Reader Confession – Spending time searching for books, adding to TBR & collecting as opposed to reading…

February 20, 2019

Tee hee!! Yes. I am so guilty of this myself. I love that we can struggle with the same “book collecting” needs, the squirreling over awesome reviews and blurb jolts, click to our hearts content and feel guilty about it together. Although Nay doesn’t seem to feel so guilty about it. *snort* Tasha J started [...]

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Reader Question – Rules for genres… what do you consider a “romance” novel?

January 3, 2019

Okay so this one doesn’t necessarily have us searching for a particular book, but brings up an interesting topic as many of us long-time readers are learning there are actual rules for various “genres”. Melanie asked me about this, and I thought it would be perfect to open up for discussion! Melanie asks: I have [...]

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Reader Confession – What character nicknames do it for us… and don’t do it for us. ;)

September 26, 2018

We’ve chatted about this subject off and on in the comments over the years, and I couldn’t help but post this today. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart (in real life… and in book life). Done right, it’s what makes the characters real. Done right in real life, it helps forge that [...]

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Reader Confession – We love talking books annnnnd….makeup and skin care!

July 5, 2018

UPDATE!!! THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I’m posting it now ’cause it’s already loaded with so many goodies, but it will double (maybe even triple) in size by the time I’m done. It’s our beauty products recommendations guide. It never fails, we can be chatting up a storm about our latest favorites or [...]

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Reader Confession – This real-life situation may have been what hooked me on “rip-your-heart-out” angsty romance…

January 31, 2018

Short heart-wrenching true love story… Once upon a time, my best friend and I were at a subway terminal and we saw a young couple clutching each other, sobbing uncontrollably. Her face was in his chest, soaking his jacket, while he held her tight and sobbed in her hair. Kisses and tears mingled together in [...]

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Reader Confession – Hanne used to secretly read her mother’s “bodice rippers” way back when…

January 3, 2018

Tee hee!! I can relate to this confession!!! Hanne confesses: For some reason I just remembered I used to secretly read my mother’s romance (and my dad’s western) paperbacks back in the 80’s when I was way too young for them. The only romances I really remember are Bertrice Small’s book series on Skye O’Malley. [...]

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Reader Confession – Who do you cast as the female heroine?

November 29, 2017

Oh YES YES YES!!! MichelleS brought this up today, and of COURSE, the majority of time, if I’m “feeling” the heroine, I almost feel like I BECOME the heroine. It’s me. But then, I thought again… and I realize… not quite. MichelleS: It’s WEDNESDAY! Can we play WCW? (Woman crush Wednesday). You’ve mentioned your go-to hotties [...]

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Reader Confession – Wanna see my first reading nook?

November 23, 2017

Tee hee!!!! We joke around here about setting up our blankie forts, and reading together in ‘em. Sometimes we need to hideaway from the world and snuggle up in them with a good book (even if it’s just in our imaginations), and the “blankie-forts” are a big part of our crew here. But when Leslie [...]

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