Book Bash Author Spotlight – Chelsea M. Cameron’s exclusive teaser scene from “UnWritten”

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Chelsea M. Cameron is today’s “Book Bash featured author” and she sends us a tidbit from her upcoming release!

She says:

“It’s an exclusive teaser/scene from my upcoming New Adult Contemporary Romance, UnWritten that comes out July 10.

I’ll be giving away 20 paper ARCs at Book Bash as well.”

:D YAY book giveaways!

And the blurb? Intriguing indeed!

A tattooed children’s librarian by day. A romance novelist by night.
A British single father.
Someone else is writing this love story…

Ready for that teaser scene?

“I have been remiss on introducing myself and I wanted to remedy that. I’m Declan Bennet,” Declan said, holding out his hand.
“Nice to finally make your acquaintance, Declan,” I said, loving the way his name tasted in my mouth. I shook his hand and was relieved when he gave me a good grip, but not too hard. He wasn’t trying to prove anything, or treat me as an inferior female. I approved of that handshake.

“Shake my hand!” Drake said, jumping up and down so we’d pay attention to him. I crouched down and gave him a good handshake.

“Daddy taught me how to handshake,” he said seriously.

“I bet he did. Your daddy has a perfect handshake,” I said, not looking at Declan when I said it.

When I rose to my feet, Declan was speaking softly to Ada. She’d dropped her bitch face like a bad habit and leaned into him, resting her hand on his shoulder. Her fingers fluttered on the material of his jacket. Yup, she had it bad for her boss. Wonder if they were doing it.

His face was impassive, but that didn’t mean anything. He wouldn’t be the first guy to sleep with his hot nanny. Wouldn’t be the last, either.

“Drake, come,” Ada said, holding her hand out for Drake. He gave his dad a look of defiance but Declan gave him a stern look back and Drake complied, dragging his feet the whole way. Ada marched him over to the reading corner and made him sit on a beanbag. What was that about?

“Sorry about that,” Declan said. What was he apologizing for?

“Oh, it’s fine,” I said automatically. I went back to the books, but a hand reached around me and plucked one of the books off the cart.

“Drake’s adorable,” I say, to fill the silence. Declan seemed much more comfortable with it than I.

“Thank you. I can’t say I’m entirely responsible for it, but thank you.” He flipped the pages of the book at random.

“It must be hard, raising him on your own.” His eyes flew up from the book and stared at me. Sh!t. I wasn’t supposed to know that. Why did I read that dossier?

“I mean, I’ve never heard him talk about his mother and I’ve never seen her with him, so I just made that conclusion. I’m sorry, that’s none of my business.” I started pushing the cart so I could escape before anymore words came out of my mouth.

“No, I do raise him on my own. That wasn’t a bad conclusion to draw. It’s difficult, but I manage. Ada watches him and in another few years, he’ll be in school and he’ll be someone else’s problem during the day.” He grinned as he said the last part. “I love him, but he can be a lot of work.”

“I can see that you love him. That’s obvious.” This felt like an intimate conversation, so I kept my eyes on the books. Declan moved closer to me, setting the book he’d been holding back on the cart.

“Well, we should probably be going. Drake is overdue for his nap and if he stays up all night again, I might strangle the lad.” Damn, he was so delightfully British.

“Okay, well, I should get back to work. It’s story time in a little while, so I have to mentally prepare myself for an epic battle of who gets to turn the page. There may be casualties.” Why? Why was I saying stupid things?

Declan cracked a smile and leaned against the bookshelf.

“But you love your job.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yeah, I do. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.” Well, besides writing smut, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

He’d said he needed to go, but he hadn’t made any move to do so. The space between the shelves seemed to decrease, as if the shelves were pressing in on us. I fingered the spines of the books, waiting for him to say something.

Drake to the rescue again. He crashed into Declan’s legs, chattering about something or other. Like most little kids, Drake still had the tendency to slur his words together when he was excited, like a little drunk person. At least Declan could make sense of them.

“And that is my cue to make an exit. I hope to see you again, Blair.” Drake dragged at his father’s arm.

“I’ll be here. With the books,” I said, pointing at the shelves.

“Bye-bye, Blair!” Drake yelled and then Declan gave me a smile as he let his son drag him away.

I leaned against the shelves for support and closed my eyes.

That man did things to me.

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Naarah June 24, 2014 at 8:55 PM

Oh I love it. I want it. I need it. NOW!!!!!

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