Skye Warren’s “Survival of the Richest” is live, she’s our guest poster today & we’re having a giveaway!

June 12, 2018

<— One of my favorite authors has a brand new duet out (well, a duet-and-a-half ’cause of the prologue… and today’s book #1 that just went live) and it’s a full-on LOVE TRIANGLE!! GAH! I love those. They destroy my heart and then we have to pick teams. I’m usually for the underdog. P.S. You [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the billionaire that propositions the waitress to marry him…

April 19, 2018

Ooooooooh a billionaire book!!! This one sounds like it gets angsty, and I like the initial premise. Tracie asks: It’s me again. I’ve read a book that i really loved, but i might have misplaced it. I don’t know the author or name but it was about a billionaire who stops at a diner in [...]

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Mallory Crowe – Fractured Farrells: A Damaged Billionaire Series Reading Order

June 25, 2017

<— This entire series is super-bargain priced today!!! Full length books, and tons of great reviews! Might be a fun marathon read. About book #1: Strong, independent Jean Hill is stuck in a dead end job with no hope for getting out of her small town. But when a sexy and mysterious stranger offers her [...]

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Kristen Callihan – VIP Series Reading Order

October 13, 2016

Sexy rock star series! P.S. BOOK #2 is going live soon, and so many LOVED book #1 (me too!) so even though book #3 has yet to be announced, you know it’s gonna be good! Lisa: …read Idol. I loved it….perfecto pure rock star fantasy. Some really sweet moments, a tinsy tad of angsty moments and [...]

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Jessica Lemmon – Billionaire Bad Boys Series Reading Order

October 8, 2016

Oh yes, this series is calling me, ’cause it features two of my favorite things. Untamable bad boys… AND they’re billionaires??! *ooooomph* for sure! Challenge accepted! *snort* Book #2 is coming out soon, and these gorgeous covers caught my eye, so I had to post this! P.S. Book #1 (about an arranged “marriage contract” YAY!!) [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the billionaire that buys her a vintage watch from Tiffany’s and then a dress to wear to a party with him…

September 8, 2016

Sandy is looking for a “Billionaire/normal girl” book, and she has a ton of detail to help us pinpoint it, so maybe some here knows. For some reason, this one is flashing a neon “I read it!!!” sign in my head. I’m thinking… Emma Scott or maybe Roya Carmen? Or…? GAH!!! I read it right [...]

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J.A. Huss – The Mister Series Reading Order

August 17, 2016

This series just had a brand new release (with two more on the way) and they can be read as standalones! DG: Finished Mr Perfect by JAHuss and I must say….he is Mr Perfect!!!! LOVED it….shed loads of hottie hot scenes, with a total hottie, a fashion forward and connected + lovable h, and throw in [...]

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Max Monroe – Bad Boy Billionaires Series Reading Order

July 25, 2016

HOT & HILARIOUS & HEARTWARMING ALERT!!! Two bestselling “mystery authors” have teamed up to create this series under the name “Max Monroe” (and they continue to tease us with their possible identities), but no matter. Whoever “Max Monroe” really is, they have our fellow readers ecstatic! Anne: Tapping the Billionaire is so good! Read it a [...]

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