“You’ll Never Believe…” with Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

by Maryse on May 30, 2015 · 1 comment

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Welcome to the thirty eighth installment of “You’ll Never Believe…”

For those that don’t know what these new featurettes will be about, here is the scoop! “You’ll Never Believe…” will feature the weirdest questions or encounters that authors have been asked/had. Might be about their books or random things, like meetings in a bathroom where someone asked what brand of toilet paper they normally use. Fun stuff and inside scoops that an author would not normally share.

Today’s “You’ll Never Believe…” celebrates the release of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s latest book “MERMEN (The Mermen Trilogy Book 1)”.  In this one, the author tells us about how her husband “just knew”. Tee hee!!!! :D

The Weirdest Thing by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

On a trip to southern Mexico, my husband convinced me that we should rent a car and go check out some remote beaches near the fishing village of Mahahual, sort of near the border of Belize. “But where are we going to stay? Are you sure we’ll find something?” I’d asked my hubby. That stretch of beach wasn’t at all developed, most of it without electricity at the time. He assured me we’d find something nice. No, I didn’t believe him, but he’s the Mexican, so who was I to argue?

Anyway, it was a beautiful drive through long stretches of flat, low jungle with some of the bluest sky I’d ever seen. Once we hit the coast, we drove along a dirt road, going from one funky little eco-resort (the kind with huts and hammocks) to even funkier. Some of them were so rustic, I’d question letting my sweaty socks spend the night. My hopes of anything remotely comfortable (i.e. with a toilet) dwindled with each muddy pothole, until it started getting dark. “Now what?” I asked. My husband assured me this next place would be great, he could just feel it. So when we pulled up to the tiny-looking hole-in-the-wall “resort,” I was pretty sure we were going to end up roughing it in a hammock and being eaten by mosquitos all night.

When my hubby and I went into the shabby little office slash reception slash home of the manager to ask about a room, he told us they only had one room, but it was a real room with walls and screens on the windows. We said, “Fine, we’ll take it.” But what he meant was that they ONLY HAD ONE ROOM. Like, as in, for the entire place! Turned out they were in the process of building and had gotten into a dispute with the builder.  So the entire resort only had one completed room.  Given what I saw from the road, I am thinking that it’s going to be a dump without running water and mattress filled with hay, but whatever. We were tired. So the man pointed the way and off we went.

The room was great. The nicest thing we’d seen for miles—real bathroom, hot water, AND ELECTRICITY until 9 p.m.!  Yes!  Score.

Then we went to find the beach and enjoy the sunset. There was a cool pyramid overlooking the turquoise ocean, an awesome pool, and no one else.  Not a soul!  Turned out the contractor had finished the important stuff first, LOL.

That place is now called the MAYA PALMS near Mahahual and if you do a Google Images search you’ll see the pyramid overlooking the ocean and pool. Imagine getting paradise all to yourself for two days?  (And no, my hubby had no clue the place existed. He just knew…)

GAH!! I love this story. It was meant to be. I wish I could see photos!!

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noel wall ace hale May 30, 2015 at 9:08 PM

Reminds me of a certain eco resort from your accidentally yours series ;)

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