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*sigh* I have a feeling Colin Farrel is going to be my ideal vampire (minus the "bad" - or is the "bad" a plus?) Tee hee!

I’m reading paranormal all weekend!! It’s true. I’ve started Jamie McGuire’s paranormal trilogy (I’m on book #1 Providence and she’s working on book #3 right now) and I’m already loving it. And while Jared is wonderfully mysterious… I can’t help but have a HUGE crush on Ryan. I don’t think I’m supposed to, but I do. Do you think that’ll change? Is this one of those “team Ryan vs. team Jared” situations?

Considering who she selected as an ideal “Ryan”  8-O , I think after seeing that picture, I’m automatically biased. I like ‘em “bad-boy’ish” and he’s got just *that* look.

So I’m going to kick off today’s post with some fabulous Jamie McGuire news:

  • Author of “Beautiful DisasterJamie McGuire announced the most AWESOME news on her Facebook page:

“Actually, there will be a spin-off with one of the brothers…and I will also write BD from Travis’ perspective. So look forward to a lot more of BD stories. :) This is all in the beginning stages, and I still have P3 to write, so sit tight. :)

  • And while this isn’t really “news” but since it combines both an author, vampires, and gives me an excuse to post a pic of Colin Farrel (and a trailer!), I’m jumping on it: Author Jeaniene Frost saw Fright Night yesterday and gave it “two fangs up”.
  • Jeaniene Frost also announces the title of Vlad’s book on her blog (expected release date March 27th 2012):

“Vlad and Leila’s book finally has a title. Leila is a new character, but series readers know that Vlad is a pyrokinetic vampire, so we wanted a title that hinted at this.  Leila has some unusual abilities, too, but I can’t say more about those until I’m allowed to release the book description. Until then, I give you…

Once Burned (Night Prince, Book 1), the first book in the new Night Prince series!”

check out the rest of her blog post (and what the book is bout, here)

“Will be turning in my outline for book #2 of the Sarah Dearly Mysteries in the next few days so my editor can give me approval to start writing it. So much fun, I can’t wait to get started. My working title for it is BLED & BREAKFAST.”

“Back-to-back releases next summer. You’ll be getting Shadow Bound in June and Before I Wake in July of 2012. Between now and then, there will be Blood Bound, If I Die, the Soul Screamers omnibus, and the third Soul Screamers novella. Guess I better go finish that last one.”

“Party time!! Phineas’ book is officially done!! (until revisions, LOL)”

Here’s the signing for ENVY!
Saturday, September 10
2:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
7800 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Hope to see you there!
  • And what I think to be my last bit of news for the day… Since I love rock stars, and vampires (and heck, throw in fallen angels to while we’re at it), this author (Adrian Phoenix) combines the best of all of them into one delicious, angsty, moody, sexy paranormal package in the form of “Dante”. Here is the cover for her next book On Midnight Wings (The Maker’s Song) (expected release date March 27th 2012).

[tubepress video="txgGhyjPZGg"]

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Sherry ;) August 20, 2011 at 2:58 PM

Alls I can say is *Welcome Back Maryse* hehehehehe ;)

Jackie August 20, 2011 at 4:18 PM

Hi Maryse,
I am reading Providence as well and also Grave dance by Kaylana Price . I am also planning to see Fright night in 3D .love all the upcoming news!

Shreya August 20, 2011 at 10:41 PM

**yeyeehhheeeeee**…..BD from Travis’s POV……my day can’t get any better!!!! :D :D thanks for the news Maryse…. :D :D

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