Five Fun Facts about Stephie Wall’s latest release “Dear Diamond”

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Oooooh you guys!! TOTAL BLURB JOLT ALERT!!! Lookit this one! I don’t know how I missed it (it was just released a week or so ago), but it sounds right up our steamy alley (and maybe a little grit, too? Considering what the heroine does for a living, and all). ;)

Tell me this doesn’t make you want to read this ASAP:

She wasn’t mine to claim—I knew nothing about her.

But then our eyes met…

She danced on stage, exposed in more ways than just her lack of clothing. I expected to see lust. Instead, I got anger, hatred, resentment. She was in deep with the company I’d escaped, and my presence at Club Swank made me guilty by association.

But I refused to let them have her.

I’d protect her at all costs. After all, they owed me.

Ohhhhh YES!!!!! MINE. Absolutely!

And… author Stephie Walls is this week’s newsletter sponsor and she’s giving us a sneak peek “behind the book” :D I love when authors let us in on their process and how a story developed!!!

Five Fun Facts about Dear Diamond:

1.) The title of the book was derived from Miranda Lambert’s song, “Dear Diamond” (although the book has NOTHING to do with the song) when I was driving home from the airport from a book signing.

2.) I spent hours researching erotic dancing and adult entertainment to ensure that I accurately reflected Nikki’s time at Club Swank, even though she doesn’t spend much time on the actual stage in the book. (I hope no one ever looks at my search history on my computer. Haha.)

3.) Ryker’s character was inspired by the model, Steve Gehrke…because…um…well, hello! Have you seen him? If not, GOOGLE HIM! Wowza!

4.) Since I prefer country music, I had to have my friends send me “stripper songs” to listen to in order to create a playlist and dance set for Diamond. You can imagine how those text messages went…I doubt I’ll ever live that down.

5.) Those “funny” feelings Nikki gets on the back of Rykers Harley?? Oh yeah. They’re real. I’ve tested it out myself.

Okay…. we MUST have that list of stripper songs!! OH PLEASE!!?? ;) And teehee on that last part!! :P

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