wait out the end of existence alone. Until her...”
  4. Smoke (Dragon Heartbeats Book 2) by Ava Benton
  5. Mating Needs (An A.L.F.A. Novel) by Milly Taiden
  6. Men And Beasts (Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon Book 6) by Kris Austen Radcliffe
  7. Once Hunted, Twice Shy: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 2) by Mandy M. Roth
  8. Sleeper (Hunter: A Thieves Series Book 3) by Lexi Blake
  9. Princess of Draga: a space fantasy romance (Draga Court Book 1) by Emma Dean
  10. Freeing the Beast (Taming the Beast Book 1) by Tina Donahue
  11. The Emperor of Evening Stars (The Bargainer Book 3) by Laura Thalassa <— Tessa says: Oh Maryse, yesterday Laura Thalassa’s Bargainer series’ prequel went live – The Emperor of Evening Stars. I finished it yesterday (that’s pretty much why I was mostly quiet). Super good and 5 stars. It’s The Bargainer’s story from pre-birth up to the end of the second book, so it has to be read AFTER the second one.  :D
  12. Bound by Dreams (Cauld Ane Series Book 5) by Piper Davenport
  13. The Incubus’ Lies (The Incubus Trilogy Book 2) by Adele Huxley
  14. Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack by Siobhan Muir
  15. Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen



