“You’ll Never Believe…” with Stephanie Laurens

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Welcome to the twenty second installment of “You’ll Never Believe…”

For those that don’t know what these new featurettes will be about, here is the scoop! “You’ll Never Believe…” will feature the weirdest questions or encounters that authors have been asked/had. Might be about their books or random things, like meetings in a bathroom where someone asked what brand of toilet paper they normally use. Fun stuff and inside scoops that an author would not normally share.

Today’s “You’ll Never Believe…” celebrates the release of Stephanie Laurens’ latest book “The Tempting of Thomas Carrick (The Cynster Novels)” and she tells us about the time she nearly got her husband arrested for espionage… *snort!!!*

You’ll Never Believe by Stephanie Laurens:

You’ll never believe…how I nearly got my husband arrested in the UK on suspicion of industrial espionage.

About fifteen years ago, I was tinkering with the idea of a crime series about a fictional special unit of UK police who handled biotechnology-related crimes—this to capitalize on my background in that area of science. Then I heard that Cambridge University in the UK had recently established a special pseudoindustrial estate for biotechnology research and development adjacent to the university—and lo and behold, my husband was going over there, to the university, for a conference. Great!

“Dearest, can you take a look around, pick up any information brochures, maybe get a few photos?” Remember this was in the days before Google street view, and even the internet was much less helpful back then.

So on the weekend when he had some time to spare, he hired a bike and rode around the then-deserted buildings, taking photos…until a police car cruised up, stopped, and the officers asked him to explain what he was doing. His suspicious activities had been caught on security cameras. Oops. I gather his tale of having a novelist for a wife was sufficiently weird to be believable—via the reasoning that no genuine industrial spy would make up such a ridiculous excuse, so it must be the truth. So now my husband can testify to the real and present dangers of being married to a novelist!

LOL!!! I like her style! Wanna know more about her latest book?

Blurb for The Tempting of Thomas Carrick (The Cynster Novels)

Thomas Carrick is determined to make his own life in the bustling port city of Glasgow, far from the demands of the Carrick clan, eventually with an appropriate wife on his arm. But disturbing events on his family’s estate force Thomas to return to the Scottish countryside—where he is forced to ask for help from the last woman he wants to face. Thomas has never forgotten Lucilla Cynster and the connection that seethes between them, but to marry Lucilla would mean embracing a life he’s adamant is not for him.

Strong-willed and passionate, Lucilla knows Thomas is hers—her fated lover, husband, protector, mate. He is the only man for her, just as she is his one true love. How can he ignore a bond stronger than reason and choose a different path? She’s determined to fight for their future, and while she cannot command him, she has enticements of her own to wield when it comes to tempting Thomas Carrick.

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About Author

Author Stephanie Laurens

#1 New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens began writing romances as an escape from the dry world of professional science. Her hobby quickly became a career when her first novel was accepted for publication, and with entirely becoming alacrity, she gave up writing about facts in favor of writing fiction.

Laurens’s novels are set in the time period of the British Regency, and her settings range from Scotland to India. Laurens has published fifty works of historical romance, including 29 New York Times bestsellers. All her works are continuously available in print and digital formats in English worldwide, and have been translated into many other languages. An international bestseller, among other Stephanie’s email contactsaccolades Laurens has received the Romance Writers of America prestigious RITA Award for Best Romance Novella 2008, for The Fall of Rogue Gerrard.

Her continuing novels featuring the Cynster family are widely regarded as classics of the genre. Other series include the Bastion Club Novels and the Black Cobra Quartet. For information on upcoming releases and updates on novels yet to come, visit Stephanie’s website.

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