Book Bash Author Spotlight – Alexa Grace discusses her latest release, Profile of Terror.

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Alexa Grace has a brand new romantic suspense series, and she’s already up to book #2 (which was just released a few weeks ago). She describes it as “...a thrill ride of non-stop suspense with a healthy dose of passion and a pinch of humor” and she provided some fun excerpts for us to “taste-test”. And it sure looks good!

Take a look:

Tell me about your newest release?

My new release Profile of Terror, Book Two in my Profile Series, is a thrill ride of non-stop suspense with a healthy dose of passion and a pinch of humor.  Here’s a short book description.

A missing coed named Abby Reece.

Two clever thrill killers are committing the most brutal, public, and horrifying abductions and murders in the county’s history.  The killers, known as the Gamers, have done this before, and are now upping their evil game to a new level.  The question is — can they be stopped before they kill again?

Things get complicated.

When an ex-girlfriend goes missing, Private Investigator Gabe Chase is obsessed with finding her.  But once her naked and posed body is discovered, the investigator becomes the investigated.  His passion for the victim’s beautiful sister is a complication he doesn’t need, as he helps solve the county’s most baffling, terrifying murder cases ever.

Add a sociopathic serial killer who calls himself the Master.

A serial killer so deadly, the FBI’s behavioral analysts want to know when and why he began killing, as well as the identification and location of additional victims.  He will speak only to former federal agent, Carly Stone, a woman he blames for his capture.  When the profiler finds herself at the mercy of this ruthless killer, his becomes the most terrifying profile of all.

Profile of Terror

Three chilling villains, two passionate love stories, and pulse-racing suspense with startling plot twists keep readers on the edge of their seats from page one of this heart-pounding and unforgettable romantic suspense.

What scene in PROFILE OF TERROR made you laugh?  

The scene in PROFILE OF TERROR that cracks me up is when Gabe bumps against Kaitlyn’s purse and send it flying- all kinds of self-defense paraphernalia flies across the floor.  The way she describes each self-defense tool is hilarious.

Here’s a short excerpt.

He nodded, and picked up another pink object.  “Is this what I think it is?”

“Ah, the Blaster stun gun, a girl’s best friend.  Actually, it’s one of my favorites.  Notice it’s dual-purpose with the built-in rechargeable flashlight,” Kaitlyn began.  “The Blaster may look pink and girlish, but that baby delivers a powerful punch of 19,000,000 volts.  Just firing it into the air should be enough to stop any attacker with half a brain.  It makes a scary electrical popping sound as the blinding electric current pulsates between the test prongs.  One touch and the Blaster is guaranteed to bring a would-be assailant to his knees. Very cool.”

Shaking his head, Gabe said, “I don’t know whether to think you’re a modern-day female avenger or a sales rep for self-defense weapons.”

What is your favorite scene?  

One of my favorite scenes involves Kaitlyn and Gabe when someone is shooting at her house.  This short excerpt may explain why it is a favorite.

Suddenly a small dot of red light appeared on the wall next to them.

“What is that?” asked Kaitlyn.

Recognizing it as the laser light from a gun, Gabe grabbed Kaitlyn out of her chair and hit the floor, landing on top of her.

“Ouch!”  She squealed.  ”Okay, I get it.  You’re into rough sex.  But you’re killing my back. Besides that, I’m famished. Can’t we have pizza first?”

Gabe shifted, balancing his weight on his elbows, placed his hand over her mouth, and whispered, “Kaitlyn, that red light is from a laser mounted onto a gun.  Someone is outside.”

“Oh, c’mon.  You can think of a better reason to jump me than that.”

Shots rang out, shattering the window, as well as the china and wine glasses on the table, shooting splintered glass projectiles throughout the room and cutting Gabe’s back.

Now terrified, Kaitlyn tightened her arms around Gabe, clamping down like a vise grip, as her heart hammered against her chest.

“Damn it!”  Gabe cursed.  ”I left my gun in the glove box in my truck.”

“Gun?  I’ve got guns!”  Kaitlyn pushed at him.  ”Get off me.  They’re in my bedroom closet.”

Looking down at her, Gabe shook his head.  ”Why am I not surprised?”

“As much as I’m turned on by your buff, sexy body pressing against mine, if you could please roll off of me, I’ll get my guns.”

How long did it take you to write it?

I started Profile of Terror: Book Two of Profile Series in the summer of 2013, right after I released Profile of Evil (Book One of The Profile Series).  But life got in the way and I was diagnosed with thymic cancer in August of that year.  Fast forward after surgery, chemo, and radiation and I was able to complete and release the book in May 2014.

Which of your characters were the most challenging to write?

The sexual sadist, serial killer, Jim Ryder in both PROFILE OF EVIL and PROFILE OF TERROR has been the most challenging to write because his character required so much research.  I was determined that his character, behaviors, and actions be credible so I researched by learning the behaviors and motivations of sexual sadist serial killers, reading books written by profilers, discussing scenes with my subject matter experts, and doing extensive Internet research.   This research was also needed so I could write an accurate profile for my profiler, former FBI agent, Carly Stone, character.

In this excerpt, Carly is tasked with interviewing Jim Ryder and get him into a dialog about his personality, background, and development.  The information is useful for the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit to understand when and why he started killing.

“Let’s start by talking a bit about your childhood.  What was it like?  Where did you grow up?”

“Seriously?  Are you trying to shrink me?”

“Not at all,” Carly insisted, meeting him eye-to-eye.

“Fine. I grew up in a small town in Ohio.  My dad was a high school principal, and Mom was a nurse.  Is that what you wanted to know?”

“No kidding,” Carly said. “I heard you and your sister, Erin, grew up in Francis, Utah, as a member of the Dawson family.  Your father was the town drunk, and your mother was a weak-willed woman who did nothing to protect her children from his beatings.”

Ryder looked as if she’d slapped him across the face.  He stared fiercely at her from across the table.

“So let’s start over.  Tell me about your childhood.”

Ryder exploded.  ”What the **** does my childhood have to do with the additional victims I agreed to talk about?”

In her calmest, most soothing voice, Carly said, “It would really help me to understand your side of things if you’d give me some information about your background.  I just want to get to know you better before we move on to the subject of additional victims.”

A suggestion of annoyance mixed with distrust hovered in his eyes as he spoke.  ”I grew up in Francis, Utah.  Yeah, my father was the town drunk.  He was a mean, merciless man who took pleasure in beating up his family, among other things.”

“What other things?”

What do you love about writing/publishing?

One thing I love about writing is that I can share with readers the “movies” that play in my head.  I love creating characters that come to life on the pages of my books — characters my readers will care about, root for or fear.

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Kathy Dennis June 23, 2014 at 1:35 AM

Alexa Grace is one of my all time favorite romantic suspense writers. The amount of research she does, makes her characters and storylines more believable. I loved her Deadly series, but I have to admit that I am enjoying the Profile books more.
This was a really good interview and I hope to read many more like it in the future.

Mistie Lamb June 23, 2014 at 6:37 PM

I had no idea when I downloaded a free book on Amazon called “Deadly Offerings” I would be hooked! I enjoy everything Alexa has written and look forward to more. She is an inspiration too because she has kept going even though “life got in the way.”

Carol Smith June 24, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Very enjoyable interview. Her books are always good reads.

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