Reader Question – The biker book where the MC’s “old ladies” set him up on an online dating site…

by Maryse on October 29, 2016 · 0 comments

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A new reader question a little early, ’cause I couldn’t help myself, ’cause it sounded so unique for a gritty biker crew, and so fun! ;)

Carrie is looking for THIS biker book, and I *think* it’s been solved (on our Facebook page), but if you have any other suggestions, let me know, and I’ll add ‘em, and I’ll await Carrie’s confirmation.

Carrie: “Okay, Maryse, someone posted in another group looking for a book, and the one I was thinking of isn’t it, but it sparked a memory of one for me & I’m hoping you or someone in the group can help me out! :D

It’s part of a series, and the guys are in an MC. I cannot remember the series name or the author, grrrr! But the one I’m remembering – the guy’s name is Fawkes, or Fox, and the other guys’ women set him up on an online dating profile.

The girl also signs up – or is signed up by a friend, I can’t remember – and she needs a date to her cousin’s wedding. Her family is VERY downputting to her, even though her cousin stole her bf or something… And I think she also is talking to a doctor on the dating site, but he turns out to be psycho…?

Anything? Anyone? HAAALP!”

Nadine: Sounds good. I’d read it!

Krisi: Ow sounds good! I want it now!!!

Meghan: Finding Out (novella 2.5) (Hawks MC Club) by Lila Rose!

Amy: Is that it? Cause that plot sounds worth a buy!

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