Behind the Books (RWA Edition) – An Interview with Eden Bradley / Eve Berlin

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Author Eden Bradley (Eve Berlin)

Here is Caroline Hanson’s latest interview at the RWA Convention with author “Eve Berlin/Eden Bradley”!!

Oh YAY!!! We get a fun perspective from a BDSM author!  All sorts of interesting “insider” info from her own writing surprises, to her thoughts on the BDSM lifestyle, including the Fifty Shades trilogy, and what she recommends we read after Fifty Shades (there can never be too many recommendations for that)! I’m thrilled to have more to read and since we’re sort of on a “darker reads” kick this week, how appropriate is this?!


1. Tell us a “tidbit” or a secret about your upcoming projects that we might not already know?

I’m currently rewriting Breaking Skye which is a BDSM novel based on a real-life experience.

note from Caroline: (Eve/Eden is active in the BDSM Community and gave an awesome presentation where she showed some toys and talked about her experiences. Fascinating!)

2. What music do you write to?

For BDSM I used to write to a lot of trance music but now I write in complete silence.

3. What surprise character or story twists did you not see coming?

In my vampire series, my vampire Ever, who made a brief appearance in book 2 (Bloodsong) and I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with him. He’s obsessed me ever since.

4. What separates him from the other vamps you’ve written?

He’s dark, creepy, mysterious, inhuman and a carnivore. He has almost no morals except for those he loves. He’s merciless. Primal and bloodthirsty and he only cares about sex and f%$king as many people and vampires as he can.

5. What are you currently writing?

I’m writing Fall Equinox (Samhain) and Breaking Skye (Indie). Plus I’m going to start another Eve Berlin book with Berkeley Heat. I’m always thinking five books ahead.

6. What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?

That’s like asking if I have a favorite child! Temptation’s Edge which comes out August 6. He’s a big Irish hero and I love the accents. And the heroine is a tattoo artist. He’s big, burly dominant and a sweet side. The accent is just gravy.

7. Favorite book by someone else?

The Silver Metal Lover by Tannith Lee. Her use of language is wonderful and everyone can relate to the character. It’s evocative and emotional as well as visual.

8. Favorite Food?

Donuts. Crispy Crème anything. They’re buttery and awesome. I only allow myself to have them once or twice a year.

9. What’s something your fans don’t know about you?

That’s hard because I’m out about everything. I was painfully shy as a kid and it changed in my twenties. I got a job selling cosmetics and had to cold-call people to come sit in my chair and it was terrifying but the best thing in the world.

10. Who would you like to meet?

David Bowie. He’s a genius. He charms the audience and is creative on so many levels. He has a lot to say about everything as well as being strangely mysterious.

11. Are you a dog or a cat person?

(Caroline’s note: Eve/Eden looks pained by the question, like choosing is terrible. I move on.)

12. Favorite pizza topping?

Artichoke hearts.

13. Favorite TV show?

Project Runway.

14. Favorite romance?

One of my favorite seres is the Nora Roberts Three Sisters series. Movie wise, Romeo and Juliet by Baz Lurhman. The music and the visuals. Kissing you by Des’ree is the best.

15. What’s on your bucket list that you have not done.

Zip lining in Costa Rica.

16. Who is your celeb crush?

Johnny Depp always and forever. He can do no wrong. He was even cute in Willie Wonka. He was unbearably pretty in Cry baby.

17. As someone who actually is into the BSDM scene, what do you think is the appeal of Fifty Shades?

It makes the taboo universally acceptable in some way.

18. What did Fifty get right?

The concept of power exchange was spot on. Most of the people who would disagree don’t practice in real life. She got the mind f&ck right.

19. What do you think of Fifty?

Fifty shades has been great for my career. We have the same publisher. My book, The Dark Garden: A Novel (Eve/Eden’s BDSM novel that is being re-released) had a lot of acclaim when it came out but it was before there was a large market. Now it’s going to be re-released. It’s even going to be in Target and have a huge print run in September.

Sidenote from Maryse: Oh YES!! I remember reading about this in a recent Romantic Times article, about how a few recommended “what to read after Fifty” books were being re-released with these beguiling “Fifty-ish” covers. This one is gorgeous, and you KNOW I’m wanna read it!

20.) What do you recommend for reading after Fifty Shades?

Thanks Eden!! Awesome interview!

To find out more about Eden, visit her here:

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