Reader Question – The book about the famous author that goes home to take care of her sick mother…

by Maryse on April 13, 2017 · 0 comments

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Priscilla is looking for this book! I wasn’t quite sure, from how she worded her question if the AUTHOR herself described the book this way, or if the heroine was an “author” (I clued in soon enough though ;) )… but maybe those that have read this will know. And here’s the kicker.

Priscilla KNOWS what the title of the books is. Problem is… there are SO many books with that title. ;)

She asks:

Heard the author say she was going home to take care of her ill mother in upper NY state.

It was a small town and everybody helped care for the ailing mother and the successful novelist(?) realized that by going home she had found what was really real in life.

Didn’t hear the author but thought the name of the book was “Going Home”

So… which “Going Home” is it?

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