Reader Question – The book about the hero that’s a restaurant/clubowner and the heroine becomes his personal assistant.

by Maryse on January 10, 2019 · 2 comments

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Shaziya needs our book help! Oh yesss this one sounds familiar. I’m sure I’ve read it, but I’ve read a few second chance romance books with foster kids, so my memory is muddled. For some reason my mind is telling me it’s the third book in Rachel Higginson’s chef series (The Problem with Him (The Opposites Attract Series Book 3) but I can’t remember a “foster kids” scenario in that one.

She asks:

Hey Maryse,

I’m Shaziya and a big fan of your blog. It always helps me finding awesome books to read.

I have a favour to ask… I was reading a book last year and due to some reasons I cannot complete it. It was an ebook. I lost it and im trying to find it for months.

It was a book about 2 foster care kids. The hero was an orphan but the heroine’s mother was alive and she left her at foster care for sometime.

They fell in love but after some time the heroine’s mother take her back. The hero left foster care.

Years after that the hero bacome a restaurant/clubowner and then the heroine become his personal assistant.

I just vividly remember these details. Can u please help me?

Thanks. Lots of love.

Anyone have a guess?

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Storme January 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Hello my fellow book lovers! I’m trying to find a romance book that I read some time ago but don’t remember the name. It has something to do with how the heroine can see how long a person can live by looking at their eyes and the heroine and hero meet during a terrorist attack.

Maryse January 17, 2019 at 12:50 PM

Hi Storme!

I posted your reader question here:

Keep an eye on it and let us know if you see the right one. :)



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