Jessica Ruben’s latest book just went live and the “Vincent and Eve Trilogy” is now complete + Five Fun Facts!

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If you’ve been waiting patiently for all the books to drop, to read this, it. Is. READY!! Book # three (Redemption (Vincent and Eve Book 3)) JUST WENT LIVE TODAY.

I know some of my book friends have been *squeeing* in delight over the angst and feels in this one (or… maybe even grumbling ’cause of the cliffhanger), but that could only mean good things, right? :P

Susan: I loved Rising!!!!!!

Linda: Well I devoured Rising and Reckoning by Jessica Ruben over the weekend!!! Now I’m in a bratty mood because I have no idea when Redemption will be released!! Total CH!! I didn’t listen to my logical inner voice saying “wait until series is complete!!!” Nooooooo too impatient!!! UGH!!

Kandace: I had to join the fave list party. Here’s my favorite books of this year. …2. Reckoning by Jessica Ruben <— it was the second on her list of 11!

…and the author sent over a few “fun facts” about it (and about herself!!), just for us!

Behind the Books: Five Fun Facts about the Vincent and Eve Trilogy

1. Before RisingReckoning, and Redemption there was just one book titled: Vincent and Eve. At the urging of my editor, I divided the book into three.

2. Most of my notes for the books were composed on the 6 subway train between the Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan.

3. There was a second option for my covers, with a hot guy who had “abs for days,” as the cool kids say. But in the end, I chose the roses beneath shattered glass.

4. Vincent is the name of the doorman in my apartment building and yes, he’s hot!

5. While I wish I wrote full time, I spend my days as a lawyer in New York City

I think these covers are perfect. They emote a definite feeling of darker emotions, and pull me in… I can’t wait to start!


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