Book Bash Author Spotlight – Penelope Ward sends us a “Jake Undone” poem…

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Author Penelope Ward just sent us a “Jake Undone” poem!!

I read book #1 Gemini (<— my review) and really enjoyed it. Quite the twist!! But boy do I need to continue the series. Especially considering the love for the brand-spankin’ new release of book #3 (My Skylar), and the HUGE popularity of book #2 Jake Undone (A Gemini Novel Book 2), I’m missing out. ;) Just look at these reactions!

Michele: I’ve read and enjoyed both of these books. Both are really good stories with Gemini throwing me a few curveballs but I actually put Jake Undone in my Favorite collection for a future reread since he made my book bf list. And that cover?? Holy hell is it HOT!!

Julie: LOVED “Jake Undone”.. can’t stop thinking about it. Penelope Ward is a fantastic writer. Jake is really something special :)

Lori: These are a MUST READ… Gemini blew me away and Jake Undone is amazing. Jake and I are in love and getting married. Yes I am crazy but he is upgraded to my book Husband… <— SIDENOTE from Maryse: LOL Lori!!! I love this… that’s exactly how I feel about another certain “bad boy”. I get you completely. ;)

Kim: I read Jake Undone first by mistake and only discovered there was a Book 1 while reading Gemini. I enjoyed both but give JU the edge. JAKE IS HOT!!!

Donya: I read Jake Undone first by mistake (which both books can be read as stand-alone) but oh my! I made have some severe questions of what if this happened to me. Such a twist and I loved it!!!

Jen: It was a great book. Lots of stuff going on and once they finally are together, there are more obstacles of course! Highly recommend it.

And lucky us, Jake has a poem…

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