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Book Review – Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia

March 10, 2019

Everything You Want Me to Be: A Novel Highly recommended by my two book twins (we’re actually book triplets) ’cause they knew this one would be right up my alley, combining TWO genres that I love (a thriller/mystery & a forbidden love story), and it was good!!! Amy: Everything You Want Me to Be? GAH! That [...]

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Reader Question – The book about an agent who saves a young girl and they end up together…

February 14, 2019

Jay has one for us, and it’s short and sweet (and sounds forbiddeny!!!!!) She asks: Please I am looking for a book. Saw it here. About an agent who saves a young girl and they end up together. I think the girl was initially under age. Thanks. I bet someone knows it!! Anyone have a [...]

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Michelle Mankin’s “The Right Man” Cover Reveal & Blurb!!

February 7, 2019

BAD BOY ROCK STAR ALERT!! And she’s a prostitute… OH MY!! Oh happy day!!! This sweet, sexy and angsty sounding release will be going live next week, but today, we get to be teased. Do you believe? In fairy tales? In happily ever after? In love? Gorgeous cover (designed by one of my book-buds, Lori [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the President of the MC who is crazy about a young girl who works at a diner…

January 10, 2019

JulieO is looking for this one! At first, I thought it was Undeniable (although, so many years later, I can’t quite remember if she worked in a diner or not). But she definitely knew he liked her. Oooooooh yes and so forbiddeny!!! But this one is a bit different in description, and now I’m dying to [...]

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Reader Favorites – Nay’s Best Books of 2018 List

January 6, 2019

<— If there was anything more apropos to Nay’s reading style, this would say it all.  GAH!! I love your forbiddeny nature, my friend. You are right up my guilty pleasure alley! Ready for temptation? Hey, Maryse! Here’s my 2018 faves list in no particular order. Thanks so much! Waiting for the Sun: Waiting for [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the teacher that falls for his younger neighbor…

December 13, 2018

Tee hee!! YES. *nods emphatically* YOU (and I) KNOW THIS ONE!! Christine has a reader question and I’m thrilled to say she’s come to the right place for this book-quest!!!!! It’s one of our original indie “old-school” forbiddeny favorites and I’m so jealous of anyone that hasn’t read it yet, and gets to experience it [...]

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Colleen Hoover – Maybe Someday Series Reading Order

December 2, 2018

GASP!!!!!! Who knew there’d be a reading order for one of my favorite books from a few years ago, but as of now, there is! SURPRISE!! Ever since Colleen Hoover surprised us a day ago with a book #2 (totally unexpected – at least for me!!) well… it’s time for a dedicated series post. Who [...]

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Kennedy Ryan – Hoops Series Reading Order

September 8, 2018

SPORTS STAR (BASKETBALL!!) ALERT & each book in this series can be read as a standalone!! The first one starts of… forbiddeny. P.S. Book #2 just went LIVE!!! Cheryl: I finished Long Shot today. For a “sports” story it was angsty. Reminded me of how I felt reading Thoughtless. It does have dual POV, but I [...]

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