  1. Most of All You by Mia Sheridan <— MIA SHERIDAN ALERT!!! SHE MISTRUSTS MEN… and has hardened her heart… “...Then Gabriel Dalton walks into her life. Despite the terrible darkness of his past, there’s an undeniable goodness in him. And even though she knows the cost, Crystal finds herself drawn to Gabriel. His quiet strength is wearing down her defenses and his gentle patience is causing her to question everything she thought she knew…”
  2. Revealed (Uncovered Book 2) by Amelia J Hunter
  3. Boone by Robin Cranney
  4. How Not to be a Bride by Portia MacIntosh
  5. Christmas at Whisper Beach: A Whisper Beach Novella by Shelley Noble
  6. Dignity (The Breaking Point Book 2) by Jay Crownover <— JAY CROWNOVER ALERT!!! HE SHUT THE DOOR IN HER FACE… BUT NOW SHE’S DISAPPEARED ENTIRELY……I couldn’t figure out how to help myself, so there was zero chance I knew how to save someone else. That someone else was Noe Lee. She was the unkempt, unruly thief who was just as smart as I was and twice as street savvy. She was annoyingly adorable beneath the dirt and grime, and she was in trouble. In way over her head, I told myself it wasn’t my job to keep her from drowning. In the Point, it was sink or swim…
  7. Saving Zola (Sleeper SEALs Book 4) by Becca Jameson
  8. Joyfully His (Sterling Canyon Book 4) by Jamie Beck
  9. SEALs of Honor: Ryder by Dale Mayer
  10. Snowbound in Starlight Bend: A Riding Hard Novella by Jennifer Ashley
  11. Ruthless King (The Anti-Heroes Collection Book 1) by Meghan March <— MEGHAN MARCH ALERT!!! HE’S THE KING OF NEW ORLEANS AND HE’S GOING TO OWN HER… “...I didn’t need to loan money to a failing family distillery, but it amuses me to have them in my debt. To have her in my debt. She doesn’t know she caught my attention. She should’ve been more careful. I’m going to own her...” <— KOOLOO is excited!! :D !!! “Maryse babe!!! I’m reading Meghan March’s latest and dare I predict greatest, “Ruthless King”, maybe we will see… only 30% in and FLOVE her alpha male Gerrrarrr!!! *excuse me* in this one – total A-hole but still sooo sexy now back to Mr Lachlan Mount!!! Teehee
  12. I’ll Go (Joaquin & Nayeli Book 2) by B. Love
  13. In Too Deep: Station Seventeen Book 3 by Kimberly Kincaid
  14. When God-Fearing Women Put On Boots: A Southern Chick-Lit Mystery (The MisAdventures of Miss Lilly Book 4) by Kalan Chapman Lloyd
  15. Fiancé for the Night by Melissa McClone
  16. Capture: River City Heroes 3 by Elle Rush
  17. Burn for You (Slow Burn Book 1) by J.T. Geissinger <— FAKE MARRIAGE TO A BILLIONAIRE ALERT!…Bianca would sooner douse herself in hot sauce than cook for Jackson again, but when he asks her to cater his fund-raiser, Bianca can’t refuse, knowing the cash will help pay her mother’s medical bills. Then Jackson makes another outrageous request: Marry me. The unconventional offer includes an enormous sum...”
  18. Jesse’s Girl by Shiloh Walker
  19. The Other Half of Me (The Coming Home Series Book 1) by Jennifer Sivec
  20. Wild Justice (Delta Force Book 3) by M. L. Buchman
  21. Losing Leah Holloway (A Claire Fletcher and Detective Parks Mystery Book 2) by Lisa Regan
  22. Misadventures of a Backup Bride (Misadventures Book 4) by Shayla Black <— SHAYLA BLACK ALERT!! HE NEEDS TO GET MARRIED & SHE’S GONNA FAKE IT FOR HIM… “...Ella Hope is an actress happy for any paying gig, but jilting a hottie in public isn’t what she had in mind. Still, she needs rent, and he’s in a bind. How hard can it be? While playing at matrimony, suddenly their intimacy isn’t so fake. Ella can’t help but fantasize that Carson is her groom and they will live happily ever after. But once his company is safe, will he want her anymore?
  23. Crazy in Love (A Love & Harmony Romance) by Crystal B. Bright
  24. Mi Amor by Randi Perrin
  25. Once a Charmer (Charmed in Texas) by Sharla Lovelace
  26. A Hummingbird Christmas (Glacier Creek Book 1) by Karen Foley
  27. Slap Shot: An Aces Hockey Novel by Kelly Jamieson <— HOCKEY STAR HAS BEEN GRIEVING HIS WIFE ALERT!! “…I’m not looking for a relationship. Just sex. Yeah, I know how that makes me sound. But the truth is, I’ll never love another woman the way I loved my wife. When I meet a sexy bridesmaid at my teammate’s wedding, I decide to scratch that itch. A fling with Kendra Armstrong in her posh hotel room could be just what the trainer ordered...”
  28. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Memphis Moments Book 2) by Annalisa Daughety
  29. Jagged Edge (The Arsenal Book 1) by Cara Carnes
  30. Mad Love (A Nolan Brothers Novel Book 4) by Amy Olle
  31. Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Outlaw Edition by Jennifer Chance
  32. In Too Deep (Doing Bad Things Book 2) by Jordan Marie <— HE’S INSUFFERABLE & THEN SHE PRETENDS TO BE HIS WIFE!! “...Mistake number three was saving his life when he fell. It would have been less complicated to hide his body. When the hospital refuses to let me know how he is, I panic. Claiming to be his wife might be my biggest mistake yet—especially when he believes me!..”
  33. The Company by J.A. Huss <— J.A. HUSS ALERT!! An assassin, a girl who’s been a secret her whole life, and needs to choose between two men, and a young girl who has all sorts of bad… and hopes for good.
  34. Character Flaws: A Standalone Romantic Comedy by Sierra Hill
  35. Captured (The Stripped Series Book 2) by Stacy-Deanne
  36. Bang (Hard Rock Harlots Book 5) by Kendall Grey <— KENDALL GREY ROCK STARS ALERT!!
  37. Denver’s Calling (Cooper’s Ridge Series Book 1) by JJ Harper <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!!
  38. Shiver by Ela Frank & Brooke Blaine <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!! OOPS!! Never mind… DARK-READ STALKER ALERT! ”Warning: This is not a love story. It is not a romance. This is an obsessive stalker lust story that contains darker themes that may serve as a trigger to some readers. Shiver is a standalone novel.“ “Everything I told you is true—I’m not a good man, but you choose what you want to hear. You shouldn’t have come that night. Maybe then you’d be safe. But it’s too late now. I want you because you remind me of him. I need you to give me back what I lost.”
  39. Returning for Love: A Western Romance Novel (Long Valley Book 4) by Erin Wright
  40. The Big D by Brittany Crowley
  41. Almost Always (Book 2) by Christie Ridgway
  42. Crave, Part Two (Crave Duet Book 2) by E.K. Blaire <— E.K. BLAIRE’S DUET IS NOW COMPLETE!!
  43. NSFW by Piper Lawson <— He’s her boss… “Avery Banks, our resident rising star, is a shark. The tall, blond, and gorgeous kind with zero patience and even less forgiveness. Good thing I’m the Mae West of executive assistants. I live to put grown men in their place….
  44. His by Deception by Stephanie Morris
  45. Wild on the Red Carpet (The Hollywood Showmance Chronicles Book 3) by Olivia Jaymes
  46. The Eventide Hour: City of Sin by Ursula Sinclair
  47. Luck isn’t a Lady (The Portland Pioneers Book 3) by Beth Bolden
  48. The Day She Cried by K. Webster <— K. WEBSTER’S LATEST & HE HATES HER!!! I *think* it’s a dark read? I’m not sure, but it sounds dark….. “...Now she’s back. Cracked. Broken. Lost. And for the first time in a long time, I feel free. Free from our past. Free from my present that suffocates me. Free to destroy her future. Her misery is my music. Thrilling. Invigorating. Intoxicating. For so long, all I’ve done is hate her. So why do I love her?”
  49. The End (Stained Duet Book 2) by Charlotte E Hart
  50. Good Day Johnson (The Good Johnson Series) by Rose Silverstone
  51. Going All In by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley
  52. Wicked: A Small Town Romance (Love in Lone Star Book 3) by Ashley Bostock
  53. F*cking Shattered by K.B. Andrews
  54. This Is Not About Love by Carissa Ann Lynch <— ALL THREE WOMEN WANT HIM……All three women have their sights—and hearts—set on Michael. They each share some kind of connection with him, which is why not one of them is willing to back down. And when you have three women vying for the attention of one man…it means war…
  55. Holiday Risk (Pelican Bay Security Book 2) by Megan Matthews
  56. Unbreakable Beauty by Tara Sosa
  57. Captured Memories (Cupid’s Café Book 3) by Katherine McIntyre
  58. Smoky Mountain Brides by Katt Anderson and Pam Watts Harris
  59. Like a Boss (Double Trouble Duet Book 1) by Liz Matis
  60. Bad Friends (Wild Love Book 6) by Red L. Jameson
  61. Scored by Sloane Howell <— BASEBALL PLAYER ALERT!! HE WALKS INTO HER STORE… “...Maybe it’s my rocker style or my lack of filter that intimidates the boys. So I’m pleasantly surprised when Matt Stallworth waltzes into the indie record store where I work and gives as good he gets. Turns out Matt is a professional baseball player, which should mean he’s out of my league...”
  62. CHRISTMAS WISH (HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS Book 3) by Patrice Wilton
  63. BloodWar (Smoky Mountain Series Book 5) by Lee Wardlow
  64. Hide and Seek (Vigilance) by Desiree Holt
  65. The Year of No Rules by Rose McClelland


