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Five Fun Facts about Jennifer Watts’ latest release, Aloha in Love!

March 11, 2019

Jennifer Watts is this week’s newsletter sponsor in celebration of her latest release, Aloha in Love!! For those that crave book about starting over or visiting a whole different part of the country (or another country altogether) this might just satisfy your fancy! Who doesn’t dream of starting over in paradise? And I LOVE this premise!!! Plus, [...]

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Dakota Willink – Cadence Duet Reading Order + 7 Fun Facts + a giveaway!!

February 26, 2019

<— THE DUET CONCLUSION JUST WENT LIVE TODAY!!! Oh how I LOVE evening book surprises and I have a brand new duet that’s right up our alley (and as of today… it’s now complete!!). Book #2, Cadence Defined (Cadence Duet Book 2), just released today, and to celebrate, the author is sponsoring today’s newsletter, and having a giveaway [...]

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Reader Question… Answered! What happened to these Renée Carlino books? And… a cover reveal of “The Last Post”!!

January 31, 2019

Jenn has a reader question, but this time it’s more along the lines of “where did these books go?” And guess what? The author answered the question herself AND, while we’re at it, let’s have a cover reveal of her latest one and check out that OMG BLURB, shall we? Jenn asked: Hi Maryse- I [...]

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Luna Kayne’s “Kill Code” is live, and we have a Five Fun Facts & an excerpt, a GIVEAWAY & more!!

January 22, 2019

Kill Code <— IT IS LIVE and we have a book-treat today!!! Luna Kayne is this week’s newsletter sponsor and we are celebrating her latest release big time with ALL sorts of cool tidbits like: Top 5 Fun Facts about Kill Code, Inspiration for Kill Code, Celebs as Characters, A Sneek Peek Behind the Book, Luna’s [...]

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Jennifer M. Barry’s “Shriek” is live & we have Four Fun Facts + a giveaway!!

December 19, 2018

Shriek: Legend of the Bean Sídhe IS LIVE, and the author is sponsoring this week’s newsletter, and has sent over a super-fun guest post (and a “five ebooks” giveaway!!) I must say… OMG the clever blurb had me giggling just a bit ’cause, can you imagine her confusion?? *snort* Plus, I love the tension and angst [...]

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Five Fun Facts about Stephie Wall’s latest release “Dear Diamond”

November 27, 2018

Oooooh you guys!! TOTAL BLURB JOLT ALERT!!! Lookit this one! I don’t know how I missed it (it was just released a week or so ago), but it sounds right up our steamy alley (and maybe a little grit, too? Considering what the heroine does for a living, and all). Tell me this doesn’t make [...]

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Five Fun Facts about Alana Alberton’s latest release, “Doggy Style” (clever title considering the heartwarming premise!!)

October 30, 2018

<— JUST RECENTLY RELEASED and I get a total kick out of the sweeeeeeeeeeeet (and sexy!!) cover… and ummmm….. that clever title. Doggy Style (Rescue Me Book 1) *waggles eyebrows* What?? Get your mind out of the gutter! *snort* Nevermind. I was totally there with you. After all… he’s famous (or… infamous) for a leaked video [...]

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Rachel Blaufeld’s “Hot For His Girl” is live & we’re talking street tacos!!! My. Favorite!!

October 1, 2018

<— RACHEL BLAUFELD’S LATEST BOOK, “Hot For His Girl“,  just went live and I just love the sound of this one! Two bloggers (she’s a single, snarky mom blogger & he’s a sexy professor that has a food blog) fall in love. *squeeeee* Hey!! bloggers need love too!! *snort* “Reid’s blog, Grill and Groom, began on [...]

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