Behind the Books (RWA Edition) – An Interview with Joyce Lamb

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Author Joyce Lamb

Hey Joyce Lamb fans!! Guess what I have for you? Er… right. The title pretty much gave it away, didn’t it? Hehe. *blush* (humor me a little ;) )

But yep! I’ve got another interview from the RWA Convention. Author Caroline Hanson caught up with author Joyce Lamb and here are the fun tidbits!! (I just LOVE adding new authors to my reading lists!)


 1. Tell us a “tidbit” or a secret about your upcoming projects that we might not already know?

Joyce: My upcoming project involves a heroine with a multiple personality. The title is The Enemy Inside. Our heroine and her other personality battle it out. It’s Last Kiss Goodnight meets Alias.

2. What music do you write to? 

Joyce: I’m gonna totally geek out on you, but I listen to the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica.  The Hunger Games score is really good too.

3. What surprise character or story twists did you not see coming?

Joyce: In my RITA finalist book True Colors, the villain turned out to be a serial killer. It was disturbing and I think my co-workers were happy when I finished that book.

4. What’s your favorite book that you’ve written?

Joyce: My favorite book is True Shot which came out in December. My hero is beta and my heroine is very alpha but when he has to defend her he becomes very alpha. He’s a little like Nathan Fillion in Castle because he can use words to defend himself.

sidenote from Maryse –> I will be putting up this reading order guide ASAP! Psychic FBI!!

5. Favorite book by someone else?  

Joyce: Lightning by Dean Koontz. The theme of it blew me away. Which is that destiny always struggles to reassert itself. It’s a time travel book.  The hero keeps preventing tragedies from happening to the heroine. Even though destiny has decided she is supposed to have a tragic life.

sidenote from Maryse —> OMG that sounds amazing!

6. Favorite Food?  

Joyce: Popcorn. My dad was a connoisseur. He found the perfect pan, went through all the butters and margarines to make the perfect popcorn.

7. What’s something your fans don’t know about you?  

Joyce: I’m a journalist. Before I worked at USA today I worked for a newspaper where I out-ranked my dad.

8. Who would you like to meet?

Joyce: Joss Whedon.

(Caroline’s sidenote in regards to Tina Folsom’s “like to meet” choice vs Joyce Lamb’s): I’m with Joyce. Joss Whedon outranks the president in my book. There is no shame in that…right?)

9. Are you a dog or a cat person?  

Joyce: Cat: Because I’m not home much and they are self-sufficient.

10. Favorite pizza topping?

Joyce: Pepperoni. I like the classics.

11. Favorite TV show?

Joyce: Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sex and the City.

12. Favorite romance?

Joyce: Clueless. I’ve always liked Paul Rudd and I like the opposites attract plot. Plus the valley slang was hilarious.

sidenote from Maryse – oh I LOVE that movie!!

13. Who is your celeb crush?

Joyce: Nathan Fillion from Castle.

Thanks so much Joyce!! Now if only you could send us that awesome popcorn recipe… ;) *hint hint*

To find out more about Joyce, visit her here:

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