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Bethany Lopez – Three Sisters Catering Trilogy Reading Order

November 5, 2018

This trilogy is complete (book #3 – A Splash of Vanilla - just went LIVE today!!) and it sounds wonderful and heart warming and everything we love our contemporary romance to be! Single dads, teachers, sisters and caterers and everything in between! The author says: Each book will be about a different sister, and can be read [...]

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Prescott Lane’s “All My Life” is live & we are celebrating with a signed book giveaway!!

October 9, 2018

Oh wow!!! All My Life sounds beautiful and angsty and I am HOOKED on unrequited love stories!!! GAH THAT cover is gorgeous and makes my heart melt. Single dad that takes care of his daughter, on top of everything else? YES PLEASE!!!! I AM IN!!!! And to celebrate, the author is sponsoring this week’s newsletter AND [...]

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Lauren Blakely – Heartbreakers Series Reading Order

September 14, 2018

LAUREN BLAKELY ALERT!! Sexy (rock star!!) series, with two more books already up for preorder and coming out soon and each one can be read as a standalone. About book #1: That smoking hot one-night stand with a former rock star? Turns out he’s my son’s new music teacher. Oops. But I didn’t know that [...]

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Reader Question – The book about a battered wife that was beaten so often her face was disfigured…

August 9, 2018

Dawn needs our super book-sleuthing abilities!! Oh my this one already hurts my heart. I have to know which one it is, too. She asks: Maryse I need help finding a book I read a few years ago!! It’s about a battered wife that was beaten so often her face was disfigured. I remember it [...]

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Book Review – Forever Right Now by Emma Scott

February 11, 2018

Forever Right Now Looking for an excellent, heartwarming “moody new single-dad neighbor” read? This was pure Emma Scott at her very best. Gorgeous writing, a story brimming in emotion and, with real-life, relatable characters that I found myself wishing I could be a part of. I love everything that I’ve ever read by Emma Scott, so [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the single dad and the intern at his company…

September 7, 2017

Jennifer needs our help! It’s not much to go on, but I think for someone that has read it, this is enough info to solve it. She asks: HELP: Have you heard of a book where he is a single dad and she’s the intern of his company that has a NO fraternizing policy. He [...]

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Reader Confession – Kathy has a thing for single dad book-heroes…

February 15, 2017

Kathy confessed. She loves a certain kind of book-hero. And I can confess with her. I’m a sucker for this one, too! Plus, I’ve found us some reader-recommendations for these VERY books. She says: “This was so easy to answer! I am a sucker for single or widowed Dad romances. I guess I like to [...]

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Jessica Lemmon – Second Chance Series Reading Order

October 8, 2016

I am LOVING the sound of this author’s stories (pure contemporary romance with a kick… and maybe some sweetness, too) and when I saw THIS adamant recommendation, I knew I had to look this book up! Laura: oh my god u guys I found us a gem!!! I’m only 39% into this book and I [...]

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