Latest Paranormal Book and Author News – October 7th 2011

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The overseas cover version for the upcoming release "A Vampire For Christmas" - gorgeous!! I want one!! I mean, the book. And the vampire ;) hehe!

I’m a reading machine these days, and while privately, I’m having fun with most of my latest book finds, none so far have wow’d me into *squee* mode. :(

Bummer, I know!! I’ve even been getting plenty of sleep! I miss my inner zombie…

So they’re good… just not crazy-good. I’ll still tell y’all about ‘em one by one, in case you’re in the mood for a bit of angst and love drama (as opposed to the intense rip-your-heart-out, but love-him-to-death kind), but do not despair, I’m still on the hunt for the next great one!

In the meantime, here’s the latest author news I’ve compiled. Good stuff to look forward too, including a soon-to-be paperback version of Travis (see below for the “announcement”).

  • Diana Gabaldon has announced the title of book # 8 in the Outlander series (and insists that this is probably NOT the last book in the series)

(I still want an octopus on the cover, but we’ll deal with that later.)”

“That announcement is: Beautiful Disaster will be available in print as soon as Justin McClure finishes the cover. (No pressure, Justin. Only thousands of fans waiting.) That is all.”

  • Jill Myles is a writing machine!! She blogged her entire writing schedule (including more for the Succubus Diaries series), and her “hope-to-writes” too!
  • Kim Harrison releases the book cover to her upcoming “A Perfect Blood (Rachel Morgan)” – gorgeous cover, ‘cept that… doesn’t that look like the latest model for Cat and Bones? Come to think of it, the whole thing looks like a Cat and Bones cover.

she will also be at a book signing (she posted this on Oct 6th):

“I will be at the NYU bookstore on 726 Broadway (at Astor Place) a week from today at 6:30 pm for Q&A and a signing.

  • Kerrelyn Sparks will also be at a book signing. Go meet her, and get that sexy Gregori (Sexiest Vampire Alive) signed ;) She’s so nice! She says:

“Booksigning this Saturday, 3-5 pm at the B&N in Plano, TX. (I know my name isn’t listed on the page, but I WILL be there!!! Sophie Jordan will be there, too!)”

  • Kresley Cole has posted the back cover copy of her upcoming Immortals After Dark book Lothaire

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