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Book Review – That Guy by Kim Jones

July 22, 2018

That Guy I read this one straight through in one shot. Started this morning, just finished it now, and I am thrilled with it! I KNEW going into this, by the recommendations I received, that this would be a laugh-riot (and of course, anyone that has watched the FaceTime videos that Kim Jones posts, you [...]

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A look into Natasha Boyd’s latest release, Inconvenient Wife

July 10, 2018

<— Ooomph for the sound of this one, you guys!!! Natasha Boyd (our beloved author of the “Eversea” series) has just released a new comedy romance series (each one can be read as a standalone), and WOW on the premise of this one (Inconvenient Wife)! My angst-loving friends… tell me this doesn’t get you in [...]

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Book Review – Mr. Right-Swipe by Ricki Schultz

June 17, 2018

Mr. Right-Swipe I was intrigued by the premise of this one, and pulled it out of my paperback pile. Yep! I had an ARC, and I was totally in the mood for an “adult” story (and by adult, I mean characters in their late 20s-40s, life already on a roll… or a tailspin). I wanted [...]

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Lucy Score & Claire Kingsley – Bootleg Springs Series Reading Order

May 12, 2018

This series was just brought to my attention by Caroline and she just RAVED about it: Caroline: I just finished reading Sidecar Crush by Claire Kingsley. She and Lucy Score are collaborating on a new series called Bootleg Springs set in rural West Virginia. The first book by Lucy Score, Whiskey Chaser, and the second (Sidecar [...]

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Nicole Archer – Ad Agency Series Reading Order

April 29, 2018

COMEDY ROMANCE ALERT!! This one just hit my TBR-list radar when I received THESE adamant recommendations! P.S. Each one can be read as a standalone, although some characters from each book crossover. marina: I just need to rave about a gem of a book I finished called “Road-Tripped” by Nicole Archer. It is just SOOOOOOO GOOD!! So, [...]

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Kate Stewart – Balls in Play Series Reading Order

April 2, 2018

BASEBALL STAR ROMANCE ALERT!! SQUEEE!!!! I’m a HUGE fan of this author, and Nay found out that book #3 in this series just went live. I read #1 and enjoyed it (in fact, here’s my book review), so I just HAD to post this series reading order – now that it is a series (although they [...]

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Adriana Locke – The Gibson Boys Series Reading Order

March 14, 2018

Comedy romance series alert!!! Book #3 just went live and guess what? They can be read as standalones. Robyn: Maryse…FYI….Adriana Lockes second Gibson Boys book, Craft, just dropped on Amazon. The first book Crank was hilarious. Can’t wait to read Craft. Linda: My latest 5***** read is Crank by Adriana Locke. Looved the writing!! Loooved the cast [...]

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Tara Sivec – The Naughty Princess Club Series Reading Order

March 7, 2018

TARA SIVEC ALERT!! <— Hilarious author with steamy romance, and how can we possibly resist this one? Plus, book #2 AND #3 are already up for preorder! Leslie M: New Tara Sivec series?!? Gimme gimme!!! About book #1: Once upon a time Cynthia was the perfect housewife. Between being the President of the PTA and keeping [...]

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