Book Bash Author Spotlight – Tasha Ivey teases us with two of her upcoming book releases…

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Author Tasha Ivey just sent us an update about a couple of “work in progresses”, and what we have to look forward to, from her! One, a contemporary romance, and the other… a dark read!! <— *eeeep!*

She says:

“I’m working on two projects simultaneously right now…book 3 of the Every Life Series, Every Glance, and Stolen Beauty. I’m hoping to release Every Glance by the end of July and Stolen Beauty by the beginning of September.”

Here’s a little tidbit from her about “Every Glance” (book #3):

“The hot doctor that everyone fell in love with in Every Breath now has his own story! Dalton is a perpetual bachelor, but someone is definitely about to catch his eye. And she NOT part of the steady stream of women who are feigning illness just to have him play doctor with them either. You’ll finally get to catch up with the rest of the gang, too! You’ll be invited to Sawyer and Makenna’s wedding, and you’ll be right there with Callie and Wes while they prepare for baby Shane!”

And for those of you that would like to catch up on this “Every Life” series, check out

She also sent us a tidbit about “Stolen Beauty” (this is the dark read!):

“This isn’t your usual sticky sweet, puppies and rainbows kind of romance. This story is raw and real. Maybe a little too real. In Stolen Beauty, you’ll enter into the sick world of human trafficking. Their latest unwilling participant, Kai, wants nothing more than to get out, while Ryker, a newly suspended detective, is clawing his way in. But like stepping into quicksand, they’re both going to get sucked in deeper than they’d ever imagine. No one escapes from this world…not with a pulse, anyway.”

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