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Deborah Wilde – The Unlikeable Demon Hunter (Nava Katz) Series Reading Order

August 20, 2018

Sounds like our old-school beloved “urban fantasy” series, and Tessa is loving it!! Book #5 JUST WENT LIVE!! Tessa: Book that needs more love?… The Unlikeable Demon Hunter series by Deborah Wilde. … Unlikeable is funny, she’s sassy and utterly imperfect, and the plotline is pretty fun and unpredictable.  *happy dance* The series is so good.   About [...]

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Amelia Hutchins – Playing with Monsters Series Reading Order

April 1, 2018

<— OH MY!!!! THE AUTHOR’S WARNING alone makes me wanna read this SO HARD!! WARNING: About the hero: chances are you may not fall instantly in love with him, that’s because I don’t write men you instantly love; you grow to love them. I don’t believe in instant-love. I write flawed, raw, caveman-like assholes that [...]

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Lauren Gilley – Sons of Rome Series Reading Order

March 30, 2018

<— MUCH LOVED AUTHOR that’s known for her gritty and raw stories and book #2 just went live! Jan: ‘Dark, gritty, Gothic, and epic, the Sons of Rome series is a paranormal/supernatural/horror series with a big cast of lovable, complicated characters.’ Squeeeeeeeeeee. *runs out of breath, dies* Robyn: Guess what just went live and I’m dropping [...]

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Dannika Dark – Crossbreed Series Reading Order

February 17, 2018

Paranormal urban fantasy series much loved by a few in our crew here! Robyn: Keystone. It’s book 1 of her new series. This book stars Mr. Vampire, Christian Poe, from her Mageri series!! …I have also read all of the Crossbreed books, plus every other Dannika Dark book! Christian Poe started in her Mageri series…FYI. You [...]

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Meg Collett – Fear University Series Reading Order

August 10, 2016

PARANORMAL & URBAN FANTASY FANS!! Take a look at this one! She can’t feel pain, and she’s been kidnapped and is now she’s a prisoner at a special University where she’s being trained as part of something BIG! Tracie and Lori just read this series and LOVED it!! Tracie: Hey Maryse! Lori and I just read this [...]

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Reader Favorites – Jan’s Top Five Paranormal Series

July 23, 2016

Jan is gonna help us with our paranormal romance needs. Many of us started (or discovered) our love of reading via the paranormal path (Twilight  and Sookie for the most part), and have since been lead back into loving human males (mostly rock stars and bad-asses of sorts). But Jan knows that sometimes… we need [...]

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A.M. Hudson – Dark Secrets Series Reading Order

June 18, 2016

I just “discovered” a book that was recently released, is the series finale, and has 80 five-star reviews. ONLY 5 star reviews!!! I think it’s safe to say, readers LOVED how this series ended. So I did a bit of research on the blog and realized… OMG! Our very own Amy introduced it to us a [...]

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Book Review – Written In Red by Anne Bishop

December 20, 2015

Written In Red: A Novel of the Others I returned to my “paranormal/urban fantasy” roots with this one, but considering the BIG love for this book (and series) and that my very own book-buddy, bev, was insistent that I read it, I knew it was time. When I read that blurb I was all… Oh!!! [...]

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