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Book Review – Something in the Way by Jessica Hawkins

August 21, 2017

Something in the Way (Something in the Way Series Book 1) This one is the most asked about book in our weekly “reader question” sessions. Everyone is trying to find (or remember) the title of “that book with that crazy-angsty sounding blurb”. Oh yes. It’s one of the best book-blurbs ever, and it made me [...]

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Mara White – Maldeamores Series Reading Order

July 23, 2017

FORBIDDEN LOVE ALERT!!!! AND OMG the blurbs indicate the real kind of forbidden!!! P.S. Book #2 was JUST RELEASED!! Maryse: MARA WHITE’S LATEST IS LIVE ALERT!!! Oooooh this blurb gives me the impression that this is a FORBIDDEN LOVE story!! Natasha: Yes it is. The first book was meant to be a standalone but it never had [...]

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Jessica Hawkins – Something in the Way Series Reading Order

July 19, 2017

<— ONE OF the TOP BOOKS on my TBR list, one that has been SO highly, and so often recommended (forbiddeny and so angsty sounding!!!) and one of the most frequently asked about in my “reader question” emails. Everyone wants to read this, if they haven’t yet, including me! !!! Susan: I just finished Something [...]

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Book Review – The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent

July 15, 2017

The Unrequited TONS of awesome reviews (mostly ONLY awesome reviews) and BIG love for this book, and I was so excited to dive in. !! I went in pretty much blind, having no idea where it was going AT ALL (I hadn’t even read the blurb) but that cover, and THESE recommendations, were enough to [...]

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Carian Cole – Devils Wolves Series Reading Order

July 5, 2017

My fellow book buddies are going crazy over BOTH of these books released so far (book #2 was just released), and I must admit, both sound EXACTLY like the kind of unconventional, angsty love story that I crave… MichelleS: Go check out the amazon blurb for Torn – by Carian Cole. It is a totally hot [...]

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Reader Question… Answered! The book about the too-young sister that falls for the construction worker…

May 4, 2017

Dallas has a question and I could answer it ’cause it’s TOTALLY a forbidenny-book that I wanna read!!! *squeeeee!!!* She asks: HI MARYSE, A few weeks ago I read a sample of a book and for the life of me I can’t find it now The little bits and pieces that I can remember is [...]

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Reader Question – Bethany is looking for some “other woman” book suggestions…

April 13, 2017

UPDATED!!! This is now officially a “reader recommendations” list of this genre!! Bethany has some extra reading time on her hands and she has a craving. It’s taboo, forbidden AND controversial (and sometimes even creepy!!) but maybe you can help? She asks: Hey Maryse! I have a week off and need desperately to fall into [...]

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Sierra Simone – American Queen Trilogy Reading Order

December 17, 2016

This was a huge recent hit (so many here LOVED it), and I’m hearing something about something “surprising” (I’m thinking scandalous?!!). YIKES!! And YAY!!! Couple these recommendations with that cover and blurb and you have my attention BIG time!!!! P.S. Book #2 is now up for preorder!! Julie o: Maryse Just finished American Queen and was surprised [...]

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