PREORDERS (Next few days, and a few of next week’s!!! :D )

  1. Thrill of Love: Ty Braden (Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor Book 6) by Melissa Foster – October 18th 2017
  2. Bountiful (True North Book 4) by Sarina Bowen – October 20th 2017
  3. Hard Wood by Lauren Blakely – October 23rd 2017
  4. Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds - October 24th 2017
  5. Hallow Be the Haunt: A Krewe of Hunters Novella by Heather Graham – October 24th 2017
  6. A Little Too Late by Staci Hart – October 24th 2017
  7. Strange Weather: Four Short Novels by Joe Hill - October 24th 2017
  8. Leopard’s Blood (A Leopard Novel) by Christine Feehan - October 24th 2017
  9. Forever Right Now by Emma Scott – October 24th 2017
  10. Tainted Butterfly (Tainted Knights Book 2) by Terri Anne Browning – October 24th 2017
  11. Go to Hail (The Hail Raisers Book 2) by Lani Lynn Vale – October 27th 2017



Pretty great cover, unique spin on the college “it group” (instead of the sports stars, it’s the band stars!) and hugely recommended by so many authors and readers, that I was very excited to give this one a go. In fact the hero in this one was compared to my beloved bad-ass, Travis, so you know I was rubbing my hands in glee to feel that feeling again.

Krista: MARYSE!!!!! AHHHhh!! OMG!!!! You NEED to read Drumline by Stacy kestwick ASAP… It has a beautiful disaster feel with Laird giving Travis a very close run for the lead!!!! Say what!?! I know right? I’m only at chapter 14 and I CANT put it down!! Seriously!! I think – no I know – you will LOVE it!! A snare Drumline geek hero and a strong quit-wit stubborn heroine. Stop what your doing and READ this book!! Gotta go!!

Kata: RE: Drumline Easily going to make my top 10 of 2017!

