Reader Question – The book about the Samoan football player…

by Maryse on September 6, 2018 · 0 comments

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Okay this one we don’t need to guess ’cause Carina ended up remembering the book just a bit later, but still, it sounds great so I thought I’d post it for any of you that were wondering too. ;)

Carina asks:


I have another request! Maybe you know this one that I just can’t find in my library but a friend wants to read it!

It’s about a samoan football player and the white girl that end up together in college then meet again years later…

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

…when he finds out he has a kid.

Do you know the name of the book and author?? Thank you sooo much!


And then…

Carina: I found it!!!! Thin Love. Eden Butler!

Thank you !

YAY!!!! You did all the work Carina, but now we have a great-sounding book to add to our TBR list. :D

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