Reader Question – The book where the nurse and the doctor met in a graveyard and she thought he was a gravedigger…

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I took this one to Facebook and guess what? It was correctly guessed!! :D But in case you were wanting to read something like this, and missed this question, here it is!

Ivette needs our “Guess the Book” help! She gives enough detail that I’m sure someone knows this one (it actually is ringing a bell for me, too) but I’ll wait and see what you guys come up with. It *might* be spoiler-ish, so proceed with caution…

She asks:

“Dear Maryse I really hope you can help me!! I can´t remember the name of this book

The book has certain parts in past time, this girl if I remember correctly is a nurse and the male protagonist is a doctor, they met many years before when her parents died, and he found her in the graveyard. She thought he was a gravedigger.


He took her to his house, they started a relationship (if you could call it that), until she miscarriage. And that was way they broke up. Many years later in the present time she moves to an apartment that he actually owns. That is all i remember
Thanks :D ”

And here are the responses (with the correct one!! :D )

Suanne Laqueur: This could totally be a game show, couldn’t it?

Maryse’s Book Blog: It would be an AWESOME game show!!!

Suanne Laqueur: You get one Google search, one phone call to the Library of Congress, and the entirety of Facebook at your disposal. Good luck.

Irene: Sounds like Noah and Me by Beckie Stevenson.

Ivette: Yay!!! Thank you so much

Irene: You’re welcome Ivette. I loved Beckie’s ‘Sorrow Woods‘ as well.

Maryse’s Book Blog: Thank you, Irene!! :D


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