Chelli: Don’t know if anyone has mentioned Drumline by Stacy Kestwick. First time I’ve read one of her books but it was sooo good. College romance with sexy, sweet alpha male, strong heroine and perfect amount of angst and drama. Def gonna try something else of hers!! Perfect book to get me out of my book funk

While keeping it “new adult light and sexy” it still explored some deep subject matters, from overbearing parents, to childhood illness, to flat-out bullying (and by the hero’s best friend, no less). It ran the gamut of having to grow up fast, and keeping it “cool” while recognizing priorities and personal dignity.

So what’s it about?

Reese is trying out for the University drum line for one of the most coveted spots in the school band (one of the snares) and historically, it’s always been an all-male group. No female has ever been good enough to “make” the team (at least not the snare team), and so the females play other instruments.

Nothing against her, but I wanted to get started already. By tradition, Rodner’s snare line had always been an exclusively male domain. It wasn’t so much that girls weren’t allowed, just that none had ever been good enough, and over the years, they’d simply stopped trying out.

As well as serve as the “snare-players” play things and groupies. *hrmph*

Anyway, the diehards eyeroll when Reese shows up, so sure of herself, and they decide to give her a run for her money, to prove that she doesn’t have what it takes. But they don’t know her determination, or her talent and SHE. SHOWS. THEM!!! Mind you, not all that easily, as she has one bully (the captain’s other main misogynistic leader), that seems to hate her right off the bat, and plays VERY dirty to make her life within their group, miserable.

But Reese has been through worse, and doesn’t give up. And Laird notices her… BIG TIME. And she notices him back.

I barely knew him, I reminded myself. He was beautiful and said things that made me want to spontaneously combust, but I barely knew him. If this turned out to be a mistake, a short fling— or worse, a one-night stand— how would the rest of the season play out?

I enjoyed it well enough (it’s very well written), although I didn’t quite get the intensity I was looking for.

Maybe it was because this story was equally told the entire way from both main character’s POVs, which didn’t allow for that nervous titillation that I crave when potentially falling in “book-love”. Perhaps it was because thcir wasn’t enough push-pull when it came to the romance aspect, that I didn’t quite get that teasing, and the nervous butterflies in my stomach.

There was so much potential for the hero to be haughty, wary, and infuriating (especially considering she was the first female in ages to audition for the spot in a all-male drum line), but… it didn’t quite get there, for me. Although I did delight in his possessiveness, it happened so quickly that I didn’t get to delight in the “getting there“. He pretty much let his feelings known from the start, and while she did play a little hard-to-get (sorta), it wasn’t long before they were obviously paired, and totally in accordance (with, of course… personal secrets to be discovered. Although we, the readers, were already privy to them).

It had plenty of sweet and sad moments, highs and lows, angsty feelings, and full-on hurtful moments (uggggghhhhh that abusive bully was THE. WORST!!!), so I get the big love for it. I guess I was just not feeling this one as much.

3.75 stars

P.S. Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy!



  • Shiver by Ela Frank & Brooke Blaine <— M/M ROMANCE ALERT!! OOPS!! Never mind… ;) DARK-READ STALKER ALERT! ”Warning: This is not a love story. It is not a romance. This is an obsessive stalker lust story that contains darker themes that may serve as a trigger to some readers. Shiver is a standalone novel.
“Everything I told you is true—I’m not a good man, but you choose what you want to hear.
You shouldn’t have come that night. Maybe then you’d be safe. But it’s too late now.
I want you because you remind me of him. I need you to give me back what I lost.”
  • Crave, Part Two (Crave Duet Book 2) by E.K. Blaire <— E.K. BLAIRE’S DUET IS NOW COMPLETE!! :)
  • NSFW by Piper Lawson <— He’s her boss… “Avery Banks, our resident rising star, is a shark. The tall, blond, and gorgeous kind with zero patience and even less forgiveness. Good thing I’m the Mae West of executive assistants. I live to put grown men in their place….

<— KATE STEWART’S LATEST IS LIVE!!!! I LOVE this author and I think this is gonna be super-tumultuous-angsty ’cause she personally warned me about Drive

“It’s very Room 212 in feels. Fair warning!”

*gasp* eek YAY MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Kostantina: Omg this book sounds amazing!! I luv luv luv how she embeds each song to listen too at the beginning of each chapter!! So cool! Totally one clicking!

