Reader Question… Answered! The series with two brothers on the team and the team leader was named Luke…

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Looks like TWO for two of the reader questions that have been answered, today, so here’s today’s third reader question of the day. I consulted with our Facebook crew, and they came up with some answers, but Lisa figured it out on her own! So I thought I’d post all of the guesses, and the “winning” series in case these might be up your alley. ;)

Lisa needs our help to find this series again… She asks:

“Can u help me find a series please… was 5 books I believe….the 4 th book was about the Team leader he suffered a concussion and had to have surgery… One of the team members was almost paralyzed… There were two brothers on the team and the team leader Luke I think his name was had a son that he wasn’t real close to, there there was a wedding…..where Luke had to go to the hospital….I loved these books and want to re-read but cant find on my kindle…..please help”


Catherine: No, but wouldn’t want to be on whatever team their on

Maryse’s Book Blog: LOL Catherine!!! :P

Crystal: Idk but I know I want to read these now too!

Tilly: A-Tac Series by Dee Davis?

Melany: The Mccloud Series by Shannon McKenna?

Lauren: Was this about a hockey team maybe?

Grey: More than 5 books… but could it be the KGI Series by Maya Banks

Lisa: It was the Suspense Series by Kayla Cross….I found it last pm…gonna a re-read after I finish her Titanium Security Series….thanks guys


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