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Reader Question – Looking for paranormal/fantasy books with a strong storyline and a side of romance…

February 21, 2019

Jenna is having other-worldly cravings and she’s hoping our book crew has some recommendations! Right off the bat, I know TONS in our crew here will say Anne Bishops “The Others” series (I read #1 and loved it – here’s my 5-STAR review – and I should totally continue devouring them as our crew have). [...]

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Nora Roberts – Chronicles of The One Trilogy Reading Order

February 17, 2019

POST APOCALYPTIC SERIES ALERT!! Oh I LOVE those storylines and book #3 (the finale!!) is now up for preorder!!! MicheleS: I’m reading Year One, by Nora Roberts. Already hooked. Post Apocalyptic, mixed with Irish “Magick”… characters I already love…. so so good. Haven’t read her in years. Forgot how great a writer she is. Michele G: I [...]

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Reader Question – The book with the girl that woke up one morning in her dorm floating…

January 24, 2019

An author sent this one in (’cause she’s a reader too!!). I’m starting with this one first one ’cause she auto-guessed it herself. LOL!!! But still, it sounds awesome and since these reader questions help us find new books to read I figured I’d post it anyway if this is up your reading alley too. [...]

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Reader Recommendations – Our Favorite Reverse Harem Books

November 21, 2018

In our quest for more super-steamy “Reverse Harem” books, I found THESE reader recommendations right here on the blog! So I compiled them into a list. Fiona: Another good book by Alta Hensley & Maggie Ryan “Bride to Keep: A Dark Reverse Harem” is a reverse harem novel which I know is every second book out now; however this [...]

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Laura Thalassa – The Bargainer Series Reading Order

November 4, 2018

There is big love, and I mean BIG LOVE for this series in our crew!!! And book #3 just went live a few days ago!! Robyn: I just finished Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa and loved it! Now I’m on to book 2 A Strange Hymn. All of LT’s books are so good. MichelleS: FLT: “Wings. I have wings.” [...]

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T.J. Klune – Green Creek Series Reading Order

August 1, 2018

T.J. KLUNE ALERT!!! MUCH LOVED M/M paranormal (werewolves) series and book #2 just went LIVE!! !! MichelleS: WOLFSONG! I will never forget these characters, the werwolf lore, the story… the FEELS… just loved the heck out of this book. …WOLFSONG was perfect for me. My only complaint is leaving their world behind when I was [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the brothers that can’t leave the island…

May 31, 2018

Lisa needs us, guys!! This one sounds like one of our beloved Paranormal series, and almost makes me think she’s looking for Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series (I LOVVVVVVED those so hard). But there are details in her description that I don’t remember… so no doubt there are more series in this genre? [...]

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Christine Feehan – Shadow Rider Series Reading Order

May 20, 2018

<— CRIME FAMILY ROMANCE ALERT!! CHRISTINE FEEHAN’S LATEST SERIES!! A new release in the series is coming out this month, and it appears this list is needed. Susan: Will you be doing a reading order list on her Shadow Rider series?  Please say “yes”. Maryse: Absolutely!!! In fact I’ll get started right now. Robyn: Shadow Rider- yep, [...]

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