Heather: OMG Maryse. You NEED to read this book. I can’t even formulate words. The entire premise is genius. The book is freaking magic. There is NOTHING else out there like it. I’m a huge fan of hers and this one is just. . . my God. EVERYTHANG!

Maryse: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

Mary Ann: Room 212 is the first book that I read from Kate Stewart. And I like and enjoyed reading that book. So I am in diving in…

Annnnnnnd… in other news:

Kristen Ashley surprised us with this BIG deal!!!!!! Many of you already saw the announcement, but how could I not post it again on the official “news post”? :D She’s got a surprise new book up for pre-order. The Hookup (Moonlight and Motor Oil Series Book 1) <— UNREQUITED LOVE ALERT!! She’s really into him… but he has her at arm’s length because he’s in love with someone else that broke his heart…

“…Whoever was up next would be runner up, second best. Knowing the stakes, Izzy will take what she can get from the gentleman that’s Johnny Gamble. And even knowing his heart might never mend, Johnny can’t seem to stay away from Izzy.

Until out of nowhere, his lost love comes back to town. He’s not going back, but Johnny still knows the right thing to do is let Izzy go.

And Izzy knew the stakes…”

Kristen Ashley has another HUGE MOVIE NEWS surprise!

#PassionIsComing with New York Times bestseller Kristen Ashley!


Passionflix and New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley are thrilled to announce the option of not one, but TWO beloved romance titles! We are over the moon excited to announce THE WILL and THREE WISHES will be coming to Passionflix, a studio and streaming platform dedicated to turning romance novels into movies and series.

Get ready to fall further in love with Josephine and Jake in THE WILL and Nate and Lily in THREE WISHES, coming soon from!

J.Kenner has a new series coming and it’s been announced on USA Today! In fact, here is book #1 Down On Me (Man of the Month Book 1) (and many of the others right below it), on pre-order. She says:

Yes! Finally!!!! It’s announcement day of the Super Secret Awesome Project I’ve been telling you guys about for what feels like forever! Also known OFFICIALLY as the Man of the Month series!

Thanks to USA Today for the lovely article and interview!!!

Suanne Laqueur (one of our very favorites!!) just won a HUGE award (the grand prize for Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards). Here’s her reaction. Tee hee!!! P.S. She has book #2  (A Charm of Finches (Venery Book 2) in this series up for preorder (in case you didn’t know).

Tijan bargain!!!! Kian is super-bargain priced today!

Marcie: Read Kian in less than 24 hours an loved it, I am a HUGE Tijan fan and have read everything and anything she has provided.

Tessa: Kian was really good. I was expecting it to be darker, but honestly, Kian is so sweet, you can’t help but like him.

L.A. Fiore announced a new DARK sounding book entitled “Savage: The Awakening of Lizzie Danton”. No preorder yet but it sounds right up our bad-guy alley!

He lives in a castle fit for a fairy tale, but he’s no prince.
He’s savage.
He’s brutal.
He’s a killer.
By an act of fate, our worlds collide.
They call him a monster, but he is my salvation.

L.J. Shen has a new rock star read coming out!! She announced ”midnight Blue (no preorder yet) but here’s a bit of a teaser: “He is a British rock star. She’s the one girl he promised himself not to mess with…”

Harry Potter COOL NEWS!!!! Harry Potter’s house is for sale!!!

THESE were JUST ADDED to the main “NEW RELEASE” page!

  1. Dignity (The Breaking Point Book 2) by Jay Crownover – October 17th 2017
  2. Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds - October 24th 2017
  3. A Charm of Finches (Venery Book 2) by Suanne Laqueur – November 1st 2017
  4. Hot and Heavy (Chubby Girl Chronicles Book 2) by Tabatha Vargo – November 3rd 2017
  5. Complicated by Kristen Ashley - November 7th 2017
  6. Annihilation (The Mystic Series Book 8) by B.C. Burgess - November 9th 2017
  7. Hardcore Twenty-Four (Stephanie Plum Book 24) by Janet Evanovich - November 14th 2017
  8. Perfect Match: (A Romantic Comedy) by Lila Monroe - November 13th 2017
  9. Wicked Torture (Wicked Nights (Stark World) Book 3) by J. Kenner - November 14th 2017
  10. Double Trouble by Sierra Cartwright - November 14th 2017
  11. Crowned by Hate (Crowned #1) by Amo Jones - November 14th 2017
  12. Defiant Queen (Anti-Heroes Collection Book 2) by Meghan March - November 14th 2017
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