Reader Question – The book where everyone wants him to stop his ex-girlfriend’s wedding…

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Oh YAY!!! Wedding drama, or at least… that’s how it starts, and Lindsee wants to read this one, but doesn’t remember the title.

She asks:

“Maryse! I’m hoping you can help me. I read a preview of a 1st chapter to this book but I can’t remember what the title or author is.

The guy is packing his suitcase up getting ready to leave his hotel when he gets a call from his brother. His ex girlfriend is getting married and he’s trying to convince him to step in and take her back the guy gets mad hangs up.

Then he gets a call from the maid of honor who is in another room while the bride is getting her makeup done she’s also trying to convince him to stop the wedding. He states the best thing they ever did was make a daughter she has a L name…

and that’s all I can remember. I think it’s either a new release or available for pre order. Does it sound familiar?”

Anyone have an idea?

LOL!! Lindsee just answered her own question! She says:

“I found out who it is Lol… Endless love by callie anderson”

Although… I can’t find that one. And I’m still waiting for her to get back to me… So in the meantime, I’m super-sleuthing.

Okay!! Lindsee just got back to me saying (re: Invisible Love Letter #1):
“That’s book 1 …If you go to the author fb she has a link for the sneak peek. It sounds good. :)


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