Book Bash Author Spotlight – Natasha Boyd gives us an exclusive “first look” teaser at her upcoming release, “The Cottage”.

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Fans of Eversea, rejoice!! Author Natasha Boyd is here today with a bit of extra news (and a sneak peek!). The good news? There will be more, “Eversea-wise” by way of spinoffs, and I know so many of you LOVE this series!

Ashley: OMGeeeee!!! I just finished Eversea and what an amazing read!!! Maryse, please tell me you know when the sequel is coming out-I don’t know how long I can wait! I need to know what happens…and soon! What a love story that I cannot get enough of! Highly recommended and now I am searching for more reads like this

Jill: Eversea was a beautiful book! The slow build was torture but soooo worth it. I love Kerri Ann and Jack; what wonderful characters! Seriously, recommend, recommend, recommend!!

Rachel: Jack Eversea is my ultimate book boyfriend…

Antonella: I just finished reading Eversea which was on the e bargain list a few weeks ago.  It was a great read, highly recommend.

Teresa: Eversea was one of my favorites this year.

Day: Eversea is another one. It was like an out of body experience for me reading that book.

And!! She’s working on something completely different right now! Oooooh! From the blurb it involves a reclusive hero! Love those!

Natasha says:

“Eversea Series is complete at two books… Although there will be spinoffs from Eversea, per readers requests (Joey and Jazz anyone?) and more Jack Eversea.

But my third due out later this year is something completely different… Anyone who adored Eversea will be surprised by the angst and emotional seriousness The Cottage takes. Eversea was a fantasy with hyped up emotion, and “captured the feeling of falling in love”.   My latest is heart wrenching and uncomfortable and packed with subtle suspense and angst, and some whopping sexual tension.”

Here’s the synopsis of “The Cottage” (expected release date Fall 2014)

When Livvy Baines was twelve years old, her older sister Abby ran away with a boy. That boy killed Abby. It destroyed Livvy’s family and left Liv flailing, ignored and grieving. It also left her at the mercy of the family predator.

Now six years later Olivia Baines is running away too. Running to the one place she thinks no one would suspect she would go, her late grandmother’s abandoned and isolated cottage on Daufuskie Island. But the cottage is not abandoned, it’s inhabited by a reclusive caretaker who is hiding an even bigger secret.

Tom lost the love of his life in a tragic accident that he knows he could have prevented. If only he hadn’t been so young and stupid and naive. In his guilt and his grief he turned a blind eye to the monster that was looming. Now the product of his failure to act has arrived on his doorstep.

In Olivia, Tom sees a second chance. A chance to heal her and help her become the bright shining young woman she should have grown up to be. But every moment they spend together, the more Tom’s emotions become tangled between wanting to help his love’s little sister and being drawn to Olivia more powerfully than anything he’s ever felt. Can he work out a way to heal Livvy and forgive himself without falling in love with her? Can he earn her trust without abusing it? And can he do it before she finds out the truth, that he could have saved her and didn’t?

Sounds awesome!! I’m ready for it. Are you guys? This teaser is a bit… dark, in feel. Some harsh realities, and I couldn’t help but have goosebumps at the end of it.



The Cottage (Working Title) by Natasha Boyd

* * *

It was really cold in the shade, especially with the air whipping by us as we drove. The normally smooth skin on her pale bare legs was mottled. But I wasn’t looking.

“Did it occur to you the reason I wanted to speak to Tyler wasbecause he’s a dealer?” she asked quietly.

I swallowed. “You want to start getting high now in addition to all the other shit you’ve got going on?”

The other sh!t I’ve got going on?” she repeated. “You mean like the fact that I need prescriptions to deal with my sh!t. And those prescriptions are running out? Did it occur to you to wonder what the hell I’m going to do when they run out?”

“Of course it’s occurred to me. You wake me up almost every night.”

Her sharp inhale made me feel bad for throwing it out there so casually. “Well, if Tyler deals then he can probably get access to what I need.”

I turned sharply toward her. “The street value of that shit you’re taking it astro-f***ing-nominal. How the hell would you even pay him?”

She folded her arms back across her body, her jaw tight, back rigid.

I waited, fury and panic coiled inside me so tight I could barely breathe. Please, God, no.

She looked away.

My breath left me in a rush, my chest caving in. “You mean you’d f**k him,” I rasped, barely able to find my voice. Anguish and regret and too many emotions I couldn’t process were squeezing my body so tight I thought my head would explode. A vein throbbed in my temple. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to roar, cry, or vomit or let it happen all at the same time.

“I just do what I have to.” But her voice was small.

My stomach heaved and bile crawled up my throat. “You just … ” I couldn’t even articulate it. Swallowing the acrid taste, I grabbed onto the one emotion that could help me steer through this. Anger. Jesus Christ.

“I don’t have to sleep with them. There’s other stuff I could do. I get to be in control of it.”

Said like the young, naïve little girl she was. Was she f***ing kidding me? And “them?” She’d done this before? And by other stuff …

Hell, no. “You’d put someone’s filthy c@ck in your mouth, and you think that gives you control?” I asked, injecting as much disgust into my voice as possible. “Well, that just makes you f***ing stupid.”

She flinched. “It’s the men who are stupid. You all are so f***ing easy.”

I don’t know how, because I remembered nothing about the rest of the drive except the ice in my veins, but finally we pulled up in front of the cottage.

The last thing I wanted to do was be inside there with her. It would be like putting a pressurized canister in a hot oven. I would shake her until her teeth rattled.

“If your sister wasn’t already dead,” I ground out, knowing my next words were the cruelest thing I could come up with, “meeting the person you’ve become would kill her.”

Whoa. Right?

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