Reader Question – Answered! The book about the wife that ran away from her abusive husband with her child…

by Maryse on June 30, 2016 · 3 comments

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This one sounds SO good, so I one-clicked it when it was on super-sale (actually it’s still bargain priced!) :D and it’s one of my “mains” on my TBR list. So when Marion asked about “it” I KNEW the book! Of course, I had to search my Kindle app first, but there it was!

Marion: There’s a book you featured a few months back…The story was about a wife who ran away from her abusive husband (there might have been kids involved)and set up a new life in a small town under a new name…I think the author was from New Zealand or something…

Maryse: YES!!! I actually one-clicked it. Lemme do a search in my Kindle…

Maryse: I FOUND IT!! Is this it, Marion? The Devils’ Cradle

Marion: Yes!!!! That’s the one…….Thanks

Maryse: YAY!!! :D My pleasure Marion!!!

A bit from the blurb:

“After crashing her car in her haste to escape, kind motorist Case Herder offers her help. Unaware that he has his own plans for her, Nina accepts, igniting a deadly game of cat and mouse as they flee across Tasmania with Sam…”

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Teri W July 1, 2016 at 4:37 AM

Yayyy. I love with a capital L women running/hiding stories and since I read more romance than thriller these days I don’t get enough of them. My favorites are the book The Witness (Nora Roberts) and Enough, a movie with Jennifer Lopez. Definitely reading this one next.

Teri W July 1, 2016 at 4:40 AM

Extra yay….I just downloaded it and it’s a fairly long book.

Maryse November 6, 2016 at 3:34 PM

I love those stories too, Teri!!! :D

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