Happy Halloween! So, hey! I have a ghost story for ya… (my trip to the RT Book Lovers Convention 2015 – Recap Part 3…)

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My BFF Sherry, Me, author J.B. Salsbury & her BFF Evelyn! J.B. & Evelyn chickened out! :P

It’s true. A real life one. One that is long overdue to be told, in fact (you’ll see part one and part two of that author signing trip here – part 2 gets spookier ;) ), but it’s part three (THIS post) that had the real spook-factor.

The evidence, if you will. Now of course, there will be some non-believers and skeptics that say “WHAT?? I don’t believe you and that photo shows nothing!!” but the fact that I caught something that I saw with my own eyes? I KNOW I had my own ghostly encounter at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas Texas. And it was awesome!

Author Mary Elizabeth and me!! :D She chickened out. ;)

Okay so here’s how it went. It involved my BFF Sherry, author Amber L. Johnson and me (and almost a couple of chickens. Er… not real chickens. Just a couple of friends that totally chickened out on us.) *ahem* sideeyes authors Mary Elizabeth, J.B. Salsbury and her bff, Evelyn Johnson. *pok pok* ;) Yeah I sold y’all out! :P

Anyway, so it’s our last night in Dallas, our last night at the Adolphus, and we’d been telling our fun ghost-hunting story to everyone that would listen, and we almost amassed another group. But our trio was good enough (and brave!!).

We head right back up to the creepy and forbidden 19th floor. All three of us. At night, alone up there, it’s dark, and nobody knows where we are. Well, I mean, Mary Elizabeth and J.B. Salsbury knew, so if we went missing, I’m sure they would have sent someone up there after us. ;)

So we go up there… searching around and giggling, but we head right to the area around HER room. The dead bride’s room.

Me and author Amber L. Johnson (our fellow ghost hunter for that night). ;)

It’s DARK, and as Sherry and Amber roam further down the hall, I enter her lights-out-dark room. I’m looking around, trying to see as best as I can (from the little bit of light coming in through the windows from outside lighting), and I hear a door slam further away. I hear the girls gasp, freak out a bit and giggle, but I can’t hear what they’re saying. I know I’m going to head where they are soon enough and find out what they’re playing with.

I’m listening to them wondering what they just got into, while I lift my iPhone and take a random photo of HER room (I can’t see anything so I’m not actually looking at my phone screen).

As I do, the flash on my phone activates ’cause it’s so dark and I can’t see anything. I snap the photo, and suddenly I see, with my very own eyes, right there in front of me… a small sort of… glowing white (light?)… ball.

It JOLTS from right in front of me, to the right side of the room… and disappears. It MOVED with purpose. Almost as if I startled it!!! eekeek As if the flash of my camera startled it.

And it was gone.

I realized… it was an actual orb!!! I was in AWE. This was not some flash-reflection off a mirror (there were no mirrors).

This was a perfect sphere, small and obvious… light, that practically FLEW away from me. I was thrilled. Elated. Freaked out, but strangely not scared at all. I almost felt bad for disturbing it. Her?

One of the creepy elevators… going… up? (We were very likely heading to the 19th floor, here).

After taking a few more photos really quickly, I ran out of the room, only to be met by my fellow ghost hunters that caught that door slam on audio!! Sherry was recording with her Kindle… and while she didn’t catch the image of the door, she caught the sound of that door slamming ON OUR FLOOR, and then of course, their own freaked-out reactions. We were the ONLY ones on that floor. It was a ghost-town (maybe quite literally!). No rooms were occupied, the doors to the rooms didn’t even lock anymore. All the furniture was upside down, and covered. We knew it was just us. Who would have slammed that door? Our eyes bugging wide, I told them about what I had just seen.

And as I scrolled through the photos I had just taken… I see that in one photo, the first one of the series (that “activated” her)… I caught the orb.

Top left of the photo below, going to the right… in front of the head board. Open it BIG!! You actually see (in larger format) a secondary movement-glow coming off that obvious one going to the right. I didn’t do that, you guys. No retouching. I SWEAR. This is from my iPhone with nothing else added.

Okay… I know it’s not mind-blowing evidence, but I know what I saw with my own eyes when the flash went off. I saw it startle, and then jolt across the room away from me… and then it disappeared. And in that fluke of a photo-capture, there she is, at the headboard… in motion. eek I’M SERIOUS YOU GUYS!!!!! FOR REAL SERIOUS!! :D !!!!


And that’s it. That’s my story. ;)

Okay now you go!!! :D !!

*rubs hands together hoping for some creepy stories*

P.S. Here we are, reminiscing about that moment (JB started us off) ;) :

JB Salsbury : Me: I don’t believe it ghosts.

Also me: *hangs creepy old lady dress from Goodwill in the garage because I don’t want the spirit of the granny who wore it to haunt me*

Maryse: You should have come ghosthunting with us that night. ;) We found one.

Sherry: You mean IT found US

JB Salsbury: But I don’t believe in ghosts!!! *runs like hell away from girls going ghost hunting*

Maryse: LOL!! Did you ever figure out how to get that door slamming audio off your Kindle?

Sherry: Maryse No!! But everyone here that listened to it said it was freaky! And Amber heard it loud and clear too! I still can’t believe you didn’t hear it

Maryse: I DID hear it… I just thought it was YOU guys messing around… and the you played it back for me. YIKES!!!

Amber L. Johnson Giiiiirrrrlllll

Sherry: Amber But we were tough and actually walked down to where the door that slammed

Amber L. Johnson: And stood in the closet like WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

Sherry: I don’t know where I all of a sudden got my bravery because I’m a damn wuss like JB

Amber L. Johnson: It was totally because I was there. Totally. *dies laughing and pees my pants*

Sherry: Hahah! I had you and you had me and our little Maryse was off in a dark room chasing after an orb

Maryse: And I have her in a photo!!!!! What a thrill. I’m telling the story on my blog right now!!! I must!

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Geybie November 1, 2017 at 1:13 AM

Oh so scary. I would have run when I saw it. You guys are both so brave and hilarious. :-D

PS: Maryse, I’ve replied to your email. Thank you so much.

Tessa November 1, 2017 at 12:57 PM

Alright, that light isn’t explainable. The light in the room is reflecting at a different angle. Super cool!

Maryse November 2, 2017 at 8:03 PM

:D !!! RIGHT???????

Sherry :) November 3, 2017 at 10:08 PM

One of the best nights/trips I’ve ever been on.
To stay in a haunted hotel and then be able to ghost hunt with my bestie not once but twice AND go on a tour of the haunted floor was one of the highlights.
I wonder if ghost girl would remember us if we went back ☺️

Brandi Bradford November 4, 2017 at 10:46 AM

Maryse I used to work at the Hotel Adolphus! There are so many fascinating crawl spaces from the original ballrooms and such. I worked for the engineering department and would be on closed floors polishing the marble in the bathrooms alone. So many stories from working there!

Maryse November 4, 2017 at 11:21 AM

Do tell, Brandi!!!!!!! :D !!!

I would go back and stay there again in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful, the staff was nice, and it’s just so exciting (both for the historical value AND for the potential ghost sightings).

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