“You’ll Never Believe…” with Laura K. Curtis

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Welcome to the twenty ninth installment of “You’ll Never Believe…”

For those that don’t know what these new featurettes will be about, here is the scoop! “You’ll Never Believe…” will feature the weirdest questions or encounters that authors have been asked/had. Might be about their books or random things, like meetings in a bathroom where someone asked what brand of toilet paper they normally use. Fun stuff and inside scoops that an author would not normally share.

Today’s “You’ll Never Believe…” celebrates the release of Laura K. Curtis’s latest book “Echoes (A Harp Security Novel)”. The author tells us about her cover model hunt…

You’ll Never Believe, by Laura K. Curtis

I’m a pretty quiet person most of the time and I embarrass easily. However, it’s also true that I’d do almost anything to help a friend, and these two things occasionally conflict.

I have a friend who’s a photographer who specializes in romance novel covers (cool job, right?) and I don’t get to see her often because she lives halfway across the country. But one weekend she was coming to town for a conference and she was going to do a shoot at the same time. We went out to dinner the night she arrived and she bemoaned the fact that after she’d brought all her equipment, the male model had cancelled at the last minute.

Well, I said, I had a lot of trainer friends who were gym rats, and they might know someone with the right pecs, er, specs. Unfortunately, my texts to my friends netted no results. But the next day when I was in the gym, one of my trainer friends pointed out a guy who was working out and said “you could ask him, he’s FDNY and he was in their calendar, so I know he has some experience.”

So I pulled on my big girl panties (figuratively—I wasn’t going commando in the gym) and went and asked a total stranger if he would consider modeling for a romance novel cover photographer. He said yes, and I gave him my friend’s phone number.

As it turned out, he couldn’t be there when she needed someone. But it was a pretty hilarious moment all the same. I hope he thought the reason my face was so red is that I’d been working out!

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