Five Fun Facts about Brenda Rothert’s “Alpha Mail”

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<— SNORT!!!!! HOW CLEVER is this title and premise??? Alpha Mail is going live tomorrow and you KNOW that title has my attention. ;) And guess what? The author is teasing us a little with this “Five Fun Facts” to wet our palettes.

First… the synopsis:

Sienna Mills knows her alpha males.
They brood.
They growl.
They love the word “mine”.

After spending her early twenties in and out of relationships with alphas, Sienna used her knowledge to found Alpha Mail, a booming business that allows women to sign up for emails, letters, and texts from their own brooding, red-blooded man.

Her star is on the rise and Sienna is attracting the interest of investors when a mysterious man starts messaging her about the true nature of an alpha. She’s got it all wrong, he says, and he’s willing to show her how a real man makes women respond.

The more Sienna hears from him, the more aggravated she becomes. Who does this anonymous, supposed alpha think he is, anyway?

And yet…she can’t deny his messages are becoming the best part of her days. Commitment-phobic Sienna finds herself wanting more from her sensei of seduction. But is she willing to trust her heart to an alpha again?

Hrmm… ohhhhh yes… I, too, am intrigued about how this alpha proves himself (P.S. Where can we sign up for this alpha male pen-pal service?? I’m in!!) :P

*starts Googling “alpha mail”…*

Oh wait! Right… the Five Fun Facts. ;)

A note from the author:

My newest Contemporary Romance, Alpha Mail, is full of questions. The biggest one of all is the identity of the mystery man emailing Alpha Mail owner Sienna Mills. He won’t tell her who he is, and he has his reasons. Are they good reasons, though? I’ll let you decide.

Other questions this story explores are preconceptions about dating and how to cope with the slow loss of a loved one. I truly hope my readers will feel a wide range of emotions in this story. I certainly did while writing it. Humor and heat are key ingredients in every book I write, but something else is always central: heart. Love stories are a lot like love—without vulnerability, risks and up and downs that leave you holding your breath in anticipation, they fall flat.

Another question encountered in Alpha Mail leaves Sienna digging deep inside for answers.

Who are you, really?

Like most strong, independent twenty-somethings, she knows exactly who she is. Until she realizes that maybe…she doesn’t. Maybe she’s gotten so wrapped up in being who she wants the world to see her as that she’s lost track of her true self. So she explores this question, which is something I’d love to make readers think about as they read.

Here are five things Sienna Mills most definitely is:

At age twenty-eight, Sienna is the owner of a booming business called Alpha Mail. She parlayed the craptastic dating experiences of her early twenties into a company that lets women get emails, texts, and phone calls from sexy alpha types, but without the messy dating part. Sienna works long, hard hours and rarely shows vulnerability. But as the story progresses, she finds that maybe there’s actually strength in vulnerability.

Sienna’s best friend Carmen and Carmen’s six-year-old son Jack live with her. She supports them and the three of them are a like a family. Jack has special needs, and taking care of him is what drives Sienna. She’s fiercely loyal—the kind of friend you’d want at your side through thick and thin. Strong female friendships are something I love writing about.

When it comes to dating, Sienna’s been there and done that, and as she says in the book, if she had a t-shirt to summarize her experiences, it would say ‘Over It’. She’s done with shallow, possessive men who get jealous at the drop of a hat. Alphas are overrated. Unless…she’s never really known a true one?

Cool, calm and collected…
Sienna is level-headed in all situations. She’s at ease in the board room or reading bedtime stories to Jack. It’s tough to rattle her steely, confident façade. After all, a successful female has to prove herself twice as often as a man. Sienna’s up to the challenge, though. Bring it on, patriarchy.


If someone messes with Jack or Carmen, though, all bets are off. Sienna has fire, as her anonymous alpha is fond of saying, and while she keeps it out of sight most of the time, we get to see it ablaze when someone says something hurtful about Jack. We as women have all had those moments where we just can’t even. I hope you’ll want to high-five Sienna after hers.

So there’s a glance at Sienna Mills. She’s one of my favorite heroines ever, not just because of her strengths, but because of her willingness to own her weaknesses. I hope readers will laugh and cry with her.

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Sounds like fun!!

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