Reader Question – The book about the underground boss demon hero that is impressed by the heroine with special powers, during a fight…

by Maryse on March 24, 2016 · 4 comments

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Here’s one that I took to our Facebook crew, and it hasn’t been answered yet. Well, not officially – there are a few guesses so far, so maybe it’s one of them is the right one? But either way, now EVERYONE wants to know it!

So  maybe someone here knows?

Faye needs our “Guess the Book” help, and this time, I’m looking to our paranormal lovers for their guesses. There aren’t any spoilers in this question, because she only read the first chapter, and now wants to continue…

She asks:

“I read the first chapter of a book a few months ago but did not 1 click – now I cannot remember the title or author and im dying to read the rest.
The opening chapter begins with a demon who is an underground boss – he is the most powerful demon in the area (I think its Vegas) and is standing at a window watching a fight.

During the fight between two paranormal fighters the heroine enters and joins in the fight to support her friend who is in the ring. The demon hero brings her to his office as he is impressed by her and intrigued… and sexual tension ensues!

The h has special powers and helps win the fight for her friend but does not want to get involved with the demon. She leaves his office and he is determined to see her again.

I can’t remember any more but im hoping you or your followers can help.”

Mandy: Sounds good

Jaime: I think I might know – hang on… edit – nope, sorry. I was thinking The Keepers (The Alchemy Series Book 1) by Donna Augustine.

Jennifer: It sounds like “The Long Way Down (Daniel Faust Book 1)” (sort of).

Kristin: I want to read this one!

Shanon: I wanna know now too! Lol

Jennifer: Sounds interesting …I really hope we figure this one out. It sounds like a good read.

Melissa: Yes please!!!

Rosa: I want to know!

Robyn: Sounds so familiar. Now I need to know too!

Brooke: Burn by Suzanne Wright

YAY!! Faye just got back to me and said:

“Thank you all so much – it’s Burn by Susanne Wright! I should have known as I love her vampire series which begins with “Here be sexist vampires”.  Very much appreciated – I’m one clicking right now! :D


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Xenia March 24, 2016 at 4:32 PM

It’s “Burn” by Suzanne Wright.

Maryse March 24, 2016 at 5:27 PM

Yay Xenia! You’re right, Faye just got back to us and that’s the one! :D

Robyn March 25, 2016 at 12:10 PM

Gah! I read Burn too! It sounded familiar. I think I read too many books and everything melds together! LOL

Diana March 27, 2016 at 4:56 PM

OMGosh y’all. I read Burn yesterday and I’m soooo upset it’s over. I need more now! Any similar books I should check out?

PS who doesn’t love the idea of a bad ass scary-powerful dude who’s only open with us? *swoon*

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