Book Bash Author Spotlight – S.L. Scott’s Exclusive Outtake of “The Resistance”

by Maryse on June 14, 2014 · 1 comment

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Exactly two weeks until Book Bash, and I’ve decided to count down to the big day by featuring some of this year’s Book Bash 2014 authors! Fun exclusive book excerpts, facts, outtakes… authors will be sending us all sorts of FUN never-before-seen goodies for us to indulge in! ;)

Today’s featured author is S.L. Scott, and her latest release NY Times and USA Today Best Selling release, The Resistance. <—Rock star book lovers, if you haven’t yet read “The Resistance” I suggest you take a look! It’s a fun little (angsty but not too angsty) book about a chance meeting in Vegas between a woman at a business convention, and a very sexy, bad-boy. Things get hot!! The whole “What happens in Vegas…” you know how it goes. ;)

But! What she doesn’t know of course, is who he is, exactly. And that’s when the real fun begins. ;) Check out my review, and then take a look at this never-before-seen outtake.

Ready for the outtake? :D

The Resistance – Johnny Outlaw

The interviewer pushes his glasses further up his nose with his middle finger, then starts scribbling again. Peeking up at me, he says, “There are a lot of rumors out there right now. Wanna clear any up?”

Leaning forward, I keep my voice low. “I’ve learned a few things from being in the business this long. One is that it doesn’t matter what I say. You’re going to twist my words to fit whatever angle you’re going for.” I pick up my glass and finish my drink.

“No angle. Just doing my job.” After taking a sip of beer, he says, “Tell me about Holliday.”

“I don’t talk about my personal life.” My hand fists under the table, uncomfortable under the prying eye of the press.

“How about just a little insight into your lives.”

I refuse to sell her or us out in an interview with a music magazine.

When I don’t respond, he says, “Fine. Tell me about the new music.”

I reach into the inside pocket of my jacket, pull out an all access pass, and drop it on the table. “You should come to the show tonight,” I say, tapping it twice. “Then you can tell me what you think of the new music.”

“Work with me, man.” Frustrated, he leans forward resting his elbows on the table, and asks, “What’s next for The Resistance?”

Sitting back, I think about the question, not rushing to answer. I look across the table, two empty pint glasses and a recorder between us, and smile. “Guess you’ll have to stay tuned.”

*sigh* Johnny… poooooor sweet “bad-boy” Johnny.

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Judith Lattin June 19, 2014 at 9:33 PM

And stay tuned I WILL!!! :-)

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